Allll Aboard!!

it’s the GREAT KITTY TRANSPORT!! ok…so there were only a total of 10 kitters and only one car-mine, but it was quite the transport.  total round trip was about 150 miles or so i’d say.  i got calls for kitties over the last three weeks, and the first were a litter of 5 whom the gal wanted to surrender when they were only 6 weeks old, but i told her she would have to wait until they were eight.  and then, another couple were loosing their place and had 2 adult cats and 4 kittens they needed help with.  that brought the grand total nine kittens and two adult cats, but i had managed to find a home for two of the nine and so that brought the total down to 7.  however, one of my fosters was ready to be adopted and so i decided to include him in the transport, and that was the other member of the Great Scott family, the male kitten Jett, who had done a bit of growing up, alotta socializing and had really “friendly-d up” i’d say, so he was ready to go!

jett who went off to find his permanent home today!!

he was such a little cutie!!!  it took awhile, but he finally warmed up to me, altho he wasn’t really happy about the transport but they folks at the rescue were certain he would find a home quickly.

jett today at the transport. ain't he handsome? (that's the sun shining thru the crate on his fur, fyi)

the litter of five little ones, were quite the lookers!!  they also have very LOUD voices!!!  i got to listen for about half of the transport! lol  the weren’t to sure about things either, and of course, change is always scarry for little ones who still have alot to learn about the great big world, but they are destined to find wonderful homes as well!

party of five!


handsome bunch!

aren’t they lookers??  i was particularly fond of the torbie in this bunch and the little white and grey tuxedo!  loved those eyes!

the two adult kitties i transported where of scottish fold decent.  one was a purebred and the other was a mix who was also the mother of the litter of 4 i took up.  the purebred was just a little lady who’d lived pretty much all her life outdoors.  the lady said they tried her indoors but she didn’t seem to take to living with her children and other pets.  now…i dunno about this myself.  she had told me that this little one had been in some cat fights and had scarring on her nose from it, but aupon closer inspection at the rescue, we weren’t 100% certain of that and wondered if it was some kind of skin infection or parasite.  either way, it didn’t look good-kinda porous and irritated, so i’m hoping they’ll b able to determine what it really is and get her healed.  they called her Twix.

twix. a little lady pure scottish fold who's nose needs some attention and will most assuredly get it at the rescue!

and then there was Skittles and her kittens.  three were hers, and i guess the folks she came from found a little orphan kitty that this sweet moma kitty took in and also made her own.  very friendly and sweet she was!!  pretty little tortoiseshell girl who didn’t hold still for very long and was hard to get a picture of!

Skittles with her kittens

talk about squirmers!

little black kitten is a boy and the tabby is an adopted littermate moma took in

two orange girls in the litter already had a home for me to take them to! doesn't she have beautiful eyes?

all in all it was a great trip despite folks running late with meet up times for loading up the kittens.  the whole journey took up all the morning and even part of the afternoon as well to complete it all.  the rescue the kitties went to is about 45 miles or so up the road from me, and i initially went about 40 miles in the opposite direction to pick up the second litter of kittens and the two adults, so that’s why the whole transport took so long.  but i am soooo glad to have them all in a safe place that will get them all healthy and ready to be adopted!  they were certain that all the cats and kittens would go quickly if not simply because they were kittens, then because of the fact that they were also a bit unique being scottish fold mixes!

i have realized at this point, that it’s pretty much near to impossible for me to do all the work and take in all the rescues i’m contacted about simply because not only due to lack of time, but also because it’s just me right now running the show at Greta’s Kingdom and no fosters homes to help out with.

it feels so good tho to have at least a great shelter i can take  them to, and one that is not only no kill, but does a great job of screening families and finding the right match for each kitty.  at least…i can still contribute and know that i’m making a difference!

whether there are more kitty transports in my future, i’m not sure.  with gas being as expensive as it is, it’s not something i could do weekly, since i pay for all the gas myself.  however if another one presents itsself down the road, i am definitely open to it!

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