A Christmas Miracle!

and so we bring to a christmas story; one that has a happy ending.

last night, i received an email from a fellow rescue gal, tiffany,  who had been on the prowl for two kitties that are in ruff shape in her neighborhood, and low and behold she found one of them!  (or maybe he found her, not sure)

Oden homeless kitty missing one eye, bad infection

Oden homeless kitty missing one eye, bad infection

this was one kitty we were really hoping to cross paths with again.  he already had lost one eye, and was at risk of loosing the other.   as you can see from these pics, green goop is running out of both eyes.  upon catching him this time, tiffany, fellow rescuer, isolated him in her bathroom.  fairly quickly, one could tell by his raspy breathing that he had a raging upper respiratory going as well.

oden3oden4tiffany was initially hoping to get him into a vet that they had worked previously with and who had given them some discounts.  Being Xmas Eve, tho, that office was closed unfortunately.  i called pat who runs the Katmandu facility at Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary.  Katmandu is the kitty facility of the rescue.  After discussing the situation with pat, director of the cat facility, she gave me further instructions and i passed the information along to tiffany.

Oden is now on his way to the ER vets in grand junction. Depending on what the ER vet says, Oden will either be staying there, or be moved to Black Canyon Sanctuary’s vet on Thursday.  Either way, this little guy is now in safe, caring hands and off the streets.  If you would like to make a donation to help with Oden’s vet care, please call pat with Katmandu, 970 527 3424 for further instructions on how to go about helping with Oden’s costs.  He’s got a bit of a road ahead of him to get better.   I will keep you update on what develops, as quickly as i can!

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