Diva Lessons

diva look

there is no doubt i am a diva!  and so i’m here to teach all you lesser unfortunate souls, what it takes to be a diva!

diva disdain

you must never let your people think you are content with their performance.  they must always strive for better so a constant look of disappointment or disgust is necessary.

diva workin da camera

always give your adoring public one good picture.

diva toes

and always…always give them an unexpected surprise such as my cute pink and flooy toes in the shot!  purrzzzz

when shooting live film, make sure to always give them your best!  but don’t give too much!  know when to walk away!  remember you are the diva!  you are always in control of everything! when enuff is enuff, subtlty goes far!  simply look way to avoid giving them a good shot!

course it never hurts to give them what they want.  just make them wait first!

diva look to the left

and you know i make this mop bucket look good!

something missing that’s your to your heart’s desire?  work that stare!!

diva stare

i said….  work.  IT!

diva. STARE!

now there’s only a few who can truly attain true divaness.  and you know i’m one!  i can even rock a mowhawk! (remember.  dignity.  at all times!!)

diva mowhawk

questions?  yeah we’re done here!

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