Miss Prettty Kitty

such pretty green eyes! and such a hard existence up until now!

the last few days being with and observing this little girl has been very heartbreaking.  on one hand i am so completely relieved that she’s in rescue, and on the other there are so many little things that are foretelling of her past.

for instance, putting the sweater on her after bringing her home from being groomed.  i felt like i was adding to her suffering not relieving it.  the expression on her face spoke volumes, but what was i to do?  i just couldn’t let her be cold.  so i fumbled back out of the room to find something, anything, that might make amends.  it came in the form of catnip. lots and lots of catnip.  come the next morning it seemed that i had been forgiven.

not happy about the sweater AT all!

i couldn’t help wonder tho how many other times have people stuck something on her, put her in something to watch her struggle or to try and hurt her.  for instance, a string with balloons on it had been tied tightly around her neck the week before we were able to catch her.  the lady who was feeding her found her that way one evening and removed the awful thing.  she informed me that of all the homeless kitties in the area, Miss Pretty was the one treated the absolute worst and she really feared for her life.

upon picking up Miss Pretty, she gently went into the carrier without any major issues.  this cat was so mild mannered, but i had wondered if part of the reason why she was so mild mannered was because she had given up.  had acts of kindness always come with betrayal at a later time from people?  how many times had she been abandoned?  the vet determined not only was she spayed, but declawed as well.

thanks to the gal who had been feeding her, she wasn’t nearly as skinny as she could have been!  the mats on her were absolutely horrendous tho!  big giant things everywhere!  the only part of her body that i couldn’t find matted was the top of her head and the very end of her rear end!  she had bald spots as well, and the lady who had been feeding her, as well as the vet, said that after awhile the mat is able to be pulled off and that it probably got caught on a tree branch or something.  so what wasn’t caught and matted was bald!  how painful, awful..uncomfortable to say the least!  the strange thing was to look at her coat u wouldn’t have thought there were any mats, but once you pet her, it was obvious as to the secret that lay underneath.

she seemed so numb tho to everything. kind of a “do with me what you will as I give up” sort of attitude, and it has just been heartbreaking.  other than the catnip, there seems to be no response to the toys.  it was the same with the wet food i put down, but when i’m not present that”s a different story.  upon visiting her the next morning, the wet food was gone, and her water had been spilt from what looks like playing with a toy.  is she so afraid to completely let down her guard in the presence  of a human? is she depressed?  or just weary?

she enjoys sitting in the window in the sun and will stay there for hours.

upon checking on her again, I am greeted with a soft meow.  I pet her and notice that she’s managed to get the dreaded sweater off.  this probably comes from a well developed skill of hers of having to remove other items she was wrapped up or entangled in by human hands.  as i pet, she purrs, and i resign myself to the fact that the sweater is staying off as i can’t bear the thought of being the one to put it on her again and receiving that look i was given earlier.  as i pet her and scratch, she begins to make biscuits and purrs louder.  aha!  my reward!  is this another break through?  i turn up the heat and hope that that will keep her warm enuff thru the nights, and wonder if i can help this sweet little traumatized kitty find her inner kitten and to enjoy play without having to have a single worry or care in the world.

2 thoughts on “Miss Prettty Kitty

  1. utterly heartbreaking isn’t she? I only wish i could have gotten her to you sooner. My heart just breaks for everything i have seen her go through, however i am beyond happy that now she has a chance, and she doesn’t have to sleep in fear or run to find shelter from the elements. You’re her angel and i really mean that, i tried so many people and none of them would do what you did for her. . .Thank you so much.

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