The Things I Get Myself Into!

i was running around doing some “stupid stuff” after work, and as i was rolling down the high towards one of those stupid things i thought i saw what looked like an injured magpie on the side of the highway.  oi’ vay!  i swear fate puts these things in my path because it knows, or mother nature i should say, that i can’t just pass on by and SEE something like that and not DO SOMETHING!  my initial quick intake of the bird as i passed, was that it was pretty ragged and in pretty ruff shape so i made the decision i would go take care of my “stupid thing” and then if the bird was still there on my way home i would stop.

stupid thing done, and back on the road, i cruise slowly back towards home on the road, creating a bit of a line of cars behind me.  i knew they were probably irritated with me, so first chance i pulled over to the side of the road to let them by, still slowly heading towards the spot where i had previously seen the bird.

i was concerned that on the way back, i might miss the bird since it was on the opposite of the road, but it quickly became apparent that there was no need to be concerned.  if you paid attention, he was very easy to spot.  i pulled over again and let traffic on by from both directions, before making a u turn.  i pulled up closer to the little guy, but my approach didn’t make him move at all.  i figured he must be in a pretty bad state.

altho the day wasn’t a grueling hot one, the heat was significant and being out there on the side of the black top with the some blastin’ straight down on ya, not to mention having what looked like a broken wing or two, would definitely have an impact fast on any little creature.   i pulled an old sheet i had on the passenger seat out of the car, and made my way over to him.  he wasn’t a magpie, but what i thought just might be a lark bunting; the colorado state bird.  his beak looked a bit long, but after looking at some pics of them online,  there’s a very good chance that’s what he is.

i gently placed the sheet over him and picked him up.  he didn’t struggle very much.  this is not a good sign.  it means he’s either in shock , fairly dehydrated, etc.  wild animals when fully alert and doing ok, struggle.  alot.

yes.  i call him Herman.

yes. i call him Herman.

bird safely placed in the back of my car, i had no one iota of what i should do next.  i managed to come up with the phone number for the local vet in town.  i left a message on his emergency line, but he didn’t call back.  i figured “well maybe i can find some fishing worms, take him home and see if i can’t get him to eat something”.  yeah right!

after my worm purchase from a local convenience store, i then got the idea to try animal control.  they referrred me to the state patrol, and gave me a number.  them folks, then said they would contact the department of wildlife and have them call me, or come get the bird.  by this time, i was sitting in the parking lot of the convenience store.  it was after 7pm, and my own animals were waiting at home for me to get there and take care of them!  (and just exactly what was i thinking taking a wild bird into a house full of cats??!!)  the lady on the phone advised me to stay put for a bit before heading home with the bird.

i waited…and waited….i opened up all the windows of the car, and went to the back to check on Herman.  he was either dozing off for his “bedtime”, or he was growing weaker.  i pulled out a night crawler and tried to tempt him with it.  no go.  he wasn’t having any of it.  sigh…why hadn’t the animal control guy called yet?

the phone rang.  “oh thank you jesus!” lol

it was the vet who i had called about an hour earlier.  he said animal control should take the bird, and i told him what animal control told me.  he said he was not equipped to work with wildlife and told me to put him in a very dark, warm, secure spot for the night.  ok….

i tried the state patrol gal.  she called the wildlife officer again.  i meanwhile put the worm back in the covered dish, and tucked Herman back in, returning to my spot in the front seat.

the phone rang again.  finally!  and of course, wouldn’t you know it rang while i was trying to dial another number to inquire for assistance there, and disconnected the incoming call!  a few minutes later a message was left.  it was the wild life officer.  he left his number and i called him back.  his advice was pretty much the same as the vets.  he did say that the wouldn’t eat or drink if one or more of his wings were broken and that shock was a serious threat to him too.  he said if the bird made it thru the night, he could get him into rescue tomorrow and get him on a road to healing.  this meant, Herman would be staying at my place tonight. oi!

i cruised home trying to take the drive easy to not create any more trauma for Herman.  yes…here i am watching how i drive and avoiding major potholes for what has to be the smallest passenger i have ever had in my car! lol  but i couldn’t help but be concerned.  it’s just my nature when it comes to creatures.  i dunno why.

some people find me a ‘bit nutz” because even when it comes to black widows, which are abundant here in colorado, i don’t kill them, but put them in a container, carefully, and move them outside to a garden somewhere.  i personally don’t mind spiders and being an avid gardener, also have a strong appreciation for em.  i mean, you’re talking to someone here who wasn’t going to bother removing the yellow sack spider from her house because he wasn’t “a bother”.  that is, until i got bit.  then he got moved! lol

Herman.  drifting back to sleep! ( i hope)

Herman. drifting back to sleep! ( i hope)

gypsum, the town i work in, is loaded with gophers everywhere, and they are constantly darting back and forth across the busy highway i take to work each morning.  the other day at lunch, i couldn’t help but flinch when i saw one dragging his back end across the road, and the fact that i couldn’t help him.  yes i know it’s just a gopher, and generally speaking they really aren’t my more favorite animal.  it still hurt me however, to see it suffering and i still wanted to help, but he ducked into the grass on the side of the road and was gone before i could even think twice.  i might not have been able to help him, but i could at least try and help this bird!

and so, what i think is a lark buntingnamed Herman no less, is gently resting on a clean sheet, on top of another sheet, inside a crate in my spare bathroom for the night, and i just hope when i go to check on him in the morning,  he’s still breathing.  oi’!

Homer ‘Bound!


there once was a kitty named Homer, a handsome turkish van mix with polydactyl BIG feet.  he was adopted as a kitten by a young lady who a few years later found herself in the family way.  9 months later a baby girl was born, and from the day this child came into the world, this kitty shared it’s life with the little girl.  the mama was a single mom who worked hard and did everything she could to provide for both the little girl and their family pet Homer.

years later hard times fell on the little family, and the mom found it necessary to not only find a new job, but had to move to another place where the rent was affordable.  this place didn’t allow family pets and so she turned to her boyfriend’s family to provide shelter for Homer until she could find better housing where the little family could once again live together.

Homer was not only loved by the mom but especially adored by the little girl, and having him move to “grampa’s house” was not an idea she was fond of at all!  this was her best friend.  one of the few things that had remained constant in her life, other than her mom, with all the moves and “big concerns” there had been!  and now not only was the real world forcing itself into this 6 year old’s life once again by making them move, but her beloved Homer couldn’t go with!  😦  the littl girl cried and was heartbroken about being separated from her best friend.  and the lady, who agonized over this decision herself, explained to the little girl that at least this way they could visit Homer and it was only temporary until they found a new home where Homer could live with them again.  she herself hated this decision, but she assured herself it was only temporary and at least this way, they could get eventually get Homer back.  but the little girl cried. who would be there to sleep with her?  to share in dress up play time?  or purr in her lap and provide comfort when things got scarry?

soon the day came for the big move, and the little girl cried again as they drover Homer to his soon to be new home.  what a sad day, but the mom promised that they would be visiting all the time especially on weekends and it wouldn’t really be that bad ’cause the little girl would get to see Homer quite a bit, and “grampa’s house” was like their second home too!

Homer was NOT happy in his new so called  home.  the people there didn’t pay much attention to him, and even pretty much mostly forgot about him.  some days they forgot to feed him, or would shoo him away rather then pet and adore him.  his only respite was when his real family visited which was never long enuff!

spring came and Homer began to wonder.  he didn’t like where he’d been “forced” now to live and it was very apparent that they didn’t really seem to want him there either.  and then there were the chickens!! all their clucking and crying drove him nutz and on top of it, he was forced outside alot!  and this new place wasn’t the nicest place either.  alot of the people were not nice or trustworthy, and the little people were kinda wild and scared him.  Homer began to become depressed and soon the mats in his fur got worse, his teeth problems got worse, and it was apparent no one cared about him so why should he care about himself?  why should he even try?  he was tired…if he could just find a nice warm place to curl up and sleep!

one day he came upon an old trailer.  it was kinda messy and torn apart, but he could come and go as he wanted and there was even some soft pad places where he could sleep on.  food wasn’t abundant but he was away from the chickens, the people who ignored him, the wild little people, and there was also a perfect spot for him to lie in the sun!  it also had places where he could hide and stay safe!  in this place, at least he could find some peace and with the warmer weather, well it would work.

one day the lady who lived next store happen to notice him sunning himself in his favorite spot.  she spoke to him and tried to approach  him but no way!  he had learned the hard way and away he went to hide!  a few days later, while lying in the soft spot, the lady came upon him again and spoke to him.  this time tho, she left a can of food and went inside her own trailer.  not only was it food, but wet food!  YUM!  Homer wasted no time in making it history!  then, a few days later, the lady left another can of food for him!!  YUM!  now here was someone he could relate to!

the next day, the people and his former lady came to the trailer and called for him.  the little girl was there and she was in tears, but there was no way Homer was going outside!  he never wanted to return to that house where he first had to stay!  they never paid attention to him, and the chickens were mean, and some days he never even got fed!  here the trailer was safe and the neighbor lady fed him wet food ta boot!  not to mention he got to spend every evening in his favorite sun spot!  nope!  there was no way he was ever  going back to that place!  and so he hid.  and not only for an hour or two but for days…4 days to make sure they were gone!

and then one night the lady was outside with her dog and he heard her.  oh how he longed to be adored!  and so he ventured out and took a chance at trusting.  he softly walked out and uttered a low pitched cry.  several cries.  she turned with a surprised look on her face, exclaimed that she thought he was long gone, and she gently began to pet him!  oh the scratching and the pets!!  how he missed that!  ohhhhhhhhhhh  purrrrrrssssssss!  his engine roared!!  maybe, just maybe he could trust a person again.  how he missed that!

the next night the lady appeared again, and this time not only did she feed him canned food, but some tuna too!  oh he was hungry and he knew he had her wrapped around his big fat paw!!  the hours passed and soon it was dark.  Home was lonely.  he remembered what it was again like to be worshipped by a human.  the lady was going in and out of her trailer, and so he ventured back out and began crying.  the lady seemed perplexed and at a loss as what to do.  he cried louder and could feel the lady’s anxiety increase.  it was so easy, just come get me! he cried!  and finally the lady caved and picked him up.  she hugged him, and stroked his head.  ohhh it was so niicce!  she held him firmly and made her  way up the little porch stairs.  she let go of him with one hand, and opened the outer door, which made a loud creaking noise.  wait!  that noise!  the same kind of noise that the door at that bad place made!  Homer panicked.  oh no!  not that!!  fear shot threw him and he jumped, but the lady held him firmly in place.  she pet and soothed him as she stepped into the trailer.  down the hall she made with him and into a little room.

the room smelled different and yet a little familiar.  it was similar to rooms in other houses he’d been, including the ones where he lived with his real family he once had.  there was a box with litter on the floor, and a bed.  a bowl of water was also provided.  there were also other cats in the house, and Homer felt very uncertain and scared!!! he began to howl loudly in pleading bouts.  his anxiety grew, and once again he was scared and stressed!  the lady petted and soothed as she closed the door.  she placed him on the floor and he could smell the other kitties via the door gap. she continued to pet him; sooth him, but he was still uncertain.  what was to happen to him now?

the lady gently moved him to the bed and stepped out of the room.  Homer’s anxiety grew again and he mewed a bit in attempts to comfort himself.  he eventually wore himself out and fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

morning came and he sensed stirrings in the house.  he cried and heard the lady’s voice in response attempting to sooth him, but she didn’t visit or enter the room at all.  oh no!  what had he gotten himself into now?!!  there were plenty of comings and goings of which he was not sure, and Homer periodically would attempt to “call” the lady to his attention and to get her to come into his room.  he was scared, and sought comfort in the nitch between some porcelain thing and a nook in a corner.  the walls were some comfort but his anxiety didn’t completely abate!

suddenly the door opened and Homer found himself picked up and carried out by the lady.  she headed down the hall with him in her arms, petting him and scratching his neck.  she then opened the outside door and before Homer knew it, he was in the arms of someone…wait that smell..he knew that smell!  it was her!  his lady!!  she was back!  Homer thrust his head into the nook of her arm!  he couldn’t believe it!  the lady…his lady…held him close and not letting him go!  oh it was her!!  she had come back!  she pet him and spoke softly to him attempting to calm and comfort him.  it was her!!  he couldn’t believe it, but was it forever now?  oh how he hoped!!  it had been so long!!

the lady spoke some words to the other and carried him back to a car.  in they climbed; Homer in her arms and he knew that he was headed home: real home!

**this is just my interpretation of what maybe Catsanova, really Homer, may have felt.  i can honestly say that the vibe that i felt from Homer’s real mom was completely different then what i felt with her boyfriend and his family last night, and it is for that reason that i knew in my heart that she was home for him.  his real family.  the lady told me about her and her little girl and how worried they were about him, we shared some of our “recent” war stories  and struggles and i also spoke to her about his overall well being and referred her to a groomer in the town where she lives who would probably help her with his matted coat on the cheap.  this lady had been Homer’s family since he was a kitten.  he was now about 9 years and so i knew…felt it in my bones..that this was where he belonged.  i am so glad he’s home.  before she left, she stated “oh Homer, i’m never letting you outside ever again! you are coming home!” despite her boyfriend who was attempting to talk her into leaving him with me.  there was absolutely no question as to who was the final decision maker in this situation.  “you have no idea how happy you have just made my little girl” she said.  “she has been completely heartbroken.  thank you!”  she hugged Homer closer to her as she  pushed her way past her boyfriend and down the steps.  a few minutes later, away she went with Homer in her car. and for me, for a few minutes at least, everything in the world was ok!  i knew i had done right by Catsanova!