Finally!!! SOME GOOD NEWS!!!

little Elliot is now looking for his new home!

Elliot got the ok to be adopted earlier today with his checkup from the vet.  his bum is still a bit of an “outie” but with time and as he grows, the vet thinks it will eventually completely heal.  however, his adopter will have to completely understand that he’s got special needs due to his manx mix breeding and that he could have more rectal issues later on in life.  also due to his needs, it is absolutely positively mandatory that anyone interested in him fully comprehend and understand that little Elliot can never EVER go outside!  no matter what the circumstance, or the issue.  NO GOING OUTDOORS!!

despite his slim frame, little Elliot loves his groceries, and is also very playful!

i don’t know why, but for some reason alot of people have a problem with that last requirement.  you would think that in this day and age, they would fully realize that keeping kitty inside extends their life expectancy tremendously, but yet still peeps let their kitties go out!  not for this boy!  there is just too much risk of future infection or other issues.  Elliot is truly and inside kitty only!

it was a hard decision to decide to place Elliot for adoption.  i have really become very bonded and quite fond of this little guy.  he’s very unique.  he’s not a lap kitty, and is very sensitive to touch so he’s not one to ask for much petting.  his new person will have to be someone that can accept this about him.  he’s very independent, but often will sneak up to lie by my side when i’m down, and has even on occassion lied on top of me.  he will on occasion ask for pets, and then you’re greeted with one huge motor in this lttle guy!  he is very special, and anyone that doesn’t fall for those big baby blues of his, is well….well not anyone that I KNOW! lol  he’s got his own unique charm!

who can resist those beautiful baby blues?

so i imagine it will only be a matter of time before that special someone succums to those baby blues of his!!!  i know i did loonggg ago!!  hooray for Elliot!!  here’s to finding his forever home!!

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