Oh the Cuteness!!!!!

she almost looks like she's smiling!

remember a few weeks ago when i had the great kitty transport?  well these two i had initially found a home for, only to have them back out.  😦  their decision meant great joy for me, tho!  these two have been in isolation for awhile to make sure they are all healthy, and now they are out and having an absolute ball!

you can't say it enuff....ohhhh the cuteness!!

they say these days that female orange tabbies aren’t that common.  i don’t know why.  i had one when i was a child, but that’s what they say, and so i wonder how come they are in scottish folds.  these two girls aren’t pure scottish folds tho.  but who cares?  they are sooooooooo damn cute!!

and affectionate!  it’s just so sweet are affectionate they are, and with big big purrs in those little bodies!  you can’t help but melt!  their expressions with those ears are just priceless as well!  they may look like they are grimacing worried, or uncertain, but their motors tell all!  pet them!  cuddle them!!  they’ll take it all!

just can't get enuff of those faces! and the whiskers!!

and what beautiful little girls they are too!  hard to tell apart tho!  there’s one give away, altho i always have to look for it!!  one of their tales has a white tip!  other than that, they are like yin and yang!  go everywhere together; stick together.  one is never very far from the other!

the one difference that helps you tell them apart! the white tip on one of their tales!

i’m still unceratain as to what to name them, altho at this point, i will admit that I”m leaning towards Charlotte and Emily Ann after the three Bronte sisters.  the authors weren’t scottish, but irish.  close enuff for me!

these cute little floofy girls sure are entertaining and when they are pooped. the come and join u wherever u happen to be resting.  very social little girls full of love, affection, and an overall zest for life!!

i do have them advertised, altho no one has responded.  can u believe that?  (no one has responded to brigett’s ad or pixie the american eskimo dog we have in rescue either.  what is up with that??!!  kinda sprised! )  meanwhile, i will enjoy their company fully!!

i just love those little ears and expressions!!

such affectionate little girls!

taking their picture can be a challenge tho!  as they don’t hold still for long at all!  i was so lucky that they were curious enuff about that camera that i acutally got a few good shots.  altho noteworthy, they talk to each other.  if one strays far from the other, they will call out to each other to find one another.  it’s totally adorable!!  to me just more proof that they are twins!!

hold still for the camera little girl! errgh!

and so the secret is finally out.  sally!  you can exhale now! LOL

CRAIGSLIST: An Inside Look at The Animal Listings

american eskamo (clifton)

Date: 2011-09-09, 11:41AM MDT
Reply to: comm-q6epc-2590180257@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Beautiful with american eskamo. she is a great dog moved and cant keep her call or text for more info or pics 970-361-7506 small re-homing fee  she is great with kids and other dogs and cats. and baby’s, she is 3 years old
it never ceases to amaze me.  this little gal was just recently posted on facebook.  and i decided to call.  this is the way it goes.  everytime when they say that a “rehoming fee applies”.  you call or text and ask for pics, and then they respond with the fee and a picture.  this is what they sent me.

little white dog

they’re adoption or “rehoming fee” is $50.  the guy continually texts me asking what i think and that he can go less if i think that’s too much, and the only reason he’s charging a fee is to “make sure she gets a good home”.  i tell him no.  that i can’t do the rehoming fee. (as a rescuer, you generally don’t want to get into the habit of “rewarding” the bad owner with any sort of money, etc.)  that she would have a good home with me, and that i have other pets and also am the founder of an animal rescue so she’d have a good home.  he texts back what can i do?  and i reiterate what i previously said.  he texts me back.  $20?  and then texts that he’s out of work and needs the money: that he can’t even afford gas right now. 

this is the way it is.  this is the forum that craigslist offers.  on there,  you can get almost anything (as long as it’s legal?) 

the thing that really gets me is this little dog.  look at that face.  holding it’s foot up in anticipation of receiving affection from the owner.  it’s hooked up to lead.  is it left out all day?  it’s fur looks in fairly good condition based on this picture, and it doesn’t look malnourished.  could this person have fallen on hard times?  are they so hard up that they will sell the dog to get a few extra bucks to feed their kids?  (despite the fact that are numerous agencies in the area that will provide them with free food, etc.)

or is someone just looking to make a fast dollar?  things are tight, so let’s sell the family dog.  forget “how long we’ve had her”.  forget the “look in her eyes in this picture as she looks at me in anticipation for food….affection, love”.

that’s right.  forget. “forget what this dog has given me”.  unconditional love.  loyalty.  service to the very end.  always there when they needed her: to play with the kids-entertaiment; fufilling a status symbol-afterall she’s purebred; a passing desire for when things were good.  ahh when things were good.  then they could afford the dog.  then they could afford the medical and food.  yep!  she was  mama’s baby.  whatever it may be.  apparently she’s disposable when things get tuff.  forget  what she has given to you. 

and so this is how it works.  i think a bit, and decide to offer $10 for her.  a feeling of desperation comes over me as i just want to get this dog safe.  i ask if they can meet me halfway (they live in a different town).  ok.  he’ll take it.  but remember?  he’s out of gas so there’s no meeting me halfway.  i have to drive all the way there.  oh but wait.  another text comes thru. he says that he’ll get back to me.  he has to talk to his wife first.  what changed?  just a second ago he couldn’t get rid of the dog fast enuff.  now he’s wanting to “discuss it with the wife”.  i asked him what’s changed?  a better offer?  there’s no response back.  (and you know in your heart that most likely that’s what it was: a better offer).

yep.  this is how it works.  this is what i see all the time when it comes to pets needing to be “rehomed” on craigslist.  it wrenches your heart.  it makes you want to reach thru the phone and shake that person until their ears bleed.  well…at least it does me.  and then when you meet up with them, you want to ask them….”don’t u realize that this pet is a lifetime committment for its life?  haven’t you ever heard of spay/neuter??  your animal  has a condition.  did you even TRY to contact the other rescue agencies to see if they could help?  hey!  ever heard of dog/cat food!!!???!!!”

it’s inferiorating.  really. 

and so on as a rescuer, you do what you can, with a major focus on the can.  volunteers come and go like crazy.  finding a good one is like finding a diamond.  extremely rare.  volunteers disappear into the cracks like ants as you approach; making excuses, blaming their life and kids as taking up too much of their time. 

and so you keep going.  doing what all you can.  working with other agencies.  networking like crazy to  get the animals to their agency if you can’t take them all in yourself.  it’s crazy.  “a sign of the times as they are” they say. 

reality.  reality?

and so you continue.  and you pray. pray that whatever fate is on the horizon for this little dog is better than the environment it’s in now.  sometimes it’s all you can do.  and then you keep going, and move onto the next.  focusing on the ones where you did make a difference and pretending to forget the ones that you couldn’t.

(the phone number for this dog has been left as it was advertised in the ad.  i refuse to protect them!)


Ready…Get Set…


well maybe not quite that quick for Miss Brigett.  She’s needed sometime to learn that not all of us humans are scarry/bad.  Brigett and her two siblings, just to refresh your memory, arrived here about 2 months ago, and were most certainly NOT thrilled with the change in location much less the fact that a human wanted to handle them.  Alban, twin to Brigett, was the first to warm up to the idea of being socialized.  Jett, was the second, and by the time he finally caved, i had been around them long enuff to know that their previous home probably wasn’t the nicest place to live, and that’s why they weren’t so crazy about me at first!

brigett's sweet face

all three of this scottish fold mix litter, were brought to me smelling of urine and feces, and so the first thing they got after arriving back at the homestead, was a bath.  just one more thing to make them like me even less!

Alban after his bath

Jett just glared at me like i was some sort of evil monstrousity sent to personally torture with a bath.  the picture i took of him was priceless!

Jett after his bath

and even a week or so later while still working on warming up to the idea of accepting us humans, the expression on his face still spoke a thousand words!

Jett not a happy camper!

but Brigett was the hardest sell of all three, and to  this day, it has to be her that comes to me and not the other way around.  it quickly became very apparent that these little guys were afraid of feet, most likely from being kicked and/or stepped on.  (probably both!)

Brigett after her bath looking for the nearest escape route!

and so socialization took time to make any progress, but soon Jett was sleeping with me, and then one day Brigett allowed me to pet her.  it was only a matter of time before Jett was not only sleeping with me, but taking his turn lying on the desk in front of the computer screen, getting under foot when he wanted something, and coming for attention and a good scratch as well.  completely laid back and loosened up, i knew he was ready to be adopted.

Brigett hasnt’ been so easy.  she does accept and love being petted and scratched, the trick is her letting you approach in the first place, and this is where i think being the only kitty in a household of one or two adults will do the trick as well asmaybe another bit more experieinced kitty to show her the ropes.  right now, being in a home with so many other animals, is kinda chaotic for her.  she’s more bonded with the other animals than with me, and that just doesn’t help when it comes to trying to make anymore progress with her.

Brigett loves to cuddle whether it be with Teddy or one of the other boys here, like Elliot or Moose

and so today i made the decision.   the decision that it was time for Brigett to move on and find her permanent home.  the newspaper was called, and her advertisement placed.  soon there will be calls to answer, and potential adopters to screen, and hopefully soon, the perfect home for Brigett to spend the rest of her life in!

how can u not love her sweet tabby face?

In Other News…

for almost two weeks i was without internet and instead of getting a nice quiet hiatus with nothing to tell, i dealt with a few pet dilemnas that i totally didn’t see coming, and in part, contributing to the my “great kitty transport”.  altho i am far from capable at this point of taking in an additional 9 fosters with the current fosters i already have plus my own brood.

it started out to be just a regular saturday with a yearly appt checkup for my cat Ashley and I had decided to have Elliot tag along due to recent episodes of head shaking and scratching his ears frantically.

Ashley had noticeably dropped weight recently, and at her 12 years of age, i had concerns of kidney failure, even tho 12 years isn’t considered extremely advanced, the weightloss was a serious concern.  you could feel her back bones far too easily and she had far too much of an hour glass figure.


i also had desired to take Aslan in to get a weight on him, but he was notoriously “missing” when the time came to pack kitties up and leave.

the vet took a full examination of Ashley and quickly determined that her problem was a not only some serious teeth issues, but a case of stomatitis and that that was the reason why she wasn’t eating much and had noticeably lost a significant amount of weight (approximately 2 lbs!)  the stomacitis was creating some very painful sores in Ashley’s mouth which made eating painful.  hence the loss in weight and overall reduced appetite.  the vet gave her two shots.  the first for the infection, and the second to significantly reduce inflamation so that Ashley could quickly return to eating without any pain.  (her weight would take even a dip somewhat lower before rebounding right after the appt.  it was kinda scary how slight she was, but she is slowly regaining now.  phew!)  the continued plan for treatment is a dental cleaning in late september and a series of 4 injections, quarterly throughout the year, to keep the stomatitis from flairing up and causing Ashley serious pain.  we are also fairly certain that the tooth cleaning will help tremendously as well!

Ashley and Eli snuggling. altho not of the same litter, these two are almost exactly one year apart, and were often cuddling in their younger years. altho this is more rare now due to their individual grumpyness and more "mature" years.

the definition i found for stomatisis is this:

Stomatitis: inflammation of the mouth. More specifically, inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the mouth, which can include the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, and the roof and floor of the mouth.

the vet also explained to me that it’s the animal’s own immune system “overreacting” to gingivitis in Ashley’s mouth.  here is a pic of a severe case of stomatisis (NOT Ashley).

feline stomatitis

poor Ashley!  another sign of stomatisis is a ruff coat, which Ashley also had.  cats often reduce grooming themselves tdue to the pain from the stomatisis.

ahh but this was to be only the first half of what was just about to hit the cats of Planet Kitty!

next it was Elliot’s turn to be examined.  altho his prolapsed rectum has almost nearly resolved, this little man continues to have issues.  one being bouts of diarrhea-amd for awhile vomitting altho that seems to have resolved ittself-and now what was soon discovered in the examination of his ears.  EAR MITES!!! ugh!  in all the years i’ve had cats, i have never had such a thing occur with them!  and not only was it determined that Elliot had a severe case of them, but Moose too, and so the WHOLE HOUSE had to be treated!  when i say whole house, i mean all the cats.  for some reason, cat ear mites generally don’t transfer to dogs that easily so the dogs were safe!  still, the total cost for treating all the cats alone, came to over $250!!  ugh!  and poor little Elliot had a truly serious case of them!  i couldn’t imagine where they had come from.  the vet said that adults can generally be more immune to them as they are something that are present in just about every cat’s ear, but something goes wacko and the ear becomes “unbalanced” and that’s when the cat has an outbreak.

Elliot and Moose: brothers in arms...bonded by ear mites?!! ugh! poor fellas!

Elliot’s delicate little ears were cleaned thoroughly at the vets and treated with some soothing meds for the itching.  i got the lovely job of cleaning all the other kitties ears back at the homestead, including Moose’s!  all i can say is ICK!  i can’t even imagine what it musta been like to have that kind outbreaking your ears to the point where u scratched so hard u were making the insides of your ears bleed.  ohh my fellas!  i sho do sympathize!!  or maybe that should be empathize?? not sure.  anyways, Elliot and Moose go back in a month’s time for a second application.

Aslan, of all the cats, seemed once of the least likely to have any kind of symptoms…mainly due to him being secluded in his own room at times due to his own issues.  phew!  due to his neurological issues, it would have been a real challenge clearing up any outbreak he might have had.  phew!  and phew for Azzy too!

feline earmite. EWWW!!

so as u can see, my internet hiatus, wasn’t free of drama; pet drama that is.  i continue to monitor the earmite situation and as a matter of fact, am off to clean some ears just as soon as i put this entry to bed.  BED!


Azzy last winter playing

well…at least i think an answer.  i looked  at Aslan, and upon closer inspection there appears to be something like a lump growing under his right shoulder blade.  you have to look really closely and use some gentle touching to assess, but it makes sense since at his initial vet visit to try and determine what was causing his neurological issues, the vet gave an intelligent guess that she thought the problem was something going on in the nerves that cross over at the shoulder blades, and then branch out to all the different areas of the body.  so i am thinking that my vet’s intelligent guess is correct.  however, after reassessing today, i’m not 100% certain, and it’s very frustrating.

after this unsure discovery, i have been observing Aslan more closely over the last few days, and his behavior has a few more changes.  he’s not coming and seeing me to get pet like he was previously, and it’s also apparent that there’s some discomfort, if not pain, when he’s trying to lay down, or i should say achieve a restful position because it seems that laying down and really getting comfortable isn’t possible for him anymore.

aslan with his two siblings pannd and eli. they were what i called the three amigos!

with the job that i now work, i have learned that generally the developmentally disabled audiences don’t have the kind of life span many of the rest of us have; that they’re disabilities generally lead to the developments of other health issues in life.  Aslan, was notorious for holding his bladder for long periods of time.  this is also a common occurrence in the human developmentally disabled populations as well; my theory is the less control they feel they have over everything about them, the more they try to exert control over whatever they can.  because of his bladder holding, Aslan has severe bladder infectiosn and also litter box issues from the time he was a little kitten.  his slowness in development becamse apparent later when kittens were doing things he couldn’t do here in the house.  he did manage to eventually catch up however.

Azzy could be silly when he played but in order to get him to play, all attention had to be focused on him, and he never got really wild and crazy like other cats do

because of my background, a part of me can logically assess Azzy’s current situation as a natural part of his life cycle due to his disabilities.  but then there’s the other part that involves my heart.  a big part, and it just absolutely crushes me.

i have been thru so much with him, and his issues, especially the litterbox one, hasn’t been easy.  he is in part the reason why i put new floors in my house, and to this day, i’m sure there is some “cat odor” in my house directly due to his bladder issues.  yet, despite all this, i can’t have imagined my life without him.  for a time, based on the vet’s recommendation, we were looking at rehoming him and my other cat Pannda who has had his share of bladder issues, but no one ever showed interest or the ability to care for them as they needed, and I wound up making the decision of keeping them-even if it meant 8 cats and me and dogs in a 38 ft 5th wheeler-rather than surrendering them to a rescue where most likely they would never of been adopted, and would have spent alot of time in the smaller cages.  the change for the two would have been so shocking, i just couldnt’ do it.

on the other hand, he still has an appetite and lets me know when he wants to eat.  he will even come and get me, but then after eating, he becomes sedontary again, and struggles to bathe, but doesn’t acomplish much.

my thoughts on what to do concerning Aslan, change on a daily basis right now-probably because i’m home this week to work on the house and try and get things somewhat back in order.  one day i feel that i’m letting him suffer, the next day i see something in him that tells me not yet.  it’s very frustrating, and i feel like both he and i are just hanging in limbo.

years ago when i finally put my dog Keehta to sleep, it was a huge relief because it was very apparent in the end that she was suffering.  that experience forever imprinted on me, and i have always been determined not to let that happen again with any other pets.

Aslan in his younger days. so handsome. to look at him you would never guess he had his issues.

this last february i let Greta my greyhound go, and felt it was the right time as well, and that i had kept her from experiencing any tremendous suffering with the choice that i made.  i felt very comforted in that knowledge, but with Azzy right now, it just isn’t clear.  i watch him get up and down slowly, and i wonder if the time to do something to end his suffering is now, and then later in the day, he comes find me to let me know he wants to eat, and follows me to bathroom where he is secluded to eat on his own.

is this sign of motivation to still eat enuff?  i don’t know.  he still isn’t grooming, and he does not play or really even go sit in a window anymore to watch the goings on outside.  a week or two ago, he was at least still doing that as well.  he is coming to see me again, as he came to visit me last night for a long pet and purred tremendously, but animals can be so stoic when it comes to discomfort and pain.

it just leaves me hanging.  i dont’ want him to be in pain, but yet it doesn’t seem he as of yet has quite given up the fight, and so i have decided to use his determination to eat as a measurement as to when it’s time to let him go.  it’s truly heartbreaking.

this time last year, he was in great health and i was trying to determine what was to become of his future.  now, once again permanently ensconced in my home, i have no idea how many days are left in Azzy’s future.  life is truly full of some very cruel ironies.  😦

Allll Aboard!!

it’s the GREAT KITTY TRANSPORT!! ok…so there were only a total of 10 kitters and only one car-mine, but it was quite the transport.  total round trip was about 150 miles or so i’d say.  i got calls for kitties over the last three weeks, and the first were a litter of 5 whom the gal wanted to surrender when they were only 6 weeks old, but i told her she would have to wait until they were eight.  and then, another couple were loosing their place and had 2 adult cats and 4 kittens they needed help with.  that brought the grand total nine kittens and two adult cats, but i had managed to find a home for two of the nine and so that brought the total down to 7.  however, one of my fosters was ready to be adopted and so i decided to include him in the transport, and that was the other member of the Great Scott family, the male kitten Jett, who had done a bit of growing up, alotta socializing and had really “friendly-d up” i’d say, so he was ready to go!

jett who went off to find his permanent home today!!

he was such a little cutie!!!  it took awhile, but he finally warmed up to me, altho he wasn’t really happy about the transport but they folks at the rescue were certain he would find a home quickly.

jett today at the transport. ain't he handsome? (that's the sun shining thru the crate on his fur, fyi)

the litter of five little ones, were quite the lookers!!  they also have very LOUD voices!!!  i got to listen for about half of the transport! lol  the weren’t to sure about things either, and of course, change is always scarry for little ones who still have alot to learn about the great big world, but they are destined to find wonderful homes as well!

party of five!


handsome bunch!

aren’t they lookers??  i was particularly fond of the torbie in this bunch and the little white and grey tuxedo!  loved those eyes!

the two adult kitties i transported where of scottish fold decent.  one was a purebred and the other was a mix who was also the mother of the litter of 4 i took up.  the purebred was just a little lady who’d lived pretty much all her life outdoors.  the lady said they tried her indoors but she didn’t seem to take to living with her children and other pets.  now…i dunno about this myself.  she had told me that this little one had been in some cat fights and had scarring on her nose from it, but aupon closer inspection at the rescue, we weren’t 100% certain of that and wondered if it was some kind of skin infection or parasite.  either way, it didn’t look good-kinda porous and irritated, so i’m hoping they’ll b able to determine what it really is and get her healed.  they called her Twix.

twix. a little lady pure scottish fold who's nose needs some attention and will most assuredly get it at the rescue!

and then there was Skittles and her kittens.  three were hers, and i guess the folks she came from found a little orphan kitty that this sweet moma kitty took in and also made her own.  very friendly and sweet she was!!  pretty little tortoiseshell girl who didn’t hold still for very long and was hard to get a picture of!

Skittles with her kittens

talk about squirmers!

little black kitten is a boy and the tabby is an adopted littermate moma took in

two orange girls in the litter already had a home for me to take them to! doesn't she have beautiful eyes?

all in all it was a great trip despite folks running late with meet up times for loading up the kittens.  the whole journey took up all the morning and even part of the afternoon as well to complete it all.  the rescue the kitties went to is about 45 miles or so up the road from me, and i initially went about 40 miles in the opposite direction to pick up the second litter of kittens and the two adults, so that’s why the whole transport took so long.  but i am soooo glad to have them all in a safe place that will get them all healthy and ready to be adopted!  they were certain that all the cats and kittens would go quickly if not simply because they were kittens, then because of the fact that they were also a bit unique being scottish fold mixes!

i have realized at this point, that it’s pretty much near to impossible for me to do all the work and take in all the rescues i’m contacted about simply because not only due to lack of time, but also because it’s just me right now running the show at Greta’s Kingdom and no fosters homes to help out with.

it feels so good tho to have at least a great shelter i can take  them to, and one that is not only no kill, but does a great job of screening families and finding the right match for each kitty.  at least…i can still contribute and know that i’m making a difference!

whether there are more kitty transports in my future, i’m not sure.  with gas being as expensive as it is, it’s not something i could do weekly, since i pay for all the gas myself.  however if another one presents itsself down the road, i am definitely open to it!