It Hurts Mom!

010today was not a very fun day for miss Ashley Rose.  we got her to the vet where she was given a shot for the severe inflamation in her mouth and throat, blood was taken to check and see if she’d be ok for surgery and antibiotics were prescribed in order to clear up some of the infection as well prior to surgery.

the vet said it was was one of the worst cases of stomatitis he’d seen.  Ashley’s mouth and throat are so sore and infected, it took 2 people for him to even be able to get any kind of a glimpse into her mouth: one to hold her paws to reduce the chance of being ripped to shreds by her claws, and the other to get her mouth open.  the pain she’s been in as of recent, is excruciating.

if you’ve ever had a bad open sore, or canker sore, in your mouth, imagine that pain and multiply it by about a 100.  then on top of it, throw in infection that most likely is dripping into your stomach, making your stomach feel queasy to say the least.   then imagine trying to eat anything via that sore passage, while dealing with pain, nausea then even more nausea on top of it; a side effect of the pain.   yeah.  pretty nasty.  pretty awful.

Ashley is very stoic tho, as is the case with alot of animals when they feel sick and miserable.

we came home and she retreated to a resting spot to sleep.  she has taken her medication, mixed with a small slew of warm wet food, and then retreated to sleep again.  i was relieved at being able to get it down her.  she’s STILL sleeping.  another thing cats, and other animals do when they are in pain: sleep.

Ashley is scheduled for surgery, first thing monday morning.   the dr says that the removal of her teeth will provide great relief and healing.

i can’t say how extremely grateful i am to everyone that has donated to the chip in or made a purchase from the sale i have going on at the moment as well to help raise funds.

we are getting closer and closer to the fundraising goal.  we are currently sitting at $227 and the goal is $350.   the link is here:

once again, then you so much for helping me get my baby the help she needs during this trying time.  in no way could it have be possibly achieved without your help!  because of all this, i see the light at the end of the tunnel and the improved quality of life that Ashley will have once she’s well!  thank you!!!!!

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