He looks like Hell

Aslan’s not grooming himself, but he’s still eating, and getting around very slowly. he is also able to get down off a box as well, but he seems dazed, takes things very slowly…..and looks like hell.
i’m actually considering having him shaved. i also am considering taking him with to the vet this saturday morning at 11am along with ashley who has her regular checkup, and has been loosing weight recently-another concern with another cat, just to see what they say and to see where he’s at with his weight.

i just don’t know what to think when it comes to Azzy. he does still come and see me usually in the evenings when i’m kickin’ back. he still loves a good scratch on his back and around his neck.
i thought about taking the shears to him, with as messy as his fur has gotten lately. i figure if nothing else, maybe i’ll at least make him feel a bit better and maybe just a smidge cooler.
he sleeps an awful lot. pretty much all day especially when i have him isolated. i try to keep him balanced between being in his room alone and being with the rest of us. he seems to enjoy his time with us, but it’s become imparative to have time where he’s alone to make sure he eats and drinks, otherwise the other kits eat his food as he takes it slow, intermittently thru out the day.
all of this is very frustrating, heartbreaking, and like walking thru the unknown. it’s hard to tell what, if anything, makes him more comfy and happy. it’s all just a guessing game, and i worry about if i’m letting it drag out much to his discomfort.
what i would really like right now, are some easy answers, and none are forthcoming.

Welll…..just when we thought we were out of the woods!

elliot and timber enjoying a cool evening by the window

and able to list Elliot for adoption, he started having regirgitation problems and so now he’s been taken back off the adoption block. we don’t know if this is the start of something new, or the continuation of something having to do with his rectal problems, and so it’s been decided to make him a permanent resident of Planet Kitty. In the area where we’re located, it’s very unlikely that anyone would consider adopting him with all of of is issues, and so it’s either keep him or ask a rescue like Best Friends to take him.
However, we will continue to have his issues checked out and monitored to see what develops!
i dunno if this is all frustrating for little Elliot but it sure is for me!! or maybe it’s more that i just feel frustrated for him and the fact that there are more issues with the little guy. it’s hard to tell if he’s uncomfortable with his predictament as he goes on about his day, playing and sleeping and eating, and so far there doesn’t seem to be any weight loss, which is good, but i also wonder if since he’s a bit older than the other fosters i have, if he shouldn’t be a bit bigger than his current size, but it’s all really hard to tell especially if he were the runt of the litter, for example.
altho different from other kitties, he sure is a sweet little guy! (he’s done his work at making me the smitten kitten!) one look into those big blue eyes, and that’s it! ur heart melts!!
so…we are back to one day at a time again with little Elliot. …..sigh