Diana Ketcham, In Memorium

i usually refrain from using capital letters on this blog, and save it only for the names of the animals that i write about because they are what matters most.  i also usually only write about animals, cats especially, not humans, unless it’s about humans in general and things they are doing wrong where animals are concerned.

well there’s a first time for everything, and today i felt compelled to write something about fellow animal rescuer and animal advocate, Diana Ketcham.

Diana Ketcham, June 25th, from her facebook page.

Diana Ketcham, June 25th, from her facebook page.

i never personally knew Diana, just knew that she was very passionate about cats and animals and that they were her life.  i never even knew she was married until the world lost her.  her husband’s name is Max.

the things that i did know about Diana:

1. She was a very very strong woman who completely devoted Herself to saving cats.  nothing, not even a fire could keep Her from fulfilling a role, a path that She was meant to be on.

2.  She lived in Arkansas.

3.  not only did She rescue cats, but She advocated for them, and spoke Her mind.

4.  She felt the loss of each and everyone of those kitties who’s life She touched when they passed on to the rainbow bridge.

5.  She was a beautiful person  (just look at the pic above).

6. She probably took more pictures of cats then of Herself; Her facebook page is covered with them.

7. i just bet She remembered and could tell you the name of every single cat that passed thru Her life; Her doors.

8. She was a true warrior.

it is so very sad when a true, passionate, and compassionate animal advocate, rescuer, or warrior as i prefer, passes from this world onto the next.  it means one of us is down.  we are one warrior less in the rank of file of the few of us that goes to battle daily when we get up and get out of our beds.

but for some reason, the loss of Diana makes me even sadder.  i literally feel it in my bones, and i know i am grieving.  altho She was a fellow warrior, She was also something very special.  the kindness in Her eyes, touched me deeply and i feel that the world is so much a very changed placed with Her gone.  the few interactions i had with Her on facebook, sharing kitties, learning of Her daily trials and tribulations, now in reflection will very much be missed.  She touched me personally, and the loss of Her means that the world is forever changed to me  and can’t go back to what it was.

don’t ask me what this means, what the world was and now will be.  i have no idea.  i only know it is forever changed.

the loss of this one special warrior, is something that i literally feel.  the space is void where this warrior once stood.  and what is left is a great sadness.  sadness for so many.  i literally feel “one man down”.  obviously in this case, it should be one woman down.

to me this exemplifies just how strong of a presence She had in this world, with cats, and with so many us.

Diana will be so greatly missed, and i know that i am a better person for having known Her.  Bless her soul, and may She know nothing but happiness and be surrounded by so many of those kitties souls She saved and put to rest while she was here.

in the months that come, i know that the ranks of warriors will eventually shift, and the void now left by Diana will be filled by other warrior rescuers out there.  we will step into line, reorganize, and go back to our daily routines along with our mission of helping that next suffering, in need animal that crosses our path; educating that one person who just doesn’t “get it”; savoring the moment when that one special creature has found a permanent loving new home.

may Diana’s spirit reach out and touch us all, and may we all become just a little bit stronger for having known Her as we continue on our own warrior journeys.  i know i am.

16 thoughts on “Diana Ketcham, In Memorium

  1. Thank you so much for writing about Diana. What a beautiful tribute. We have lost a sister. Rest in peace, our fellow rescuer, we will carry on the work!

  2. Bring please to Kate’s page the area where she used to work/shelters. I don’t see Arkansas being frecuently mentioned among fellow networkers. Share, please to support.

  3. she was a truly remarkable lady and will be missed by us all, not to mention all the cats that she loved so much, RIP lovely Diana xx

  4. Beautiful tribute I only knew Diana through facebook I liked her from the start She was such a warm and caring person not only toward humans but to the animal world as well particularly to cats She loved her kitties Rest In Peace Diana You will be greatly missed by millions

  5. Beautifully written tribute and so very true of Diana. I have known her through facebook for several years and every word you have written is absolutely true of her. The rescue world has lost a true Earth Angel. I am comforted to picture her surrounded by all those furry little faces that she loved more than her own life.

  6. I have known diana through Facebook, she will be missed. She was an amazing woman. She had he warrior spirit and a great love for animals.

  7. We knew Diana via Facebook, she was a fellow reacuer, a force to be reckoned with when it came to the furies, she was kind and loving. She was a true rescuer, a hero to the animals. Never a show off, always down to earth. She will be missed.

  8. I didn’t know her personally but only though Lisa. She will be missed and her kind too! I hope someone can soon come along to help fill her void, but I know no one can replace her! Thoughts and prayers to her family both 2 legged & four…………..

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