i happened to be checking on facebook tonight when i found out that Animal Rescue of the Rockies/Cat Casita, has been brought in to help with a cat hoarding situation in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.


from looking at the pics, altho it’s hard to really determine much, the cats preliminarily look ok, but nothing will really be known until they have been examined up close by a vet individually.  estimates of the number of cats is around the 150 mark, and ARR is putting a call out for foster homes like crazy.


other groups are also jumping in to help, as they are trying to get all cats out of the home and in safe rescue\fosters before February 2nd, which is this saturday, so that is less then a week to help provide rescue for about 150 cats!!!!!


if you live in the Colorado Springs, CO or surrounding areas, please contact Kerri at ARR/Cat Casita as soon as possible at  kandplynn@hotmail.com.  you can also go to the Cat Casita Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ARRCatCasita and inquire/show interest in helping in comments under the pictures!!

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