if you’ve been watching the fb page lately, you might have noticed that both Tony and Esme have been struggling.

The good news tonight is that kittens can be very durable and it would appear at this point that Esme is holding her own and may even be turning a corner.  she eats like a horse, and despite having a stubborn URI, is playful, alert and interactive.  she purrs and cries to be held and will cuddle when u pick her up.  aside from her eyes and being a bit underweight, you wouldn’t think she was sick.  Tate is a bit in front of her as far as beating this URI, and Zelda and Aubree are pretty much well and even putting on weight.  their coats continue to improve and their eyes are no longer runny, nor are they sneezing.  i am now certain it’s just a matter of time before Esme and Tate catch up with their sisters.

Tony, formerly my mom’s cat, is a different story.  he spent the day at the vets where they loaded him up with sub Q fluids, examined him from head to toe, tried to get him to eat, and also took blood to run a panel.  dr. Carsten quickly assessed that Tony had small sores all over his tongue and a larger sore at the back of this throat.  this was obviously what was causing him not to eat or groom himself, as well as his severe loss in weight.  just exactly what’s causing it, tho, isn’t certain.

Tony just this last sunday, not feeling well and underweight

with Tony’s advanced age, his immune system is not as strong as a younger cat and it puts his immune system at greater risk.  the sores could be a symptom of kidney failure, or they could be a virus infection.  the blood tests will give us a better idea come tomorrow.  right now, it’s imparative that i get an antibiotic down Tony every 2 hours until it’s gone.  it’s also really important that he eats, and after refusing a fresh helping of wet food, and attempting to force feed him, i gave up and let him go.  in another hour, i will have to hunt him down for another dose of antibiotic.

at this point, i am scared and frustrated.  today’s bill came to $362.  ugh.  but despite it’s grandness, the bill is not what’s on my mind right now.  Tony is formost in my thoughts.  dr carsten, who used to teach at CSU one of the premier vet schools, explained to me how imparative it is to keep Tony hydrated and that he couldn’t stand to loose much more in weight without going down hill quickly.  he spoke of more fluids if needed and even force feeding him.  after force feeding tonight, Tony puked.  😦  and i can’t stand the thought of putting him thru anymore feeding that is just going to make him sick.  i can only imagine that the pain in his mouth is so great as to make him sick to his stomach, and whatever is the cause of all this, is probably not helping either.

and so i will be getting up every 2 hours to give him the medicine until it’s gone tonight, and hoping that by morning he improves.   the thought of having to break the news about Tony’s current state of health to my mom breaks my heart and i also worry about what kind of effect the news would have on her current health status.

the thought of Tony going down hill, also cuts like a knife because he has become such a gift to me as well.  you can’t help but fall in love with the old man’s gruff personality, how can anyone resist a 15 year old cat that comes to you, nose bumps you and kisses you on the lips?  that’s where he had me.  it told me that he was now mine, and with that in mind i will strive to do everything i can to if not get him well, at least keep him as comfortable as possible in his last days should it turn out to be something as serious as kidney failure.

it’s amazing how quickly these creatures can still our hearts, and how stoic they can be when ill.

a full report tomorrow night once i know the results of the blood tests.

3 thoughts on “Corners

  1. It is good to know the kittens are getting better. Those are the first ones i ever had get sick on me and it scared me 😥 However i am so so so so so so so so so so so sorry to hear about Tony, i can only imagine how scared you must be. I am sending oh so many good vibes to the both of you, i will keep Tony in my thoughts, i hope he gets better.

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