Ready…Get Set…


well maybe not quite that quick for Miss Brigett.  She’s needed sometime to learn that not all of us humans are scarry/bad.  Brigett and her two siblings, just to refresh your memory, arrived here about 2 months ago, and were most certainly NOT thrilled with the change in location much less the fact that a human wanted to handle them.  Alban, twin to Brigett, was the first to warm up to the idea of being socialized.  Jett, was the second, and by the time he finally caved, i had been around them long enuff to know that their previous home probably wasn’t the nicest place to live, and that’s why they weren’t so crazy about me at first!

brigett's sweet face

all three of this scottish fold mix litter, were brought to me smelling of urine and feces, and so the first thing they got after arriving back at the homestead, was a bath.  just one more thing to make them like me even less!

Alban after his bath

Jett just glared at me like i was some sort of evil monstrousity sent to personally torture with a bath.  the picture i took of him was priceless!

Jett after his bath

and even a week or so later while still working on warming up to the idea of accepting us humans, the expression on his face still spoke a thousand words!

Jett not a happy camper!

but Brigett was the hardest sell of all three, and to  this day, it has to be her that comes to me and not the other way around.  it quickly became very apparent that these little guys were afraid of feet, most likely from being kicked and/or stepped on.  (probably both!)

Brigett after her bath looking for the nearest escape route!

and so socialization took time to make any progress, but soon Jett was sleeping with me, and then one day Brigett allowed me to pet her.  it was only a matter of time before Jett was not only sleeping with me, but taking his turn lying on the desk in front of the computer screen, getting under foot when he wanted something, and coming for attention and a good scratch as well.  completely laid back and loosened up, i knew he was ready to be adopted.

Brigett hasnt’ been so easy.  she does accept and love being petted and scratched, the trick is her letting you approach in the first place, and this is where i think being the only kitty in a household of one or two adults will do the trick as well asmaybe another bit more experieinced kitty to show her the ropes.  right now, being in a home with so many other animals, is kinda chaotic for her.  she’s more bonded with the other animals than with me, and that just doesn’t help when it comes to trying to make anymore progress with her.

Brigett loves to cuddle whether it be with Teddy or one of the other boys here, like Elliot or Moose

and so today i made the decision.   the decision that it was time for Brigett to move on and find her permanent home.  the newspaper was called, and her advertisement placed.  soon there will be calls to answer, and potential adopters to screen, and hopefully soon, the perfect home for Brigett to spend the rest of her life in!

how can u not love her sweet tabby face?

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