Eli’s Legacy

it was a difficult decision to make.  what with 12 or so different candidates to choose from, but after time had been taken to adjusting to Eli no longer being here, it became apparent that Planet Kitty needed a new mascot. someone to lead us into guide us in our future days.  of course, Eli had big shoes to fill and so it should be no surprise that it’s gonna take two kitties to take up where Eli left off.  or more to say, that the new leader will need help.  an assistant so to speak.

now it seems only natural that the mascot title should be passed to Bethany.  she has been with Eli for numerous years.  was very close with him, and always treated him with the respect.  he in return showed genuine fondness for her.  always sharing his bed, and never throwing a hiss her way.

in many respects, Bethany is quite like her passed on brother.  she has her own distinct personality-not to say that most kitties don’t- but Bethany has a flair for the dramatic.  for example, any kitty that she is not fond of, is greeted with a shriek akin to a banshee should they dare to get to close to her.  she also has a preference, like her late brother, to be under the covers rather than cuddled on top of them.  she will dig at the covers until you cave and allow her under.  believe me.  she’s relentless and if you want a full night’s sleep, you’d better just give in.



Bethany has been at Planet Kitty since a kitten.  she’s special in the fact that she’s an albino, and cannot remain for long periods of time in sunlight.  she was up for adoption in a very rural area of western colorado, and due to her inability to be an outside kitty, no one wanted her.  of course, I did!  and she has been with me since.  being an Eli favorite, Bethany spent many hours cuddling and giving and receiving baths with her brother.  i have many a picture of this!

since his passing she has decided it is her job to be my constant companion, and it’s gotten to the point that if i’m at the computer she’s here on the desk, or waiting to get settled into an arm and begin prompting me for pets and a good scratch.  the fact that she really is far too big for this has not dawned on her at all!  it most definitely makes typing difficult to say the least!  she will be a whole 5 years late July of this year.  Bethany can also be a flirt!  this usually takes place upon her waking from a nap.  unlike moi, miss Bethany is a sunny riser no matter the time of day she arises.

along with her “banshee” talents, Bethers is also well skilled at  “scooping”-using her paw, to reach leftover tidbits from inside a can, yogurt cup, or other narrow, cylindrical shape.  it’s very cute and entertaining as well!!    Bethany’s weaknesses?  catnip, cheese, yogurt, and a strong penchant for shopping!  (yes i have evidence!  see photos that follow!)

Bethany after a long day of shopping

Bethany after a long day of shopping

Bethany and her yogurt

Bethany and her yogurt


despite her “habits” we know that Eli is looking down upon our choice and slightly nodding with a cat grin on his face.  he would approve!

Aslan, Charotte's boyfriend of choice


look for a future post introducing you to Aslan, or Azzy as we call him.  Bethany’s assistant!

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