Oh the Cuteness!!!!!

she almost looks like she's smiling!

remember a few weeks ago when i had the great kitty transport?  well these two i had initially found a home for, only to have them back out.  😦  their decision meant great joy for me, tho!  these two have been in isolation for awhile to make sure they are all healthy, and now they are out and having an absolute ball!

you can't say it enuff....ohhhh the cuteness!!

they say these days that female orange tabbies aren’t that common.  i don’t know why.  i had one when i was a child, but that’s what they say, and so i wonder how come they are in scottish folds.  these two girls aren’t pure scottish folds tho.  but who cares?  they are sooooooooo damn cute!!

and affectionate!  it’s just so sweet are affectionate they are, and with big big purrs in those little bodies!  you can’t help but melt!  their expressions with those ears are just priceless as well!  they may look like they are grimacing worried, or uncertain, but their motors tell all!  pet them!  cuddle them!!  they’ll take it all!

just can't get enuff of those faces! and the whiskers!!

and what beautiful little girls they are too!  hard to tell apart tho!  there’s one give away, altho i always have to look for it!!  one of their tales has a white tip!  other than that, they are like yin and yang!  go everywhere together; stick together.  one is never very far from the other!

the one difference that helps you tell them apart! the white tip on one of their tales!

i’m still unceratain as to what to name them, altho at this point, i will admit that I”m leaning towards Charlotte and Emily Ann after the three Bronte sisters.  the authors weren’t scottish, but irish.  close enuff for me!

these cute little floofy girls sure are entertaining and when they are pooped. the come and join u wherever u happen to be resting.  very social little girls full of love, affection, and an overall zest for life!!

i do have them advertised, altho no one has responded.  can u believe that?  (no one has responded to brigett’s ad or pixie the american eskimo dog we have in rescue either.  what is up with that??!!  kinda sprised! )  meanwhile, i will enjoy their company fully!!

i just love those little ears and expressions!!

such affectionate little girls!

taking their picture can be a challenge tho!  as they don’t hold still for long at all!  i was so lucky that they were curious enuff about that camera that i acutally got a few good shots.  altho noteworthy, they talk to each other.  if one strays far from the other, they will call out to each other to find one another.  it’s totally adorable!!  to me just more proof that they are twins!!

hold still for the camera little girl! errgh!

and so the secret is finally out.  sally!  you can exhale now! LOL

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