A 4th of July MIRACLE!!!

it wasn’t so long ago, just last friday to be exact, that i came from work -a TERRIBLE day at work alone- with my head hung very very low!

just that morning i had discovered that Tony, senior 15  year old Tony, had managed to force open the window in the room he’s in and get out.  I went into work half an hour late, searching for him thru out the neighborhood with no luck.  my heart was breaking and the worry over his current frail state and health, formost in my mind.  i arrived @ work mentally reassuring myself that he would be sitting on the front porch stoop when i got home.

the day got only worse!  first i was dealt a blow with a gentleman who called in threatening to put a bullet in his brain right before hanging up on me!!  he had mentioned that he was “out of gas in front of the post office” and i immediately put in a call to 911 of a potential suicide in outside the post office.  no one could be found and we had no idea who the gentleman was.  we attempted to “deduce” his identity from the past few week’s previous cases only to be left perplexed!  this on top of how my morning started, was just NOT what i needed!

and then the third blow, wanting to partake in some retail therapy over lunch, I checked the balance of my account only to find out that my incoming paycheck was  over $200 short!!!!  this is not good news when u do alot of animal rescue that is primarily funded out of your own pocket!  and as it turned out, the ill gotten garnishment was going to be in place for the next ten paychecks.  $723 coming out of this month’s payroll alone! (i am paid every other week and have 3 paychecks this month).

my weekend was spent in a deep fog of depression and i continued to wonder out and look for Tony in the neighborhood with no luck.  i was tormented over his well being in the heat we were having, and when i wasn’t tormented by thoughts of him, i was worried how i was going to feed everyone else in the house.

manditory upkeep for everyone kept me from hiding in bed.  by monday, i was headed back to work accepting that Tony was most likely already dead but that at least, with the help of an attorney friend who’d i’d contacted the previous weekend, that perhaps the garnishment could be turned around.

Tony crashing after his “misadventures” in the colorado outdoors!

a hot Tuesday arrived, and i decided to go out late when it was cool that night and put out some more flyers on Tony around the neighborhood.  i was oh so quietly placing one under the windshield wiper of a neighbor on the next street over- that I had previously spoken about Tony- when I realized that she was sitting on her deck watching me!  I apologized and she asked if the flyer was about my missing kitty.  she asked if he had some tabby markings and i replied yes and she asked to see the flyer and said that she had seen him hanging out periodically on her front porch, but that she didn’t know where i lived or how to reach me and was so glad that she had run into me now!

she had put out water for him and wet food, but being finicky-and probably the ONLY cat that doesn’t like wet food-her attempts to nourish him were unsuccessful.  she said that he had been spotted laying behind the junipers in the sun against the porch as well as detected under the porch-which was wooden- by her own cat, and seemed to have even taken up residence under there for mostpart of the day at times.  a cppl of the mornings, he even was found lying on the porch in the far corner in the sun, but quickly made a get away when he saw her.

needless to say, i was elated!!  periodically thru the night i snuck back over to softly call for Tony and look for him (not being able to sleep)-well as well as could be done in the night with a street lamp that went on and off regularly :S -without wanting to disturb anyone. as the sun began to rise, i passed out and woke up again at 11 am, this time i took my car!! lol  i arrived and called for Tony.  i heard a faint meow.  could it be or was that my imagination and sleep deprivation playing tricks on me?? i went to the side of the deck where i could peer under to see if there was a cat and low and behold there was!  i called his name and he made his way over to me! i was so frickin deleriously happy!!  i had Tony in my arms.  safe!!  i somehow managed to keep him in my arms, climb into my car, and drive us both back to the house-not before making sure all the windows were closed incase he got out of my arms.

he stayed motionless while i drove.  i could tell he was skinny and definitely disoriented.  he softly meowed continuously and hid his head in the crook of my arm.  i was so frickin happy to see him!!  i hugged him as i got out of the car and i knew he must be pretty out of it to let me do that!

inside the house we went! food and water were placed before him, along with making sure that the window was securly closed!  he rubbed against and purred!  pets and scratches ensued and then he curled up and was completely OUT!  i meanwhile, went to the store and got him a fan-honeywell no less- to keep him cool in his sanctuary.  upon return, with fan in arm, he was still crashed and i began to think about his adventure, or nightmare, depending on your point of view.

settling in, about to crash…

the Colorado wilds are not a good place to be for a young cat, much less a senior like Tony.  my house might be located in town, but we commonly get skunks, racoons, deer, coyotes and even an occasional mountain lion spotted in the area.  he may have been in the neighborhood, but he was prime pickings for any of those critters!  it’s no wonder he took up sanctuary under the neighbor’s porch!!  it at least offered some protection at night!  it was also very doubtful that Tony was able to get much in the way of rest, always having to be on guard to keep from becoming another critter’s potential dinner!  and when he did venture out, the available “catch” for dinner was most certainly limited in our neck of the woods what with the heat and drought!  it’s no wonder he crashed for so long when he returned home!



down for the count!

he did eat a few kibble and a bit of water, but it was apparent that Tony needed rest and so I left him alone!

come this morning, he was at the door waiting for me to visit him, and ok…i did get up once in the middle of the night to check on him too!  i had too!  just to make sure really was there and was ok.  the middle of the night check also confirmed he had eaten more too.

i came home tonight to have him greet me at the door again, purrs, rubs and head bumps ensued and i was in heaven!  he even ate for me while i was present!!  bless u jesus! lol

Tony eating. YEAH!!

sorry for the blurry pictures.  i usually try to do a much MUCH better job when it comes to pics but i figured that it was more important overall to be able to see him eating than perfectly visual clarity! LOL

nom nom nom…

oh it’s such a joy to have him here, and i can honestly say now, that i think Tony realizes he is home!  (not to mention how much he now feels like he’s my kitty!)

i’m so happy!

**(oh the paycheck garnish thing?  well it won’t be resolved overnight and will take awhile,-it’s going to be really tight for awhile- but i think things will “be going my way” where that’s concerned, by the end of the month or sooner!  phew!!!!)

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