Hard Decisions and even Harder Lessons

returning home from work earlier this week, I noticed that my special needs cat Aslan was in the exact same spot as when I left for work that morning.  this, is not a good sign.  Azzy, as I call him, is a very different cat.  he was a later bloomer when it came to kitty social skills and abilities and he has always had issues with the litterbox and bladder infections.  he’s seven and a  half now, so i have learned how to manage him over the years, but he still can have behavioral flairups and issues, and i had a feeling that that was what was going on that night i found him in the exact same place.

i rushed Azzy to the vet first thing the next morning, which was friday.  he was not happy AT ALL about the trip, much less being in the crate, and he left three small holes in my shirt so that i would know he was mad.  i was very concerned that my boy had gone into kidney failure and so this was the reason for my concern and being rushed to the vet.

Azzy last winter when he was feeling alot better

at the vet, Azzy was not happy either.  he would not pee so that they could get a urine sample, and it eventually resulted in them having to use a needle to get some from his bladder.  (OUCH!)  he was also given fluids which eventually made him pee more later in the night, but initially it was apparent to me that he wasn’t really eating or drinking and that he pretty much felt pretty miserable.

the blood panel came back showing everything good, and the urine testing showed another good case of sterile cystitis (basically a sterile bladder infection).  saturday morning, he was given another round of fluids and also given an appetite stimulant, which they also sent home with me, because he’s not eating or really drinking much, and since being home, it’s apparent he still isn’t.

Azzy is a lover, not a fighter and loves being bathed and giving baths. he is also part of the three amigos, made up of him, Pannda and Eli

the vet recommended peace and quiet and to isolate him from others, which is what i did.  he’s not the happiest about that, but he feels so crappy, he isn’t fighting it much other.  it’s also obvious that his bladder is still bothering him as he’s walking funny and doesn’t lift his tail, nor has eaten much or used the litterbox.  poor Azzy!  it’s breaks my hear to see him this way!

I know all the things that stresses Azzy, such as major change, like the moving in and out of all my stuff.  he likes his comfort zones and doesn’t tolerate change well at all. major changes, such as me going back to work after being home constantly after a year and a half is another stresser, as well as having new faces in the house.  even kitten faces that are kept for the mostpart, seperate from  him in the nursey most of the time.  i do however let them out to run and to get more exercise, and it also helps with socialization too!

however, the impact the ten kittens and all the other changes going on here are having on Azzy are just too much, and because of that I had to make some hard decisions.  however, i also realized that i need to do what’s fair and in the best interests of both Azzy and my foster kittens.

Azzy playing with string and being a good sport for the camera

caring for ten foster kittens AND caring for my own pets, is alot of work.  ALOT.  and it dawned on me yesterday that taking on sooo much has compromised things to the point where it’s not only not fair for my pets, but not fair to the foster kittens either.  response to adoptions down here, hasn’t been the greatest, and unfortunately part of this is because of the economy, i realize, but the rest of it is just plain old ignorrance, which really gets me going.  you would NOT believe some of the phone calls I have gotten!

Anyways.  Azzy’s predictament lead me to a very hard decision.  i picked up the phone and called a local rescue organization to see if they could help me out.  Colorado Animal Rescue is a fairly large rescue organization located upvalley.  they have a really good record with cats and kittens, and not only do homechecks and screenings when it comes to adoptions, but their fees are well set in place to help discourage anyone who half heartedly would adopt a kitten!  i like this about them!  after a discussion as to my predictament and the kittens in my care, CARe has pleasantly offered to help me out and take six of the kittens here into their organization.  in their facility, kittens find good homes quickly and so i feel that moving six from here to there, is not only in the best interests of Azzy’s current and future health, but in the best interests of the kittens as well.  here we just aren’t getting anywhere in getting them good homes as quickly as I would like.  up there, it’s a much different story.


and so come tuesday morning, dorothy, rose, elton, elvis, aidan and alban, which all be transferred to CARe.  initially i was very concerned about the change and how it would impact them,how they are going to feel uncertain and scared, and while i hate HATE them feeling that way, i also know it will only be temporary and that this is really for the best for them and my kitty Azzy.  homes are certain for them in just a matter of a few weeks, which is really good considering they have been here a month and a half and nothing even remotely acceptable has developed for them.    the other four staying with me, will be elliot, finn, and the two feral kittens i’m working with, jett and brigid.


this has been a hard lesson for me.  altho i know it’s not really failure, a part of me still feels like it was because of Azzy’s predictament.  i knew his triggers, and yet i completely forgot them.  on the other hand, i know that had i not stepped in and taken in this kittens, who knows what would have  happend to them?  at least i know that Colorado Animal Rescue will do a fab job of screening and finding them awesome permanent homes!

little finn who despite being tossed from a car window into a ditch, still has a tremendous capacity to love humans, and who may just have a new home!

on a side note, i did just get a call that sounds very promising, and may turn out to be a great home for Finn!!  this little guy is very special to me because his predictament happend before my eyes.  he was tossed out of a window into a ditch along side the highway as i was heading home from my parents one night.  GRRR!!! amazingly, he suffered no major injuries, and despite suffering this bit of evil, he is still very affectionate and loving!  i will keep u updated on his story!

3 thoughts on “Hard Decisions and even Harder Lessons

  1. Hi LuAnne, I’m so sorry to hear what you have been going through. Don’t beat yourself up. You did an amazing thing saving the babies you have to date, and you will continue doing it when the time is right. Take care of yourself and sweet Azzy for now. XO

  2. Lu Anne I’m sorry to hear about Azzy. I hope he picks up soon. You have such a big heart and have tried to do right by everyone, so don’t beat yourself up. These lovely kittens will get goods home soon hopefully and in the meantime you can focus on Azzy. My fingers are crossed that Azzy makes a speedy recovery. Jackie

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