A Billion Thank yous!

first i would like to say a big fat THANK YOU to all who donated to help Ashley.  i couldn’t have gotten her the help without you!

now the somewhat disappointing news.  Ashley’s recovery seems to be not the smoothest of recoveries.  an odor has returned to her mouth, altho not nearly what it used to be, and i caught her drooling like crazy again just a few minutes ago.  i had seen some previous signs of drooling, albeit nothing like what i’ve found now.

Ashley drooling

Ashley drooling

i don’t know if this is considered normal after a 14 year old cat has had the majority of her teeth pulled, while still healing, of if this is a sign of some problems still stirring inside her mouth.  she’s eating ok and other than this acting ok, but it all has me very concerned.

i put in a call to the vet, and am waiting to hear back.  i’m so frustrated for her.  i wanted this to end her suffering but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be that simple.  unless i’m just wrong and this is all normal.  the vet did want to follow up and see her in about a week or so from the initial procedure, but i may be taking her in sooner like later today or tomorrow.

this is so frustrating.  poor Ashley!

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