Wee Willow’s Journey

Willow has been here since beginning of october when i moved into the new place, and the journey of working with this feral kitty has been a slow one.  we have come some ways tho.  altho she’ll initially run and hide when i come into the room, i speak softly to her and will sit down and get her favorite toy which pulls her out of her shell.

Willow playing

Willow playing

once she loosens up a bit, she’ll let me pet her and will begin to relax a little and have fun.  tonight i added a few more toys and catnip to the mix to see if that helps things a big further.  (that’s what you see on the floor and on her-catnip).  she didn’t show much of a reaction overall to the catnip-probably because i was there-or maybe she is one of those rare kitties that doesn’t respond to it.

tonight was a bit different then other sessions because i also had my camera with me which she was scared of initially.  it’s safe to say that this little one is scared of probably pretty much everything at this point, altho i have to say she’s come pretty far at this point.

once she loosens up.  she plays

once she loosens up. she playswillow3


play play play

play play play

tonight’s session also was to serve another purpose.  Willow has terrible matts all over, and I’ve been working on them, but it’s a challenge because she’s not to the point where she’ll trust me to hold her, so the intent was keep her so busy with her favorite toy and loosened up on catnip, while give a brush and snip here and there.   this is going to take awhile.  we got a few spots but have a long ways to go.  you don’t see me doing that here because it’s challenging enuff taking pics with a camera and keeping the toy in play long enuff that she won’t get scared of the camera and hide.  (the quality of the pics aren’t so great but they serve their purpose!)


i love the look on her face here!!  so happy!

i love the look on her face here!! so happy!


they say the best proof is in the pudding, however, i feel it was with the video i also was able to take.  she’s literally making biscuits now, and i can’t help wonder just exactly where we’re at in her journey of being socialized.    1/4 of the way?  half?  i guess i’m just going to have to be patient ’cause only time will tell!  here’s a link to her video!


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