if you’ve been watching the fb page lately, you might have noticed that both Tony and Esme have been struggling.

The good news tonight is that kittens can be very durable and it would appear at this point that Esme is holding her own and may even be turning a corner.  she eats like a horse, and despite having a stubborn URI, is playful, alert and interactive.  she purrs and cries to be held and will cuddle when u pick her up.  aside from her eyes and being a bit underweight, you wouldn’t think she was sick.  Tate is a bit in front of her as far as beating this URI, and Zelda and Aubree are pretty much well and even putting on weight.  their coats continue to improve and their eyes are no longer runny, nor are they sneezing.  i am now certain it’s just a matter of time before Esme and Tate catch up with their sisters.

Tony, formerly my mom’s cat, is a different story.  he spent the day at the vets where they loaded him up with sub Q fluids, examined him from head to toe, tried to get him to eat, and also took blood to run a panel.  dr. Carsten quickly assessed that Tony had small sores all over his tongue and a larger sore at the back of this throat.  this was obviously what was causing him not to eat or groom himself, as well as his severe loss in weight.  just exactly what’s causing it, tho, isn’t certain.

Tony just this last sunday, not feeling well and underweight

with Tony’s advanced age, his immune system is not as strong as a younger cat and it puts his immune system at greater risk.  the sores could be a symptom of kidney failure, or they could be a virus infection.  the blood tests will give us a better idea come tomorrow.  right now, it’s imparative that i get an antibiotic down Tony every 2 hours until it’s gone.  it’s also really important that he eats, and after refusing a fresh helping of wet food, and attempting to force feed him, i gave up and let him go.  in another hour, i will have to hunt him down for another dose of antibiotic.

at this point, i am scared and frustrated.  today’s bill came to $362.  ugh.  but despite it’s grandness, the bill is not what’s on my mind right now.  Tony is formost in my thoughts.  dr carsten, who used to teach at CSU one of the premier vet schools, explained to me how imparative it is to keep Tony hydrated and that he couldn’t stand to loose much more in weight without going down hill quickly.  he spoke of more fluids if needed and even force feeding him.  after force feeding tonight, Tony puked.  😦  and i can’t stand the thought of putting him thru anymore feeding that is just going to make him sick.  i can only imagine that the pain in his mouth is so great as to make him sick to his stomach, and whatever is the cause of all this, is probably not helping either.

and so i will be getting up every 2 hours to give him the medicine until it’s gone tonight, and hoping that by morning he improves.   the thought of having to break the news about Tony’s current state of health to my mom breaks my heart and i also worry about what kind of effect the news would have on her current health status.

the thought of Tony going down hill, also cuts like a knife because he has become such a gift to me as well.  you can’t help but fall in love with the old man’s gruff personality, how can anyone resist a 15 year old cat that comes to you, nose bumps you and kisses you on the lips?  that’s where he had me.  it told me that he was now mine, and with that in mind i will strive to do everything i can to if not get him well, at least keep him as comfortable as possible in his last days should it turn out to be something as serious as kidney failure.

it’s amazing how quickly these creatures can still our hearts, and how stoic they can be when ill.

a full report tomorrow night once i know the results of the blood tests.

Diva Lessons

diva look

there is no doubt i am a diva!  and so i’m here to teach all you lesser unfortunate souls, what it takes to be a diva!

diva disdain

you must never let your people think you are content with their performance.  they must always strive for better so a constant look of disappointment or disgust is necessary.

diva workin da camera

always give your adoring public one good picture.

diva toes

and always…always give them an unexpected surprise such as my cute pink and flooy toes in the shot!  purrzzzz

when shooting live film, make sure to always give them your best!  but don’t give too much!  know when to walk away!  remember you are the diva!  you are always in control of everything! when enuff is enuff, subtlty goes far!  simply look way to avoid giving them a good shot!

course it never hurts to give them what they want.  just make them wait first!

diva look to the left

and you know i make this mop bucket look good!

something missing that’s your to your heart’s desire?  work that stare!!

diva stare

i said….  work.  IT!

diva. STARE!

now there’s only a few who can truly attain true divaness.  and you know i’m one!  i can even rock a mowhawk! (remember.  dignity.  at all times!!)

diva mowhawk

questions?  yeah we’re done here!

Make Room For the Dog!!

Pixie with new family louie and amanda

it took NINE MONTHS, but we finally found the perfect family for Pixie.  Earlier this year she was diagnosed with chronic vaginitis with the potential for repetitive bladder infections and there was concern for kidney problems as well, so it was important to find her a permanent living situation where she would be able to go out every few hours rather than having to wait for someone to get home from an 8 to ten hour day at work.  louie and amanda’s different work schedules, plus roommates, made that possible.  YEAH!!  this young couple patiently wen t thru the adoption process that involved references and a home check and then drove TWO HOURS to come get her.  i just knew this was the home for her!!!  when the right fit comes along, you just know it in your heart!  here’s a look back at the last nine months with this little girl!

short after arriving, Pixie needed to be treated for ear mites-so here her ears look funny

one of my favorite shots of her

yes this is a photograph believe it or not of Pixie!

pretty Pixie!

Pixie with the rest of the PK “dog pound” lol @ xmas

and of course a santa baby! lol

and yes she was great with kitties!!

…with Charlotte

a bit of a diva.

on MY pillow!

and the only pup we know with double nailed dewclaws

oh she fit right in!

fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind the doggy! lol

and we can’t count the number of times she cleaned Kelly Jo’s ears!


or hogged the bed with the rest of the critters!

or still my pillow…

but…our favorite picture of Pixie doodle, as I affectionately called her, will aways be this one!

i promised i’d find you the perfect forever family no matter how long it took and we did it!  love u!!   ❤

Much Ado About Something!!

last week i posted a sort of criptic comment on our facebook page about not receiving the loan modification that i had applied for, and taking a few days off to deal with the realities.  what this meant for the critters and me here at Planet Kitty, was the threat of loosing our home.  talk about a panic.  i was in the midst of it!

while initially i became gainfully employed june of last year, it was followed not quite 4 short months later with a layoff.  at the time, i was not sad to say good bye to the job i had been doing because i had an impossible boss that was never happy, leading to an impossible stressload that wound me up at the ER to make sure that i hadn’t had a heart attack.  while the money was great at the time, and yes it did get me a loan mod, the overall responsibility of the job was killer, so saying good bye wasn’t a difficult one.  they paid me a month’s severance, what little vacation i had and sent me on my way.  i was sure that i would be able to find something soon. granted, that something was working at office depot hell, but it was something.  however, the new modified payment couldn’t be made, considering my full month’s salary at office depot hell was just a $100 more than the house payment.

home sweet home. what 3 years of being broke and in and out of forclosure does to a home. :-S

i was ever so excited and grateful to be hired by the state in a job in march!  i had previously applied for a loan mod only to be told that my debt to income ratio was too great.  so when i started the new job, off went a new loan mod request with high hopes. afterall, it was my mortgage company who told me to apply in the first place.  (gmac who has since filed for bankruptcy not because they didn’t make money last year, -they made about $3 bill-they just didn’t make any money off their mortgage sector and so have decided to get out of that line of business-and they say corps are people!)

so i was certain that with this improved salary, i was to be approved for a loan modification and life would go on!  not quite so fast there buckeroo!!

last week this vision came to a very loud screaching hault when they denied me the load mod, claiming that they had attempted to qualify me for two different packages and giving me conflicting reasons for why i had been denied both.

i freaked.  what did this mean for all the critters in my care??  not just fosters but those that are permanent family members to me?  the first night i was depressed.  the second night mad, fed up and exhausted with the loan mod/forclosure danceafterall i had already done this for over a year previously.  i spent my lunch hour at work making calls to anyone and everyone who i thought should know about my predictament and that could possibly help.  and that night i drove home feeling very similar to how i figured Tony felt at having to move in with me; that life wasn’t fair; i was being cheated;  scared sh!tless; depressed. afterall i had lived in the house for over 13 years.  i had built it even.  how dare they expect me to leave it afterall all i had survived and had still kept my home and a roof over both mine and my critter’s heads!!

Tony who now lives with me

i made ridiculous phone calls and logical calls as well, all looking for solutions to our predictament-i include the animals as they would be homeless to.  i called my congressman; i called the state attorney general to file a complaint against GMAC; i called the USDA depart of rural development to see if they could help; i researched online to determine some options; and then made call to those resources i discovered.  at night i capitulated bwtn “if they want this house they can have it!  i’ll find better”  to crying and determined to hang onto it until they dragged me from it.

i agonized over the fate of the animals.  i logically tried to reason which ones i would keep and which ones i would choose to rehome; that was just too hard!  it killed me!  the cats=when  i thought about taking to the bigger rescue up the road, i worried about them languishing in cages until they went mad.  the dogs, especially Kelly, my pibble mix, i worried about them winding up in homes where they were left out back, tied up to spend their lives outdoors with hardly any attention to worse, being used for dog fighting or bait.

Aslan, my very special needs boy whom previously i had been informed would most likely wind up being a permanent resident at the rescue facility i had inquired at, along with his special needs brother Pannda because of their older age AND special needs.

and then there was Aslan.  what would happen to him?  he wouldn’t make it in a rescue for the rest of his life.  the shock of it would most likely have a very dire serious affect on him and i truly pondered whether or not being put to sleep my be better for my developmentally delayed kitty.  it was a nightmare and endless nightmare for me!

one night last week, i sat down to dinner with my friend phyllis who had previously been thru just the same thing, same feelings and all.  oh how she knew so well.  she watched as my emotions bounced all over the place, and then forced me to ask myself what i really wanted.  what i really wanted, was a home for me and my family, and my family meant my critters, me and all.  yes i could find homes for the fosters, but the permanent residents of Planet Kitty, my family, i wanted a home for to keep us all together.  that’s when the pilot light inside me was lit, and i realized that my family was what i needed to fight for, not the house.  Phyllis had managed to find herself a new little home all of her own.  the present state of the economy, and her retirement made that possible for her.  what could it mean for me?  could it mean that i might be able to find something for me that was owner financed?  something that was better suited to our needs AND closer to work?  suddenly i began to look at things in a different light.

1. the forclosure wasn’t going to happen overnight, and i knew how to play the forclosure game.  i had done it previously to borrow me time and i could do it again.

2.  the current state of the economy was keeping all sorts of people stuck in homes they didn’t want, and some of them were willing to provide owner financing rather to those of us who were now gainfully employed but who’s credit had taken a hard hit.  it just might be possible to find something better in my price range that possibly could provide for us all or at least most of us.  i might have to rehome a few animals, and keep the rest, but that was a heck of alot beter than having to rehome say 95% of us!

3.  after speaking to the department of rural development, i found out that they have a program specifically for people in my income bracket that are dealing with forclosure and had exhausted all other possibilities.  this could also be a solution to the problem.  they would not only provide a lower interest rate, but a bonus allowance that would be used to make minor repairs to the home which my home had ALOT of.  ALOT!

by the end of the week, alot of my stress had been converted to positive energy.  “your cause has been put out there into the universe” my friend Phyllis said” and the universe is asnwering”  she sent me a link to a site that specialized in rent to own places.  i also realized that those types of homes were also listed on craigslist, and while i didn’t find anything yet that is a good fit, i continue to look. i also have submitted the required paperwork to the USDA and wait to hear back from them as well.

lastly, i also put in a call to an old friend of my sister’s who may also be able to help me find something that fitst my needs.  he not only sells real estate but is in property management as well, and even has a client with a small house in a town closer to where i work who would consider an owner finance situation rather than continuing to rent the place.  he would get back to me.

a ray of hope

suddenly the clouds began to part, and by the weekend i felt hopeful.  i just had to continue to search and be patient.  meanwhile, i would again go thru the steps i had previously took to delay the forclosure.   ” you have put it out there in the universe” Phyllis had said “and the universe has begun to answer”.

today i went to work, and while at work, i received a call from the local office of my federal congressman.  i explained my predictament to them, and they sent me a 3rd party agreement so they could speak with my lender.  “we’ve been getting alot of calls like these” she told me, emphasizing ALOT.

i also spoke with a representative of the colorado forclosure hotline which has a fairly decent success rate of negotiating loans and modifications for colorado residents.  they have managed to keep 4 out of every 5 clients who’s homes were in default from being forclosed on.  she explained to me some of the modification requirements that the mortgage company wouldn’t and also said that i had 120 days from the judge’s aproval of the forclosure until the house actually forclosed.  we are currently in june, almost mid june, and the lender still hasn’t officially put me into forclosure.  she said that everyone is only allowed one modification a year.  my year will expire in august, which is just about 2 months from now.  another ray of hope.

i remember again what my friend Phyllis had said about “the universe is beginning to answer” and i smile.  i am filled with hope and see the numerous possiblities that we have before us.  me and my family.

Eli Merry and Sherlock; so happy together!

Tony: A Matter of Time

an artistic rendering of Tony

life hasn’t been easy at all for Tony.  he went from being a king cat in a home where he was adored and pampered to a foster home with many other kitties and some dogs.  his world went from an indoor/outdoor expanse to one room, and that was only his first challenge.

when your as old as Tony, any change is harder than when you’re younger.  I sympathized with him from the very start, and tried to give him as much space as he needed with attention when craved.  it wasn’t easy for either of us.  his first night was really ruff, and i did a little crying.  it was hard enuff watching what my parents were going thru much less having to watch what Tony was being challenged with, and i couldn’t help but feel guilty as if i was contributing to his unhappyness rather than being helpful.

Tony enjoying a window seat. at my parents he could go outdoors, the neighborhood was that safe. here i don’t trust my neighbors especially with the disappearance of my cat Febe a couple of years ago.

being in the room was not what he desired at all at first, but that quickly changed when confronted with the other critters of the house.  after being the only pet in my parents’ household for 8 years, other than the occassional visit from me and the dogs, it was a huge shock and everytime the door opened, a round of hissing and growling from Tony follwed.  pretty soon, he didn’t want out but to remain inside; it was the lesser of 2 evils.

Tony receiving affection while still in the room

and so weeks went by before i finally forced the issue:  i picked up Tony and brought him out the room.  that was no easy feat.  Tony is a biter when it suits him:  he was declawed at some point in his life-before my parents got him- and this is often a declawed cat’s main defense mechanism.  out he went, and upset he was.  very upset!  he managed to take it for a few hours and would rush back to the door of the room he’d been in whenever i went down the hall.  i finally conceded, and let him back in.  this routine would go on for weeks.

Tony a few days after arriving.

it was frustrating.  i knew he wasn’t happy in the room.  i would periodically hear him yowling in a low tone, and then would go in and check on him.  he was lonely.  it was obvious he missed my mom and his old life.  who wouldn’t after 8 years of a secure, happy routine?

back in his old life, my mom endulged Tony by running the water from the facet in the bathroom for him to drink.  here he had to accept it in a bowl.  in his old life, Tony asked for food and he receivedit  several times a day.  here he was on a schedule.  in the old days, Tony’s world was alot larger.  here, it was the size of a bedroom with a window to look out.  who wouldn’t howl at night?

Tony in a moment of contentment

time moved on and kitten season was on the horizon.  i knew that Tony would have to be completely out of the room and soon.  our ongoing battle of being brought out, him throwing hissy fits, literally, and eventually me succumbing to letting him back ensued.  and then calls started coming about kittens.  it was time for tough love.  Tony would have to leave the room and have to adjust to all of us out here in the rest of the house.  he pitched and absolute fit!  hissing and growling at us all.  taking swipes where he felt threatened, and then retreating to the garage for days and days before finally coming when I called him.  it was heartwrenching, but kitten season hit with 6 kittens needing to be taken in and it didn’t leave much time for me to be preoccupied with Tony.

and it was just as well.  Now, Tony no longer hisses whenever someone gets too close; he knows they aren’t going to attack him.  Now, Tony will hang with me at times, accepting a limited amount of affection-too much overstimulates him and he also has “sensitive spots”- and he’s even come and hung out with me on the bed for periods of time.  Tony now eats at feeding time with the other cats, and altho he would like to go outside, he seems to be at least accepting being able to sit in the open window and look outdoors; altho for awhile he was determined to try and get out as the dogs were going in and out.

it’s not happening fast, but he’s getting there, and i look forward to when he approaches me in the bathroom and i can run a narrow trickle of water for him to drink.  i’m positive it’s just a matter of time.

Tony 5/22 enjoying the evening view in the window

Sista Smackdown!

apparently sistahood is no different when it comes to kittens.  they tangle too.

tumbling torties

and big sisters don’t always come out the winner.

the tortie hold

sheer feistyness makes up for size.

the tortie pinch

just ask Aubree.

she got da moves!  comes by it naturally it seems!


much to big sister Zelda’s chagrin.

hard right

Zelda keeps trying to get the upper hand.

team Aubree or team Zelda?

but little sis is always one step ahead!

fake to the right

if you’re gonna talk the talk, you gotsa walk the walk!

tagged again!

come on Zelda!  fight fight fight!


meet Walter.


cute, sweet fluffy little Walter.  a little shy. smallest of the Floofenfurz.  demure.


wait demure?  Walter?


yeah how many little boy kitties do you know that are demure?  hmmmmmm……


could Walter be an imposter?  a fake?  or…gasp!  an alien kitten??!!

hmmm Walter?

probably not, but just exactly whether Walter’s a Walter or say….a Wilma, well we’re not sure just yet.  all that floof makes it hard to determine but we are quite certain that the answer will soon reveal itself! for now, we shall patiently wait…

Walter? ….well definitely a Floofenfurz for sure!

and keep the name Wilma on the backburner just in case! 😉