Trials and Tribulations…

we’ll begin with my pitbull Kelly Jo.  for some time now, Kelly has been having some kind of issue with the edges of her ears.  she saw a vet last summer for it, and they took a skin sample, but found no symptom of mange.  the vet suggested i try massaging the ears to see if it was a circulation problem and even using some lotion and antibiotic ointment.  those didn’t work.  nor did the antifungal and antibacterial ointments i tried.  so off we went for a second opinion from Dr. Smith.

one of Kelly's ears

within a matter of minutes, Dr. Smith had diagnosed Kelly’s ears as an immunity disease which is brought about by her body temp being one degree lower or so than what is normal for a dog.  he said that this immunity does not imply that she’ll have other immunity problems later in life, and has prescribed a very light, low dose of steroids for her to see if that will relieve some of the iritation for her.

next it was Merry.  poor Merry has it quite difficult these days and it really frustrates me.  about 5 or so different cats here, have a tendency to pick on her.  i don’t know why or why they started.  it does seem that she is a naturally higher strunger kitty than others, but some days it’s too much to watch the constant picking on her.  afterall, she’s my baby, and is special as the kitty who brought me so much hope christmas of 2010 when i was so blue.

Merry as a kitten with Kelly Jo. generally speaking, she seems to prefer the company of dogs these days to most of the kitties.

i had recently seen where others had had the same problem with kitties, and had had their scent glands relieved and that had helped.  Merry had also developed a mild eye infection in one eye due to her recent interactions with a couple of the kitties here, so i wanted that looked at as well.

Merry’s scent glands weren’t even full, but the vet did give her some drops for her eye, noting inflamation and some eye goop.  in order to attempt to reduce future stress and negative interactions with some of the kitties, the garage is heated here, and it will be set up to house half or more of the younger crowd in order to give Merry a lower, less stress environment and a break from those who antagonize her so!  i think it will also do the four older kitties, including Eli, to have daily periodic breaks from the younger ones as well.

the garage is going to be set up with all sorts of kitty furniture and toys for climbing and playing and generally enjoying themselves!  once it is complete, a blog post will follow featuring the final result!

the most serious of today’s vet visits, was foster dog Pixie, the little american eskimo pup rescued from craigslist.  turns out that little Pixie not only has a case of both vaginitis and cystitis, but may have a kidney stone as well.  the initial xray, of course, didn’t give us any final conclusions, but the vet placed Pixie on antibiotics for the infection and wants her to return in a few weeks to double check the possible kidney stone.  lord!  only 3 years old or so and to already have what could potentially be a serious problem.

little miss Pixie.

recently i had noticed an odor about her and that she was licking herself alot.  altho i hadn’t really noticed a huge increase in urination, she did have a tendency to “dribble” alot when i did take her out, and i knew i needed to get her to the vet, never even thinking that it could be something of a more serious nature!  poor thing!

i know how uncomfortable it is to have a bladder infection and how uncomfortable it can be!  you would have never of guessed with miss Pixie!  it always seemed pretty much her normal routine, except for the odor.

we will keep tabs on this possible kidney stone, with follow up in a few weeks.  and all of this to have developed just when it looked like she might have a home too!

it never ceases to amaze me how i somehow always manage to wind up with animals that turn out to have special needs or the discovery of something serious with their health that was unknown previously!  just darn glad she’s hear and that we can help her!

What’s Goin’ On!

hi ya’ll!  it’s me Charlotte posting a blog ’cause mom’s too busy these days!  she’s running around tryin’ to keep up with us, take care of the house, running two businesses and working for some place called office depot, altho she refers to it as hell most days…whatever that is!

mom doesn’t much like it there but says it’ll tie us over until something much better comes along!  she has something called a boss that isn’t very nice and seems to treat alot of the people who work there pretty badly.

i’m so glad i don’t have to work.  kitties weren’t cut out for working!

so you might know that we’ve been working really hard at getting the business “Lulu’s Feather’s” launched.  i do all i can to help mom by curling up in her arm and just purr purr purr when she gets really stressed out working on stuff.  it makes her take a break, plus i love cuddles!

when i’m not hangin’ on mom’s arm, i can also be found hangin’ with Moose.  he and i kinda have a love/hate relationship.  so does he with my sis Emily too.  oftentimes it starts as cuddling but winds up play/fighting.

 see what i mean?  men!  (i hear mom saying that alot, too!)  ok so Eli’s here and he wants to say something since he’s the mascot and all.  (he acts like it’s such a big important job but we all STILL wonder what it is he really does!)

ahem!  children!  i should be narrating this!  it’s my job as mascot!  anyways….they aren’t here to find out about ur love life Charlotte.  Readers want an update, and that’s what mom said to give’em.  sheesh!

so yes mom’s been busy!  and soon, Lulu’s Feather’s will debut with it’s very first lot of stuff to sell!  mom’s got all sorts of stuff she calls pretties that are gonna go on it for sale.  right now she’s busy getting organized, and we are working as fast as we can to get everything unorganized!  i’m so worn out from all the hard work, it makes it necessary for me to take a nap almost constantly!  i figure it’s just as well since everyone else is gettin’ in mom’s way as she’s trying to create “things” with feathers!  mom says kitties, feathers and glue weren’t meant to be mixed!  and so far, no one has wound up with feathers glued to them, altho i swear Sherlock and Moose have tried really hard just for that to happen!  i think they want it to happen!

when i’m not busy as mascot of the blog, my main job is making sure mom knows when it’s feeding time.  sometimes she gets caught up in stuff and forgets what time it is.  good thing i’m here to remind her!

i’ll give her the stare to remind her.  or if she’s at the keyboard, i’ll get up there and sit on her hands, and then if that doesn’t work, i’ll chew on the computer cord and that gets her attention very quickly!

oh here comes Azzy!  i guess he’s gonna talk…

 hello all yous out there in the blogosphere!  i just wanted to let u all know i’m doing well despite my new handicaps.  they still don’t know what caused my nerve issues with respect to my one right front paw and back paw, but i’m getting around pretty good and even sometimes play!  i can be grouchy tho, and when it comes to dinnertime i let the others know i’m not to be messed with!  i love my food!  i eat a special kinda food, but actually prefer what mom gives the others better.  she’s constantly having to keep me out of it and in my own dish.  other than that, i sleep alot.  i’m over 8 now and with my needs, i need my beauty rest!  hehehehe!  it is hard for me to get myself bathed these days tho, so mom brushes me and gives me haircuts to keep things in orderly fashion.  i don’t mind, and the haircuts feel kinda good ’cause they get rid of all the old furr stuck in my coat.  mom’s been meaning to take updated pics of me, but Moose chewed thru the camera cord and so now we have to get a new one and mom says it runs like $30.  whatever that is.  she also says she has to keep and eye on me when i’m eating ’cause otherwise i’d be too portly if i had my way.  i just love food!  don’t u?

oh for the love of cats, that old codger’s rambling again!  it’s me Merry!  here to make your day Merry like i do mom’s!  gosh she been busy!  she leaves here to go somewhere really early in the morning lots of days.  like way before the sun comes up!  5am or so.  she comes home tired too, long after the sun is up.  she’ll often lie down and take a nap with some of us.  sometimes i’ll sneak onto the bed and curl up with her after she’s asleep.  sound asleep too!  with big strange sounds but i don’t mind.  she says i’m her hope.  that sounds pretty, whatever, that is!

now if only we could find a home for brigid.  that girl is trouble for me as we don’t see eye to eye on most things and wind up spattin’.  i also don’t like sherlock very much as he has a terrible temper and will pick on me.  that’s no fun, so i do what i can to avoid him.  mom says it’s because there are a few extra kitties in the house that need homes, but until then we’ll just have to make do ’cause no one’s gonna b thrown out in the cold if she can help it!

mom read and article about how some kitties can have problems with their scent glands and so she’s gonna take me to the vet and have mine checked as that can sometimes contribute to why some of the other kitties give me a difficult time.  not sure what a vet is, and not sure i’m gonna like that idea!!  hrrmph!

gotta admit tho, i’m super pretty!!

hey my turn my turn!! i never get my turn on the blog, and so now i’m taking it!!  hi i’m Bethany!  i’m the EXTRA pretty one!! pure snow white!  and pink is my color.  color of my ears even!  mom says i’m the serene one even tho i can be a bit of a mischief maker.  does this look like i’m making mischief?

nope not me!  pure as the driven snow!  easy breezy to care for and no major issues!  i abide by all the rules!  (can’t u see how pure and innocent i am in that pic?)

 ok so i like to clean out the dishes when mom’s done eating (yogurt’s one of my faves) and i bug her until she passes it over…so sue me…i dunno what that means just have heard it somewhere before.  and yes sometimes i get impatient and will make a “grab” for what she’s eating with my paw, but what kitty wouldn’t??  I’ve seen Merry do the same thing…mostly cause I TAUGHT Merry to do the same thing…but anyways.  i am miss serene!  i often sit with a pleasant expression on my face. even while sleeping!

i am a true albino kitty.  i can never ever ever be in direct sunlight or i’ll fry.   i can never go outside either and the rescue i was in was in a rural area in colorado where people like to put their kitties outside and so that’s why i never got adopted and mom took me.  my eyes are blue and pink.  they’re really sensitive and that’s why they are closed in this pic.  i am pretty tho.  ohhh so pretty with my pink features!!   uhh…excuse me!! how RUDE!!!

Moose here!  i’m the cat your mother warned you about!  hehehehehehe (snort)!  bout time a real man cat took over here!  u know me!!  crude, rude and the ladies do love me!  i have two!  sisters! LOL  Emily and Charlotte!  this man fur of mine is hard to resist!  not to mention my big burly purr!  mom loves that about me!  so what if i have a little gas?? that’s a small price to pay to have this handsome man fur to cuddle with, in your lap and by your side!!  chewed computer wires are a small price to pay for my LOVE!  hehehehehehe (snort).

so what if something gets knocked off or broken in order for me to get to you??  i will move mountains to show you how much i love u!!  hehehehehe (snort).

hey guess what?  u might even see some of our prints for sale over at Lulu’s Feathers!  now how could u resist a pic of this man fur to hang on your wall for u to look at forever and ever?? hehehehehehe (snort).  the next best thing to the real thing if u ask me!!

well i am pooped out!  this bloggin’ stuff is hard work and a real man fur like me was NOT meant for working!  time for a nap!  chow u all!!  mmmmmmm chow!  i love me some chow!!  better yet!  chow for chow!!!  heeheheheheheheee (snort)!

well that pretty much wraps up the updatin’ here on the blog!!  oh it’s me Emily by the way!  aren’t my eyes a pretty green!??  mom comments on them  ALLLL the time!  and isn’t Moose a funny guy?  i just love him!  he’s a good snuggler! i just have to make sure to cuddle in a position that’s down wind if u know what i mean! tee hee!

micies…catnip micies!!!  i think i smell ’em!! HEY EVERYBODY MOM’S PUT OUT CATNIP MICIES!!!  time to go…..oh my!!!