Make Room For the Dog!!

Pixie with new family louie and amanda

it took NINE MONTHS, but we finally found the perfect family for Pixie.  Earlier this year she was diagnosed with chronic vaginitis with the potential for repetitive bladder infections and there was concern for kidney problems as well, so it was important to find her a permanent living situation where she would be able to go out every few hours rather than having to wait for someone to get home from an 8 to ten hour day at work.  louie and amanda’s different work schedules, plus roommates, made that possible.  YEAH!!  this young couple patiently wen t thru the adoption process that involved references and a home check and then drove TWO HOURS to come get her.  i just knew this was the home for her!!!  when the right fit comes along, you just know it in your heart!  here’s a look back at the last nine months with this little girl!

short after arriving, Pixie needed to be treated for ear mites-so here her ears look funny

one of my favorite shots of her

yes this is a photograph believe it or not of Pixie!

pretty Pixie!

Pixie with the rest of the PK “dog pound” lol @ xmas

and of course a santa baby! lol

and yes she was great with kitties!!

…with Charlotte

a bit of a diva.

on MY pillow!

and the only pup we know with double nailed dewclaws

oh she fit right in!

fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind the doggy! lol

and we can’t count the number of times she cleaned Kelly Jo’s ears!


or hogged the bed with the rest of the critters!

or still my pillow…

but…our favorite picture of Pixie doodle, as I affectionately called her, will aways be this one!

i promised i’d find you the perfect forever family no matter how long it took and we did it!  love u!!   ❤

4 thoughts on “Make Room For the Dog!!

  1. What a wonderful story Lu Anne! You do so many thing I don’t even KNOW about! WHat a sweet baby you’ve had living there with you! LOVE the photos of her with the kitties!! Hard to pick her out! sounds like you found her the PERFECT home! xo

    • aww thanks Miss T! It’s what Greta’s Kingdom is all about! She is a sweet baby and I will for sure miss her! It’s soooo good to see her in a good home, tho, where she’ll get the attention she deserves!!

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