Home At Last

Miss Pretty Kitty

it is with great joy that a i blog tonight.  you see, tonight is the night that Miss Pretty Kitty found her forever home!!

i had lady inquire about Brigid a couple of weeks ago and after talking to her, it seemed like a good home for little Brigid, but upon further investigation and some hesitation on the potential adopters part, the decision was made tonight to go with PK.  now don’t get me wrong, i desire a permanent home for Brigid as much as PK, but Brigid still needs more work as far as socialization and after having worked with previous cats that needed the same thing, this couple decided to also consider Miss PK, so I showed up at their door with both cats for them to meet.

the trial of getting Brigid into a crate and off to meet these potential adopters was no small feat.  it took 2 days, well actually 3, to manage to catch her and place her in a room where i could later find her in order to take her in the evening after work to a new potential new home for her.

Brigid is not fond of being held, much less pursued to be placed into a crate!

little Brigid

at the home of the adopters, she didn’t squeem as much as i thought she would, but she was very obviously  scared, and she could not be put down for fear that she would find a place to hide and we wouldn’t be able to retrieve her.  i understood the folks not wanting to take on another project, and had a sneaking suspicion that PK, being the opposite, just might be a good fit.

my suspcions were right on!  Miss PK sashayed out the crate and proceeded to check out the place!  she let the dogs approach her and didn’t even object to their sniffing!  it was like she knew she was finally home!  yes she was a bit nervous, but the she purred thru the whole introduction and charmed the pants right off of the couple just like she has everyone else!

if you remember, PK had very ruff beginnings.  you can find her story here https://planetkitty1.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1324&action=edit.  it’s actually amazing that the little girl is alive surviving in the place that she had been abandoned in; a very ruff neighborhood in the “big city” up the road where cats and dogs were not only routinely abandoned, but tortured, killed, starved…the list went on.

and when she first came to live with me, it was obvious the poor little girl was numb.

Miss PK at the vet after picking her up. her fur was so matted that she had to be completely shaved where there weren’t matts, there were bald spots from the matts being completely pulled off.

it seemed that this beautiful kitty was completely numb, and i’m sure that going from the streets to me where she was groomed and then shaved and staying in a room in isolation for awhile was a shock.  for the first first days, she was in a sweater but managed to wiggle her way out of it, and when i put it on her, she looked at me like this was a new form of torture. it broke my heart!

Miss PK after being at Planet Kitty for 24. you can see the mess of her fur on her neck where there was a huge bald spot. i thought maybe i could trim her up but after closer inspection i realized that there was no way a pair of scissors would aid in reducing her matts

PK after her haircut

…with sweater and ohh that look on her face!

PK also had to learn how to play, and that eventually came with time, along with leaving behind the room she was isolated in and immersion in with the rest of the critters here at Planet Kitty.  she quickly went about letting everyone know she had boundaries, and then one evening, after cleaning off my old computer desk, the real kitten in her came out with the appearance of a back scratcher.  she chased and showed off what we would later discover was a diva underneath all that numbness!

i love the expression on her face here!

as her fur grew, so did Miss PK.  recent days would find her “lording” it over all the kitties when it came to dinner and “holding court” from the “throne” she took up high above all the rest of the cats in the garage.  it made me laugh!

needless to say, this was not the permanent home for her, and i knew that there was one just for her out there, and it came through today when Debbie and her husband adopted her.  unfortunately, i didn’t have a camera or my cell phone with me when i went over, so you will just have to take my word for it!

it’s moments like these that make the hard and frustrating work of rescue soo worth it!  tonight i will go to sleep with a smile in my heart, knowing that there is now one more kitty in the world that has a smile in their own heart too!  one that has most justly been earned by what all Miss PK has previously been thru!

here’s to a justly deserved happy life for such a pretty diva!!

we will never forget you Miss Pretty Kitty!!

2 thoughts on “Home At Last

  1. Hi Lu. This is a very gratifying true story. I’ve always known that this is the kind of work you would dedicate yourself to if you didn’t have to work for a living to keep body and soul together.
    What I didn’t realize, is the natural talent you have for writing. I’m sure that you got that gift from Mom and I’m equally sure that she is beaming down on you with pride every time she reads your blog!
    I, also, am proud of you and wish you ever more success in your career choices, your rescue work and especially, your writing, where ever these projects take you.
    Love you lots sis,

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