Eli’s Legacy

it was a difficult decision to make.  what with 12 or so different candidates to choose from, but after time had been taken to adjusting to Eli no longer being here, it became apparent that Planet Kitty needed a new mascot. someone to lead us into guide us in our future days.  of course, Eli had big shoes to fill and so it should be no surprise that it’s gonna take two kitties to take up where Eli left off.  or more to say, that the new leader will need help.  an assistant so to speak.

now it seems only natural that the mascot title should be passed to Bethany.  she has been with Eli for numerous years.  was very close with him, and always treated him with the respect.  he in return showed genuine fondness for her.  always sharing his bed, and never throwing a hiss her way.

in many respects, Bethany is quite like her passed on brother.  she has her own distinct personality-not to say that most kitties don’t- but Bethany has a flair for the dramatic.  for example, any kitty that she is not fond of, is greeted with a shriek akin to a banshee should they dare to get to close to her.  she also has a preference, like her late brother, to be under the covers rather than cuddled on top of them.  she will dig at the covers until you cave and allow her under.  believe me.  she’s relentless and if you want a full night’s sleep, you’d better just give in.



Bethany has been at Planet Kitty since a kitten.  she’s special in the fact that she’s an albino, and cannot remain for long periods of time in sunlight.  she was up for adoption in a very rural area of western colorado, and due to her inability to be an outside kitty, no one wanted her.  of course, I did!  and she has been with me since.  being an Eli favorite, Bethany spent many hours cuddling and giving and receiving baths with her brother.  i have many a picture of this!

since his passing she has decided it is her job to be my constant companion, and it’s gotten to the point that if i’m at the computer she’s here on the desk, or waiting to get settled into an arm and begin prompting me for pets and a good scratch.  the fact that she really is far too big for this has not dawned on her at all!  it most definitely makes typing difficult to say the least!  she will be a whole 5 years late July of this year.  Bethany can also be a flirt!  this usually takes place upon her waking from a nap.  unlike moi, miss Bethany is a sunny riser no matter the time of day she arises.

along with her “banshee” talents, Bethers is also well skilled at  “scooping”-using her paw, to reach leftover tidbits from inside a can, yogurt cup, or other narrow, cylindrical shape.  it’s very cute and entertaining as well!!    Bethany’s weaknesses?  catnip, cheese, yogurt, and a strong penchant for shopping!  (yes i have evidence!  see photos that follow!)

Bethany after a long day of shopping

Bethany after a long day of shopping

Bethany and her yogurt

Bethany and her yogurt


despite her “habits” we know that Eli is looking down upon our choice and slightly nodding with a cat grin on his face.  he would approve!

Aslan, Charotte's boyfriend of choice


look for a future post introducing you to Aslan, or Azzy as we call him.  Bethany’s assistant!

The Litterbox

ahhh the litterbox.  i dunno about you, but i hate them!  yes i love kitties but truly hate “the box”!

standard "box"

standard “box”

first there is the standard box. no fun to clean, but kitties love it because they don’t like to be in enclosure and it’s just oh so much fun to sling litter everywhere!  (much to kitty owners’ frustations everywhere!)

ahhh boxes!!! they make ’em plain and make em “pretty”, as if prettier colors will make us feel better about cleaning them out.  ummm NOT!

ahh the "modkat" box.  oh so pretty colors but still a pain to clean!  and all for a lovely $150 georges or so!

ahh the “modkat” box. oh so pretty colors but still a pain to clean! and all for a lovely $150 georges or so!

then there’s the fandangled contraptions of a wide variety.  the one i most recently tried-meaning two years ago when i had some cash- the omega paw!  which is just supposed to be easy as rolling and removing the waste from the drawer.  of course, they didn’t take into account cats, male cats, who just jump in and eject pee all over everything, and small kitters who would climb up on the “shelf” and pee there!  (or even poop).  and you still have the back breaking work of having to bend over, and, of course, breaking the box down into it’s pieces, a total of about 5, to clean it!  gotsa love the scoopable litter getting stuck in the grate!

omega paw, or pain in the ars for a lovely $35 per box!

omega paw, or pain in the ars for a lovely $35 per box!

i eventually resorted to taking out all the extra pieces and just using it like a regular covered litterbox.  life was a bit easier, but i wasted money on about 6-8 of these and wish i never had!

then there’s the disposable litterbox, which actually isn’t a bad idea, but if you have several kitties it’s not very economical as a choice!  the price for these averages about 3-4 bucks a piece and that averages out to be about $250 or so a month!

disposable boxes.......

disposable boxes…….

course if i had the dough to throw at a box, it would most likely be the litter robot!  i hear wonderous things about it!

litterrobot!  about $350 to $400 pending on where ya get it!

litterrobot! about $350 to $400 pending on where ya get it!

as i said, pricey, but it’s not like i’m going to be running out and getting one of these anytime soon!  (plus, for that kind of money, it really should clean ittself and take the waste to the trash for you!)

there’s also the cat genie, or litter genie, not sure which.  it hooks to the line of your clothes washer or you set it up to “dump” into your toilet line, so to speak.  it will only run you $250-$300.

litter genie or something like that

litter genie or something like that

the reviews are very mixed on this invention tho.  it sounds good but the “crystals’ for it are expensive along with all the other “stuff” you need to keep it going, and some of the reviews i read complained of having to clean clogged lines.  ICK!

homemade litterbox

homemade litterbox

this is what i’m trying now.  converting plastic storage containers to litterboxes.  they are fairly cheap,a nd so far the kitties like it.  the one challenge is making the entrance big enuff for kitties, but small enuff to keep the dogs out.  (dogs LOVE catpoosicles i dunno why!)   there are still some kitties who aren’t a fan of it, and recommendations have also been made to use underthebed storage plastic containers.  i will be eventually trying that as well.  the only thing about these is that i still have to “stoop and scoop” and it’s backbreaking working for an old cat lady like me!

the litterspinner.  runs $80 - $100.

the litterspinner. runs $80 – $100.

this is another new invention which i have not tried yet.  again it’s pricey.  apparently you “spin” the contraption and all the waste falls into a tray.  this is a somewhat better idea than the omega paw, because you don’t have to physically roll it, this one you just spin it on it’s “spinner” if that makes sense.  much easier.  however, the majority of reviews i read about it would keep me from investing and trying.

and so there you have it.  a no win situation.  it’s the 21st century, and i find it completely baffling the inability of man to design a really good, cheap, litterbox, that does it all.  i’m not asking for one that takes the waste to the trash.  just one that with a quick “something” that moves the waste from the box into a tight odorless, container that i can pick up and toss without having to hold my breathe so i don’t breath in dust, or the nasty odor!  just a box that completely controls odor, keeps itself neat and tidy, without me having to tear it apart completely and bleaching it.

am i really asking for too much?  am i?  ha!  i think not!  and i think you fellow cat owners will agree!

ahh such is life.  i guess i will just continue to dream of a knight in shiny “litterbox armor” who will come and make my kitty litterbox dreams come true!  darnit!

oh look!  time for the cat boxes to be cleaned again!   ……….sigh

Why We SUPPORT Animal Rescue of the Rockies

Kitties at home at ARR Cat Casita

Kitties at home at ARR Cat Casita

there are very very very few rescues that i hold in the same regard as say, Best Friends.  Animal Rescue of the Rockies, tho, is just one of those.  they never cease to amaze me!

last fall, when i was going thru some challenging times, and granted still am, i needed a rescue to step up and take the fosters i had in care.  i was going to lose my home and was relocating to another living arrangement where i just didn’t have the space or means to provide for the fosters.  unlike other rescues, Animal Rescue of the Rockies stepped up.  they did this without judgment, and without lecture, and  with total support.  (for this i am eternally, ETERNALLY grateful!-that can’t be said enuff!)  while other rescues were lecturing for “creating more work for them”, ARR took on what the other rescues should have shared, as far as responsibility, and found awesome, permanent homes for the majority of my former fosters!

the thing about ARR is that they truly put the animals FIRST!

1)  they full vet not only the permanent adoption homes, but their foster homes as well.  this includes an in home check to make sure the environment is safe  and a good fit overall, for both fostering AND adopting.

2)   the needs of the animal are always put FIRST (this includes listening to what current owners and/or fosters say are the needs of that certain animal)

3)  they are an absolute no kill facility!

4)  they rescues animals from other KILL facilities as well!

4) each animal taken in is given the highest priority and they never sway or compromise when it comes to finding that animal THE perfect home!

5) they are not only about rescue, they are about educating as well!

Princess Dora, currently up for adoption at Animal Rescue of the Rockies

Princess Dora, currently up for adoption at Animal Rescue of the Rockies

for this and so many other reasons, you should be a fan like me.  please spread the word about Animal Rescue of the Rockies!

you can find their website here:


where you can learn more about them and their mission.

you can also find their facebook page here:


and, my favorite, you can find their facebook page for the Cat Casita, here:


but most importantly, you can make a donation to help them continue their FABULOUS work, here!!:


if you live in Colorado, you can also volunteer or become a foster home.  further information on that, can be found at their web page which is the first address given above.

liking and spreading the news of their facebook pages, is extremely helpful too, and completely free.  it helps them to circulate the available animals and find homes for them, and costs you nothing.  not to mention, it keeps you informed of the wonderful work they do!!  please take a little time to do so.

(and if you’re a kitty fan like us, you will just LOVE their posts about the cats at the Cat Casita in fairplay, co, which i hope to visit one day!)