it’s been 6 days and the Hissenfitz’ eye infections are still hanging on.  arrgh!  but this doesn’t seem to affect their energy level!  we will be checking in with the vet next week to see what he says.  meanwhile, here’s some pics of em making their online debut.

Zelda, the largest of the 4

Aubree.  the smallest of the four according to the vet.

Aubree again. Her eyes seem to be healing the quickest

little Esme. dilute tortie sister

Esme catching some sun

their coats still feel pretty dry despite drinking a ton of water daily.  hopefully we’ll be turning a corner soon on the eye issues.  it seem the diarrhea has been abated at least for now.  they will be returning to the vet for more deworming end of this week/beginning of next.

the only boy in the family. Tate. or little man Tate as I call him

despite being sickly this little man just LOVES attention and petting.  if you don’t give it to him,  he climbs up you!

course if he can’t grab on to you to climb, Tate finds a big pile of laundry just as handy if it’ll get your attention!

because of how contageous they are, i have to be really careful when hanging with the other critters and other kittens.  it sux. so i don’t handle them as much as i want too.  hopefully, they will continue to get progressively better.  every day there’s a little bit more improvement!  i’ll have more of the Hissenfitz as they continue to grow, heal and get stronger.  an potential adoption tho, is a ways away.  right now the focus is to get them healthy!

4 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Good to see them all again, im glad to hear they’re doing better though poor Harvey’s eyes look worse!! Poor two face. 😥 I miss them all terribly but I know you are going to find them THE BEST homes through your wonderful shelter 🙂 you’re a saint LuAnne a complete saint! Give my little Poe a cuddle for me please! (Oh btw You will be happy to know mama kitty got her grooming after some intense nagging from yours truely lol)

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