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for almost two weeks i was without internet and instead of getting a nice quiet hiatus with nothing to tell, i dealt with a few pet dilemnas that i totally didn’t see coming, and in part, contributing to the my “great kitty transport”.  altho i am far from capable at this point of taking in an additional 9 fosters with the current fosters i already have plus my own brood.

it started out to be just a regular saturday with a yearly appt checkup for my cat Ashley and I had decided to have Elliot tag along due to recent episodes of head shaking and scratching his ears frantically.

Ashley had noticeably dropped weight recently, and at her 12 years of age, i had concerns of kidney failure, even tho 12 years isn’t considered extremely advanced, the weightloss was a serious concern.  you could feel her back bones far too easily and she had far too much of an hour glass figure.


i also had desired to take Aslan in to get a weight on him, but he was notoriously “missing” when the time came to pack kitties up and leave.

the vet took a full examination of Ashley and quickly determined that her problem was a not only some serious teeth issues, but a case of stomatitis and that that was the reason why she wasn’t eating much and had noticeably lost a significant amount of weight (approximately 2 lbs!)  the stomacitis was creating some very painful sores in Ashley’s mouth which made eating painful.  hence the loss in weight and overall reduced appetite.  the vet gave her two shots.  the first for the infection, and the second to significantly reduce inflamation so that Ashley could quickly return to eating without any pain.  (her weight would take even a dip somewhat lower before rebounding right after the appt.  it was kinda scary how slight she was, but she is slowly regaining now.  phew!)  the continued plan for treatment is a dental cleaning in late september and a series of 4 injections, quarterly throughout the year, to keep the stomatitis from flairing up and causing Ashley serious pain.  we are also fairly certain that the tooth cleaning will help tremendously as well!

Ashley and Eli snuggling. altho not of the same litter, these two are almost exactly one year apart, and were often cuddling in their younger years. altho this is more rare now due to their individual grumpyness and more "mature" years.

the definition i found for stomatisis is this:

Stomatitis: inflammation of the mouth. More specifically, inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the mouth, which can include the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, and the roof and floor of the mouth.

the vet also explained to me that it’s the animal’s own immune system “overreacting” to gingivitis in Ashley’s mouth.  here is a pic of a severe case of stomatisis (NOT Ashley).

feline stomatitis

poor Ashley!  another sign of stomatisis is a ruff coat, which Ashley also had.  cats often reduce grooming themselves tdue to the pain from the stomatisis.

ahh but this was to be only the first half of what was just about to hit the cats of Planet Kitty!

next it was Elliot’s turn to be examined.  altho his prolapsed rectum has almost nearly resolved, this little man continues to have issues.  one being bouts of diarrhea-amd for awhile vomitting altho that seems to have resolved ittself-and now what was soon discovered in the examination of his ears.  EAR MITES!!! ugh!  in all the years i’ve had cats, i have never had such a thing occur with them!  and not only was it determined that Elliot had a severe case of them, but Moose too, and so the WHOLE HOUSE had to be treated!  when i say whole house, i mean all the cats.  for some reason, cat ear mites generally don’t transfer to dogs that easily so the dogs were safe!  still, the total cost for treating all the cats alone, came to over $250!!  ugh!  and poor little Elliot had a truly serious case of them!  i couldn’t imagine where they had come from.  the vet said that adults can generally be more immune to them as they are something that are present in just about every cat’s ear, but something goes wacko and the ear becomes “unbalanced” and that’s when the cat has an outbreak.

Elliot and Moose: brothers in arms...bonded by ear mites?!! ugh! poor fellas!

Elliot’s delicate little ears were cleaned thoroughly at the vets and treated with some soothing meds for the itching.  i got the lovely job of cleaning all the other kitties ears back at the homestead, including Moose’s!  all i can say is ICK!  i can’t even imagine what it musta been like to have that kind outbreaking your ears to the point where u scratched so hard u were making the insides of your ears bleed.  ohh my fellas!  i sho do sympathize!!  or maybe that should be empathize?? not sure.  anyways, Elliot and Moose go back in a month’s time for a second application.

Aslan, of all the cats, seemed once of the least likely to have any kind of symptoms…mainly due to him being secluded in his own room at times due to his own issues.  phew!  due to his neurological issues, it would have been a real challenge clearing up any outbreak he might have had.  phew!  and phew for Azzy too!

feline earmite. EWWW!!

so as u can see, my internet hiatus, wasn’t free of drama; pet drama that is.  i continue to monitor the earmite situation and as a matter of fact, am off to clean some ears just as soon as i put this entry to bed.  BED!

2 thoughts on “In Other News…

  1. Love the cats and hope they all get better soon. Mine traveled from Hanoi to North Carolina last month. In the cabin with us, of course. She’s loving her new home, which is a long way from the Hong Kong SPCA where I found her 12 years ago.

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