Saying Good Bye… never easy, and the night that i had to say good bye to long term fosters Brigid and Elliot were extremely hard.  ironically, the majority of that evening was spent taking pictures of the short timers who were also going to animal rescue of the rockies-the rescue that agreed to take all 6 kitties for which i am still extremely grateful.  i’ll return to Elliot and Brigid later.  first the short timers.

i didn’t feel the need to get pics of Brigid or Elliot nearly as much as the short timers, (as i had so many of them already).  I wanted to show how much they had grown, or in the case of Clementine, how far they had come.

when she first came to me, Clementine had been mistreated by a five year old who’s parents didn’t have a clue about cats.  the child’s mother couldn’t understand why Clementine wasn’t the same as the homeless kitty they had taken in back when she was a girl in kentucky, who gave birth to kittens and slept in her bed every night.  it was apparent that the woman had no concept of cats having different personalities, the same as all of us adults.  (for some reason, the idea that animals really aren’t that much different from us humans is hard for some to grasp.  my response is come on!  humans are animals too.  duh!)

and so it’s with great joy that i show this picture of Clementine with my hand by her.  if you remember, when she first came into rescue she pretty much wanted to tear off any of my appendages.  no due in part to whatever she had suffered at the hands of the 5 year old kid she was gotten for.

my hand after getting to close to Clementine after first ariving

my hand after getting to close to Clementine after first arriving

a calmer gentler clementine

a calmer gentler clementine

well i know me and my hand were extremely grateful.  on a more serious note, it was great to watch Clementine run and play with the kitties, and to crash at my side at times when taking a break!  ok i’ll admit there were time when i held my breath when she did do that, concerned she might lash out, but that was not the case.  i felt like some sort of huge accomplishment was made where she was concerned: just rewards!  it is with great joy that i also report that i have heard from cari, who runs the cat casita where the cats went to, that Clementine has since been adopted by an older couple with no children!!

Clementine checking out the camera

Clementine checking out the camera

whatcha doing?

whatcha doing?

to date, Clementine was most assuredly the most difficult case that i worked with.  but oh how rewarding it was to see her comfortable with all of us and not lashing out with claws anytime my hands came near!

dangle a toy in front of her and you've got her full attention!

dangle a toy in front of her and you’ve got her full attention!

Clementine is very prey driven however.  i just love this pic of her!

Kelly giving mischievous Tate the eye as he was always up to something.  fortunately it was pretty much a kiss (lick) on the head!

Kelly giving mischievous Tate the eye as he was always up to something. fortunately it was pretty much a kiss (lick) on the head!

as far as the last of the Hissenfitz and Floofenfurz, they had no idea what was to come as far as the transport and i watched as Tate kept the dogs on their toes-ok not too much watching since Esme was keeping me on my toes-and Lacey who was watching all of us on our toes! lol

gimme some love!  or just gimme! lol

gimme some love! or just gimme! lol

as usual, Tate was in full entertainment form.  ahh Tater-Tot, Tateman, Tatemate, Later Tater…and yes he had several nicknames depending on the situation.

what IS that you have? (the camera)

what IS that you have? (the camera)

ahh yes.  Tate.  hyper, over vigilant, goes to extremes Tate.  he will not be forgotten!

a tate nap?  not for long!

a tate nap? not for long!

believe it or not, at all the kitten meet and greets, Tate froze up and hid.  he was absolutely petrified when it came to strangers.  so his shining personality was never presented to potential adopters.  apparently that would not be the case at the cat casita.  cari, the casita coordinator, fell in love with him and absolutely adored him.  i was hoping that she would give in and take him home, but she stayed strong and a friend of a volunteer fell for Tate and adopted him.  that’s two of the 6 who went to the casita that have since been adopted.  the news of the two adoptions came on the 21st right before turkey day.  as far as i was concerned, thanksgiving came early!

the Tate man!

the Tate man!

oh and incase you’re wondering.  the red on Tate’s chest is from him getting into my hair color when i was doing a touch up.  leave it to a cat to out one of my few beauty secrets i have!  i was extremely fond of Tate and am so glad he was adopted by a young couple with another young kitty to keep him company!

the last night with the rest of the kitties will have to wait until another post.  it is late and i am tired.  sides…i can’t reveal all the activities in one post.  what fun would that be?? lol