Wee Willow’s Journey

Willow has been here since beginning of october when i moved into the new place, and the journey of working with this feral kitty has been a slow one.  we have come some ways tho.  altho she’ll initially run and hide when i come into the room, i speak softly to her and will sit down and get her favorite toy which pulls her out of her shell.

Willow playing

Willow playing

once she loosens up a bit, she’ll let me pet her and will begin to relax a little and have fun.  tonight i added a few more toys and catnip to the mix to see if that helps things a big further.  (that’s what you see on the floor and on her-catnip).  she didn’t show much of a reaction overall to the catnip-probably because i was there-or maybe she is one of those rare kitties that doesn’t respond to it.

tonight was a bit different then other sessions because i also had my camera with me which she was scared of initially.  it’s safe to say that this little one is scared of probably pretty much everything at this point, altho i have to say she’s come pretty far at this point.

once she loosens up.  she plays

once she loosens up. she playswillow3


play play play

play play play

tonight’s session also was to serve another purpose.  Willow has terrible matts all over, and I’ve been working on them, but it’s a challenge because she’s not to the point where she’ll trust me to hold her, so the intent was keep her so busy with her favorite toy and loosened up on catnip, while give a brush and snip here and there.   this is going to take awhile.  we got a few spots but have a long ways to go.  you don’t see me doing that here because it’s challenging enuff taking pics with a camera and keeping the toy in play long enuff that she won’t get scared of the camera and hide.  (the quality of the pics aren’t so great but they serve their purpose!)


i love the look on her face here!!  so happy!

i love the look on her face here!! so happy!


they say the best proof is in the pudding, however, i feel it was with the video i also was able to take.  she’s literally making biscuits now, and i can’t help wonder just exactly where we’re at in her journey of being socialized.    1/4 of the way?  half?  i guess i’m just going to have to be patient ’cause only time will tell!  here’s a link to her video!


A Christmas Miracle!

and so we bring to a christmas story; one that has a happy ending.

last night, i received an email from a fellow rescue gal, tiffany,  who had been on the prowl for two kitties that are in ruff shape in her neighborhood, and low and behold she found one of them!  (or maybe he found her, not sure)

Oden homeless kitty missing one eye, bad infection

Oden homeless kitty missing one eye, bad infection

this was one kitty we were really hoping to cross paths with again.  he already had lost one eye, and was at risk of loosing the other.   as you can see from these pics, green goop is running out of both eyes.  upon catching him this time, tiffany, fellow rescuer, isolated him in her bathroom.  fairly quickly, one could tell by his raspy breathing that he had a raging upper respiratory going as well.

oden3oden4tiffany was initially hoping to get him into a vet that they had worked previously with and who had given them some discounts.  Being Xmas Eve, tho, that office was closed unfortunately.  i called pat who runs the Katmandu facility at Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary.  Katmandu is the kitty facility of the rescue.  After discussing the situation with pat, director of the cat facility, she gave me further instructions and i passed the information along to tiffany.

Oden is now on his way to the ER vets in grand junction. Depending on what the ER vet says, Oden will either be staying there, or be moved to Black Canyon Sanctuary’s vet on Thursday.  Either way, this little guy is now in safe, caring hands and off the streets.  If you would like to make a donation to help with Oden’s vet care, please call pat with Katmandu, 970 527 3424 for further instructions on how to go about helping with Oden’s costs.  He’s got a bit of a road ahead of him to get better.   I will keep you update on what develops, as quickly as i can!

The Story of Merry Christmas

meows n hellos!

my name is Merry Christmas and this is my story.  well…not just my story there’s a little about mom in it too.  it’s more about how i came to live with her.  and i should say it was just the beginning of my story, but the beginning is a really good story to tell!

the month of december is my month and each year mom decorates the facebook page of Planet Kitty with me, but incase you haven’t been by there, this is me!

Me, Merry Christmas

Me, Merry Christmas

i be a very pretty kitty don’t you think??  the correct answer is yes, in-case you didn’t know!

ok.  so back to my story.  it was november of 2010, and mom was sad.  she had been unemployed for some time, and was not looking forward to the upcoming holidays whatsoever.  she was sad.  and even sadder when her and one of the dogs came across kittens in the backyard of the old house we used to live in some time ago.  the mama and some of the kittens ran off, but 3 were left behind.  Milo, Mena and Millie. that is what she named them.  i didn’t come into the picture until a few weeks later.

mom kept busy with caring for the 3 little foster kittens she had taken in.  they were dehydrated, sick and not feeling the greatest at first, but with time they got better.

(oh and just in case you think that mom is doing all the work on this here story, i have proof she’s not.  here’s a pic of me, dictating to her the story as i look over shoulder while she’s typing-i can’t type so she’s doing it for me.  some objects in the photo have been removed to “protect the innocent”  snicker snicker-we’ll still getting settled in to the new place and yes mom is slow at that!)

mom taking my dictation as i look over her shoulder

mom taking my dictation as i look over her shoulder

it was an unusually warm november day, when mom and the dogs went out back to garage to clean the litterboxes and do some yard cleanup.  it took all day to get the chores done, but all the fussing and mussing would soon present a surprise.  ME!

there was an accumulation of tarps and blanks that had recently been used to cover the roses so they wouldn’t freeze early.  instead of previously putting them up, mom had just tossed them to the side of the garage.  removing the tarps and blankets were the last chore to be done.  blankets were being folded and tucked away on the shelf in the garage.  mom picked up the corner of the tarp, but something was holding it down on to the ground.  there was no ice around to freeze it to the ground, so mom wasn’t sure what it could be.  the tarp was folded in on top of itself, so in order to find out the problem, the tarp, which was rather larger, had to be completely opened up.

upon further investigation, mom found a teeny tiny little me.  I was curled up next to another kitten who it was discovered was dead.  this was a brother of mine.  lost and alone, our siblings having previously been caught by mom and being cared for, we had come to curl up in the tarp one very cold night.  my brother didn’t make it, and i was just barely still alive.

mom rushed me inside to the warmest room in the house and then cranked the heat further on top of it.  she encased me in a blanket and began rubbing my fur like crazy in hopes to stimulate me to further consciousness.  it was evening time on a weekend and there was no one available to give me medical attention.  the only hope was for her to care for me as best she could until monday when i could see the vet.  IF i was still breathing.

looking at my size, mom estimated that i was probably pretty close to about 8 weeks old now, and was pretty certain that i was a sibling to Mena, Milo and Millie, however, because of my fragile state, mom didn’t immediate place me in the same room as them due to my own illness and weak state.

after about 20 minutes of rubbing my fur, i made a sound.  a very LARGE sound mom says for my size.  a very plaintive meow.  taking this as a good sign, mom retrieved some baby food, warmed it, all while keeping me in a blanket in her arms, and ventured to see if i would eat.   the smell was wonderful and the small amount she gave me was gone in mere seconds!!!  i took more from a dropper; baby dropper.  i then purred a teensy bit, and fell asleep.

my one left eye was pretty swollen and presented with evidence of an eye infection.  2 hours later, i was awoken to a warm compress on it.  oh it felt good!  and it also eventually got my very icky infected eye open.  mom had some medicine for eye infections that was used for my siblings, and she took a chance and used it on me.

checking on my 4 hours later, my eye looked a bit better and i was ready to eat more.  this routine went on thru the weekend, and by tuesday morning when i was taken to the vet, i was feeling much better.  the vet’s orders were to keep in with the same routine, and to move me to kitten food.

upon arriving home, mom then decided to give me a bath as i was pretty dirty, and to her surprise, it turned out i didn’t have grey fur, but my beautiful white fur with calico patches.  the bath is also when i was given my nickname,  “Screaming MeMe” which I didn’t really care for-the bath or the name!

little MeMe-me as a kitten. you can still see a bit of infection in my left eye at the time.

little MeMe-me as a kitten. you can still see a bit of infection in my left eye at the time.  kind have a messy nose here too!

as a kitten, i was constantly by mom’s side.  i would sit on top of the computer desk where she did her computing stuff, and keep her company; often curled up and napping.

helping mom on the computer is some seriously hard work!!

helping mom on the computer is some seriously hard work!!

by christmas time, mom had homes lined up for my brother and sisters she had been also taking care of, but she had decided to keep me instead.  the thought of parting with me, was just too hard.  i was glad.  i was a moma’s girl, and the center of the world in that home!

here's me with my two sisters.  Milo was the first to get adopted, and was taken in by some friends of mom's where he was renamed Sky.

here’s me with my two sisters. Milo was the first to get adopted, and was taken in by some friends of mom’s where he was renamed Sky.

Milo-my brother

Milo-my brother

Milo was another favorite of mom’s but she knew she couldn’t keep us all.  it wasn’t fair to us, so awesome new homes were found for my siblings.

christmas was soon upon us, and all 3 of my siblings were firmly settled into new homes.  mom was still referring to me as MeMe, but knew that wasn’t the permanent name for me.

she also wasn’t looking forward to the impending upcoming christmas day.  it was a week away, and the thought of it all, not having a job, money so tight, had mom very down.  i tried to keep her preoccupied as much as possible with me.  i made her play with me, pet me, feed me of course, and spend endless hours actually holding me while she was busy.  boy i had to work at this hard!  i just had to keep her preoccupied and her mind off what we didn’t have!

bathtime on the computerdesk on my special bed mom had made me

bathtime on the computerdesk on my special bed mom had made me

the number of days until christmas were counting down, and i still didn’t have a proper name.  i knew actually what my name really was, just hadn’t gotten it across to mom.

something was changing tho.  mom wasn’t nearly as sad as she had been.  daily she was smiling more, and became more preoccupied with her care of me and the other animals in the home.

then one morning she got up and put on xmas carols on the computer.  i was shocked!! i couldn’t believe it!!  she then began packing, which had me just a little bit concerned.

“we are going to travel over to see family for xmas day’ she said, and was very busy getting everything ready for  the trip.  not only did she have to make sure all the dogs were packed up with us for our trip, but that all the kitties stayed home had food as well for the days we were to be gone.

i was a little apprehensive about the trip.  my only experience with being in a crate was when we went to the vet, and i didn’t enjoy it.

i gave mom a "look" as she went about her busy work getting ready for the trip.  when was she going to figure out my real name?

i gave mom a “look” as she went about her busy work getting ready for the trip. when was she going to figure out my real name?

soon the dogs and all the bags, presents, and other necessities for our road trip were packed.  mom placed a soft blanket in the crate i was to make the journey in, and shortly after placing me inside, i began to live up to my nickname of “screaming MeMe”.

the drive took forever!  i was so glad when we arrived, even tho it was a strange place, and smelled strange too.  not to mention the resident older grumpy cat that was there. (Tony)  i was given my own room with food, litter and water.  it was nice, quiet and warm in the room, and mom would let me out periodically and also check on me thru out the day.

there was an older lady there, one who bore a resemblance to mom.  as a matter of fact, she even called her mom, n later that night, mom took me out of the room and presented me to her.  i wasn’t too sure about it, but the lady was nice; held me in her lap and petted me.  i so wanted to play tho!

“what do you think?” mom asked the lady.

“she’s very pretty and sweet” was the reply.  “are you going to keep the name MeMe”?

“i’ve been thinking” mom replied.

“thinking of what?”  was the reply.

“something different.  what do you think of the name Merry Christmas?” mom asked.  ” things have been so ruff lately, and this little kitten literally helped me find Christmas again!  I can’t imagine having made it thru this time of the year without her!”

“oh i like it!” replied the older lady.  “very fitting!”

finally!! mom had finally figured it out!! my real name.  i was so happy!! and no more obnoxious “MeMe”!!

mom took me from the lady’s arms, cuddled me close and smiled.   i was home, as long as i was with mom and she was with me, we were both “home”.

and that, is my story!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas