Trailer Park Kitties

i have alot to blog and catch up with, but i wanted to start with these trailer park kitties that live in the park i now reside in.  i was deeply touched by their affection for each other.

their names are blondie and moustache

the trailer park manager feeds them, not to mention a few others in the park as well.  she says that the grey tabby, male-Moustache- supposedly belongs to someone but you see him out all the time, and the orange and white one, female-Blondie_ is a stray who has been semi tamed by her.  They’ve tried to move Blondie inside full time, but she always freaks out and wants back out, so they have resigned themselves to providing for her and letting her stay out.  Testimony to the fact that some kitties do fairly well outdoors if they are well adjusted and hardy.  They take her in every year for vaccinations and to make sure she’s healthy.  When she’s not out and about, she sleeps under their trailer.

is this touching or what?

while they wouldn’t let me get close enuff to pet them, it was very obvious the bond between them.  I couldn’t help but sit and watch while i waited on the park manager to get to the door.  fortunately, she took her time which allowed me to grab some pics of this interaction with my cell phone.

i was happy to just sit still, attempting to softly call them to me to pet them, and watch the display of affection they had for each other.



tonight i stopped by the manager’s trailer to drop off the lot rent and noticed a third black kitty who she said was also a stray.  it was, of course, too dark out to get any pictures, but it was obvious that the beautiful black kitty i saw was leary of me and, i think, a little cold.  i wondered if he slept under her trailer too?

Moustache is very handsome and his striking white and friendlyness makes you wanna just pick him up and cuddle him, but it’s apparent that he’s tried trusting a human before only to be on the loosing end of that trust.

you can tell when you look closely at Blondie that some sort of trauma occurred to the tip of her tail as it’s permanently bent. another reason why she also doesn’t trust humans in general.

one thing’s for sure.  i’m so glad they have each other!!