Shelter Politics

due to the fact that i am unemployed at the moment, i have been hitting up the petfood bank that comes to town once a month to help out.  this last time, a friend went in my place as i had a previous commitment.  needless to say, it didn’t turn out well.  apparently the petfood bank has issues with me doing rescue work while i’m unemployed and informed my friend that “the food is to help people who are going thru hard times so that they can feed their pets, so that the pets don’t wind up in a shelter”.

the previous time that i had gone to the food bank, one person asked me “should you really have fosters if you’re unemployed?”

the person making the comment was the director of this shelter, and i thought to myself “people don’t come to the food bank to receive judgement, they come here to get petfood and help without judgement” not to mention the fact, that she had know idea of my circumstances when she made this comment!

1.  i had just very recently become unemployed and the foster animals that i had had long been in my care

2.  what does it matter if i’m doing rescue work and taking in extra animals?  from where i sit, at least the animals are in a warm house, being provided for and not outside in the elements being starved to death or god only knows what?

3.  the fact that someone cares and is doing something alone should be deserving a pat on the back ittself!

4.  what do they want me to do with the fosters i have?  just turn them out in the street? not to mention  we’ve contacted this organization for assistance with other animals that we couldn’t help because we are at capacity and your organization already told us no!

5.  does anyone else out there see the hypocrisy in all this?  ANYONE AT ALL?

later on this week, i had a 40 minute conversation with the director and needless to say, it wasn’t the most productive.  it’s obvious that she and i have very different views of animal rescue in general, not to mention just exactly who should and shouldn’t be doing the work!

she thought that my goal to start another rescue, was just “confusing to everyone” in the area-where we live, because there are so many…allegedly.  while i will give credit where credit is do, in the fact that this one shelter does do a fairly good job, there are still things that they do which I don’t agree with at all.  i told her that the reason for other rescue groups popping up was most likely because those folks had tried to do foster work with other organizations and probably didn’t like the policies that were in place or how they were treated: one of my main reasons for creating Greta’s Kingdom.

i also explained that just because someone disagrees with the way her organization does something and that person chooses to do it differently, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.  i also explained that about 95% of the costs for care, spay and neuter, shots, etc., came out of my own pockets for my fosters, which she didn’t think was right-I don’t know why-and that “i shouldn’t have to carry that burden”.  my only reason for informing her of this, was because she acted like i had done a bunch of fundraising to provide for my fosters and was just trying to get more of a free ride with the food.  yes i have used their discount vouchers for spay and neuters of the fosters i have, but isn’t that what they are for?  once again she says that it looks like they are giving me money for my rescue…so i guess the fact that they are  helping a fledgling rescue is more important than spaying and neutering dogs and cats????  i don’t get it.

she then went on to offer to take my foster dog Pixie.  she said that she knew a few people that would most likely be interested in adopting her since she was a pure american eskimo dog.  i said if she would like to refer them to me, i would be more than happy to sit down with them, have them fill out an application and go thru the adoption process.  oh no.  she wouldn’t have that.  she wanted Pixie to be surrendered to her shelter and “processed”, and then adopted out as one of the shelter dogs.  now this shelter charges $150 adoption fee.  so they would take Pixie, have to do relatively little in the way of providing for her, and make an easy $150 adoption fee, without having to invest much into her.

why was this director so set against referring the people to me?  could it be that she was motivated by that easy $150?  ironically, i have referred people to both her shelter and the local shelter when people were looking for something that i didn’t have available for adoption.  does anyone else here see the hypocracy??  for me, it’s about the animals first, regardless of where they are or who has them in rescue.  i guess not everyone feels this way.  (the local shelter won’t have anything to do with me pretty much).

last but not least, this is the same shelter that took in all the cats from the great kitty roundup i did when i was contacted by more people who wanted kitties to come into rescue than i could take.  most recently, two of those kitties were still waiting to be adopted.  the director informed that they both were adopted this week.  i still see them listed on petfinder and will be calling tomorrow to inquire about them, to see if that really is the case…could she have been lying?  i guess i’ll find out.

what is sad overall tho, is this hypocrisy that established rescues have towards new rescues.  it shouldn’t be such a competition.  it doesn’t need to be a competition, and who it hurts the most, is the animals.  i have spoken with at least two other rescues in the area, that have run into the exact same thing.  it’s ridiculous.  when will people in the animal rescue business realize that we’re in this all together, and quit putting obstacles in front of each other?  isn’t the ones society puts in front of us in general already enuff?

4 thoughts on “Shelter Politics

    • i so TOTALLY agree! it’s stupid! but to find out also that she had lied about the two cats that they had taken in back in september? talk about master manipulator! i will have problems trusting her in the future!

  1. This is total bull**it. If you’re there you need the help regardless of what you’re doing in your private life

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