that’s right.  the blog mascot and king of the Planet Kitty crowd Eli is now 14.

beauty mark and all….

he’s got the whole package.  beauty, witt and charm….

his freakboy tendencies…

…and those blue eyes..

i couldn’t have imagined the last 14 years without him!  here’s looking towards the next 14 with him!!  salute!

Ohhh You’re Gonna Love This!!

i have finally figured out why the cats sooo love to get up here in front of the desk and curl up against my monitor/tv. on top of all my papers and other crap. apparently the flat panel does give off just enuff heat that they’re sensitive too, but i’m not.  sisters Emily and Charlotte have deigned it the perfect place for a little cat bath!!  the shots speak for themselves!!

tv n a bath

dirty paw

and big sister Emily puts as much effort into keeping Charlotte clean as she does herself.  as a matter of fact, sfe’s so fastidious that if i’m anywhere near, she’ll give my face a good cleaning too!! lol

mom always said to get behind ur ears and back of your neck....

emily's turn

and what’s bathtime without a little play?

don’t forget between the toes!!

let's play!

is my face clean?

all done!  don’t they look stunning??!