A Nifty Idea


a “concerned” Azzy

eh!  the name’s Azzy, and as you might already know, i am the new assistant mascot of Planet Kitty.  well…if you didn’t know, now you do!  you might have heard mom talk about me here and there.  i’m a develop mentally delayed kitty.  dunno what that means, cause i am who i am as far as i’m concerned, but there’s some things i do differently than other kitties i guess, which makes me special.  which i mean, why not be special?  but anyways.  mom says that because i’m special, that’s why i was chosen to be the assistant.  i now demand that all the other kitties, with the exception of Bethany, call me Assistant Azzy, mol!

i am very picky about litterboxes and in our new place, i’m doing my best to drive mom nutz by uzing anything BUT the litterbox it seems at times.  litterboxes are a tricky subject for me.  first of all, these days, it’s hard for me to get into some of them because i have reduced ability on one of my sides.  (we dunno why this is, and i completely befuddled the vets when this issue appeared a couple years back.  some suggested an MRI but it’s very expensive and wouldn’t necessarily tell them anything conclusive anyways, and i would still have the problem despite it so …oh mom says i’m getting off the subject and to get to why i’m here mol!)

anyways….litterboxes.  some time ago i guess mom did a post about her frustrations with litterboxes, their lack of convenience in the 21st centuray…whatever THAT is…and their expense… meow meow blah and i guess she’s been doing some research on economical alternatives.

mom said ” after extensive research online and forming a panel of a variety of experts in the veterinary field (some other cat ladies really is what it was! just sayin’ mom!) here are the conclusions and recommendations for the best resources for litterboxes, both functional and economically sound, as well as useful by cat standards” ..ahem!

underbed storage box

underbed storage box

for someone like me, the best economical selection is the underbed storage box.  these boxes allow for a large litterbox that is shallow and still easy for someone like me to access.  at the going rate for around 8 dollars, it’s about half the price of your standard box, is larger, and makes me happy!  ya can’t beat that!  this idea can also be utilized for other picky kittys that don’t like covered boxes, or senior kitties that might also have a hard time getting into a more traditional covered box.

homemade litterbox

homemade litterbox

if you are absolutely determined to have a covered box, try one of those standard 20-40 gal plastic storage containers!  you can pick one up for about $5-$8 at your local walmart or dollar store.  now mom has tried this already, and finds that you need to make sure you don’t make the entrance to the box too close to the bottom of the box, making the box so shallow that litter is easily kicked out.  she’s learning this one the hard way!  (i think she also commented on trying this is her previous “rant” about litterboxes)  i guess if kitty isn’t fond of covers, you can also remove the cover, not cut a hole, and just have kitty jump in and out of box.  mom says tho, that you’re still at risk of some litter flying everywhere when they jump out of the box, and that the fact that kitty might have to jump into box without being able to really check out what they’re climbing into could be a deterrent for using the box-pends on the kitty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAok mom geez i’m gettin’ to it!  nothing irritating quite like when ur human is all psyched up about something.  sheesh!

ok so here’s the idea mom’s come up with!  you’re probably all familiar with the  fancy schmancy ModKat Litter box that’s all the rage and that the cat enters from the top.  you probably may also know that there’s a cheaper version out there too.

modcat box

modcat box

cheaper version

cheaper version

well i guess even the cheaper one still runs about $35-$40 so that still ain’t cheap. well here’s mom’s idea.  take that plastic storage container, and cut an entry into the TOP of the lid, rather than on the side!  you can even cut up and old rug and put it around the entrance which will help keep litter sprinkles tracking down when we jump out and land first on the rug piece.

mom says the other thing is, you can vary the size of the hole to accomodate various size kitties, and if you have dogs, u can make it large enuff for kitty, but still a smaller size to help deter a doggy visit.

want something in a color that matches your home or room’s color pallet?  (what the heck is that anyways??!!)  well these storage containers come in all sorts of different colors.  even the classic black like me!

blackstorageyou can even get them with wheels on the back, for not much more, that makes it easier to move around as you need to, etc etc. all of this for alot less than your standard cost for a covered litterbox!

awww look!  mom is so proud of herself.  she’s literally beaming!  course i’m sure there’s someone out there who’s already figured this all out for themselves and has been utilizing this idea for years!  ha ha..humans.  so self centered.  unlike us cats!

of course the reality of the success of these ideas is yet to be tested, and when i mean tested, i mean tested by me.  as it’s my opinion that matters.  i’ll have to come back and let you know what i think.

Meow for now!


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