Finally!!! SOME GOOD NEWS!!!

little Elliot is now looking for his new home!

Elliot got the ok to be adopted earlier today with his checkup from the vet.  his bum is still a bit of an “outie” but with time and as he grows, the vet thinks it will eventually completely heal.  however, his adopter will have to completely understand that he’s got special needs due to his manx mix breeding and that he could have more rectal issues later on in life.  also due to his needs, it is absolutely positively mandatory that anyone interested in him fully comprehend and understand that little Elliot can never EVER go outside!  no matter what the circumstance, or the issue.  NO GOING OUTDOORS!!

despite his slim frame, little Elliot loves his groceries, and is also very playful!

i don’t know why, but for some reason alot of people have a problem with that last requirement.  you would think that in this day and age, they would fully realize that keeping kitty inside extends their life expectancy tremendously, but yet still peeps let their kitties go out!  not for this boy!  there is just too much risk of future infection or other issues.  Elliot is truly and inside kitty only!

it was a hard decision to decide to place Elliot for adoption.  i have really become very bonded and quite fond of this little guy.  he’s very unique.  he’s not a lap kitty, and is very sensitive to touch so he’s not one to ask for much petting.  his new person will have to be someone that can accept this about him.  he’s very independent, but often will sneak up to lie by my side when i’m down, and has even on occassion lied on top of me.  he will on occasion ask for pets, and then you’re greeted with one huge motor in this lttle guy!  he is very special, and anyone that doesn’t fall for those big baby blues of his, is well….well not anyone that I KNOW! lol  he’s got his own unique charm!

who can resist those beautiful baby blues?

so i imagine it will only be a matter of time before that special someone succums to those baby blues of his!!!  i know i did loonggg ago!!  hooray for Elliot!!  here’s to finding his forever home!!


whatever it is, it is progressive.

i woke this morning and the first thing i did was go and check in on Azzy.  i am really sad because he is now having problems with his right front foot now, and he is weaker.  i had really hoped that this was just a one time thing.  something that was not progressive, and that he would get better.  at this point, it doesn’t look this way.

i hate the fact that he’s in a room isolated from the rest of us, but i’m not sure that he would be able to get to his food or the litterbox if he’s not.  i also hate the fact that my time visiting with him is limited because he’s not out here with us, but overall, i think it is for the best.  i may put Pannda in with him or Eli, whom he’s both close with.

i hate this.  absolutely hate this!!

it just seems so damn unfair.  Azzy has overcome so much in his short life, and then to have it end prematurely seems even more unfair and it just really pisses me off!  i figured that he would be with me alot longer than this, especially with the recommendation to rehome him and having him listed and looking for a year and half and nothing coming up.  it seemed that the rest of his life was to be spent shared with mine, but then again, maybe it was because fate knew it was going to be short.  He is just so much like the rest of us: wanting to be loved and that’s how he is when u walk in the room.

it’s apparent that he can’t really groom himself anymore, and so i pet him all i can and give him his favorite scratches!

but seeing that right foot now knuckling this morning, really  hit me hard.

i know if i put Eli in with him, they will cuddle and groom each other, and i think right now, that that will bring Azzy alot more joy than anything i can give him.

i think about taking his picture or shooting a video of him to show u and others, but the thought of having what’s going on replicated in a foto or video is just to much for me to handle.  i can’t bare the image of it, and so i don’t.  it seems like it would be disrespectful.

at this point, i am wondering how much more time we have with him, and that it doesn’t seem at least that he’s in any pain.  i guess the real limit will be how much i can take verses Azzy.

this all just tooo hard dammit!!  i can’t write anymore….it’s so damn UNFAIR!!!

Hard Decisions and even Harder Lessons

returning home from work earlier this week, I noticed that my special needs cat Aslan was in the exact same spot as when I left for work that morning.  this, is not a good sign.  Azzy, as I call him, is a very different cat.  he was a later bloomer when it came to kitty social skills and abilities and he has always had issues with the litterbox and bladder infections.  he’s seven and a  half now, so i have learned how to manage him over the years, but he still can have behavioral flairups and issues, and i had a feeling that that was what was going on that night i found him in the exact same place.

i rushed Azzy to the vet first thing the next morning, which was friday.  he was not happy AT ALL about the trip, much less being in the crate, and he left three small holes in my shirt so that i would know he was mad.  i was very concerned that my boy had gone into kidney failure and so this was the reason for my concern and being rushed to the vet.

Azzy last winter when he was feeling alot better

at the vet, Azzy was not happy either.  he would not pee so that they could get a urine sample, and it eventually resulted in them having to use a needle to get some from his bladder.  (OUCH!)  he was also given fluids which eventually made him pee more later in the night, but initially it was apparent to me that he wasn’t really eating or drinking and that he pretty much felt pretty miserable.

the blood panel came back showing everything good, and the urine testing showed another good case of sterile cystitis (basically a sterile bladder infection).  saturday morning, he was given another round of fluids and also given an appetite stimulant, which they also sent home with me, because he’s not eating or really drinking much, and since being home, it’s apparent he still isn’t.

Azzy is a lover, not a fighter and loves being bathed and giving baths. he is also part of the three amigos, made up of him, Pannda and Eli

the vet recommended peace and quiet and to isolate him from others, which is what i did.  he’s not the happiest about that, but he feels so crappy, he isn’t fighting it much other.  it’s also obvious that his bladder is still bothering him as he’s walking funny and doesn’t lift his tail, nor has eaten much or used the litterbox.  poor Azzy!  it’s breaks my hear to see him this way!

I know all the things that stresses Azzy, such as major change, like the moving in and out of all my stuff.  he likes his comfort zones and doesn’t tolerate change well at all. major changes, such as me going back to work after being home constantly after a year and a half is another stresser, as well as having new faces in the house.  even kitten faces that are kept for the mostpart, seperate from  him in the nursey most of the time.  i do however let them out to run and to get more exercise, and it also helps with socialization too!

however, the impact the ten kittens and all the other changes going on here are having on Azzy are just too much, and because of that I had to make some hard decisions.  however, i also realized that i need to do what’s fair and in the best interests of both Azzy and my foster kittens.

Azzy playing with string and being a good sport for the camera

caring for ten foster kittens AND caring for my own pets, is alot of work.  ALOT.  and it dawned on me yesterday that taking on sooo much has compromised things to the point where it’s not only not fair for my pets, but not fair to the foster kittens either.  response to adoptions down here, hasn’t been the greatest, and unfortunately part of this is because of the economy, i realize, but the rest of it is just plain old ignorrance, which really gets me going.  you would NOT believe some of the phone calls I have gotten!

Anyways.  Azzy’s predictament lead me to a very hard decision.  i picked up the phone and called a local rescue organization to see if they could help me out.  Colorado Animal Rescue is a fairly large rescue organization located upvalley.  they have a really good record with cats and kittens, and not only do homechecks and screenings when it comes to adoptions, but their fees are well set in place to help discourage anyone who half heartedly would adopt a kitten!  i like this about them!  after a discussion as to my predictament and the kittens in my care, CARe has pleasantly offered to help me out and take six of the kittens here into their organization.  in their facility, kittens find good homes quickly and so i feel that moving six from here to there, is not only in the best interests of Azzy’s current and future health, but in the best interests of the kittens as well.  here we just aren’t getting anywhere in getting them good homes as quickly as I would like.  up there, it’s a much different story.


and so come tuesday morning, dorothy, rose, elton, elvis, aidan and alban, which all be transferred to CARe.  initially i was very concerned about the change and how it would impact them,how they are going to feel uncertain and scared, and while i hate HATE them feeling that way, i also know it will only be temporary and that this is really for the best for them and my kitty Azzy.  homes are certain for them in just a matter of a few weeks, which is really good considering they have been here a month and a half and nothing even remotely acceptable has developed for them.    the other four staying with me, will be elliot, finn, and the two feral kittens i’m working with, jett and brigid.


this has been a hard lesson for me.  altho i know it’s not really failure, a part of me still feels like it was because of Azzy’s predictament.  i knew his triggers, and yet i completely forgot them.  on the other hand, i know that had i not stepped in and taken in this kittens, who knows what would have  happend to them?  at least i know that Colorado Animal Rescue will do a fab job of screening and finding them awesome permanent homes!

little finn who despite being tossed from a car window into a ditch, still has a tremendous capacity to love humans, and who may just have a new home!

on a side note, i did just get a call that sounds very promising, and may turn out to be a great home for Finn!!  this little guy is very special to me because his predictament happend before my eyes.  he was tossed out of a window into a ditch along side the highway as i was heading home from my parents one night.  GRRR!!! amazingly, he suffered no major injuries, and despite suffering this bit of evil, he is still very affectionate and loving!  i will keep u updated on his story!

RoadKill Kitty

road kill kitty

is this your cat?

 it never ceases to amaze me the number of people who let their cats out, not to mention dogs too, and then are shocked when they discover that sylvester or fifi are recent roadkill, or worse, have completely vanished.  what did u expect?  i mean come on….really!  seriously!!  pups and kits don’t have the ability to take safety measures, or counter safety measures if a car is bearing down on them at even just 30 miles per hour!  their automatic response is going to be RUN!  unless it’s night and they freeze with that caught in the headlights deer pose.  either way, they are going to wind up dead, simply put.  and your oh so called “friendly” neighbors may not be nearly as friendly as u think they are!  not to mention the racoons at night that will not hesitate to make kitty dinner…or coyotes.  just because u don’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t out there, and a tango with a skunk can be just as deadly!!  quit kidding yourself!  it’s only a matter of time before the odds, which are stacked up against ur free running pup or kit, wins!

i had to learn this lesson the hard way too, via the loss of my kitty Febe on May 1st, of 2010.

febe sleeping

that day i came home to discover Febe gone.  completely vanished.  over the next two days, i took my dog Avé out with me, who’s good at finding things, and we canvased the entire area, including the park next store and surrounding businesses.  i also put up flyers EVERYWHERE.  no one had seen her, and the last person who had seen her, was a suspicious neighbor across the street who had seen her earlier that day around noon.  my kitty had simply vanished!  she was friendly to those who came thru the neighborhood, and my suspicions grew that that neighbor across the street had decided to “relocate” her.   miss crankybutt is the nicest thing i can say about that neighbor.  she will literally go outside when my dogs are out to get them to bark and to taunt them into possibly coming in her yard, so that she can then complain about them being in her yard!  old lady……get a life!! grrrrr!!

my other neighbor directly across the street almost got a confession out of the old bat when speaking with her last fall!!  everyone liked Febe.  She greeted the school kids when they were on their way home from school, she greated neighbors as they went to get their mail at the mailboxes, and visited the closest neighbors while they were out doing yardwork.  no one had a complaint or mean thing to say about her.

i now know that Febe’s friendlyness was her downfall, and is partly what made her such an easy target for “relocation”.  this is another reason not to let ur cat outdoors.  u can never NEVER EVER trust anyone who may seem friendly to kitty!!  it may seem like u can, but you just can’t!  i learned the hard way!!

it took me a very long time to deal with the loss of Febe.  living with me, i knew all sides to Febe.  she could be very grouchy and bite when unhappy, and could be very moody as well, but she was my beautiful girl and it didn’t matter.  i loved  her!  she slept with me at night, and i knew i was hers too!  so when she disappeared on me never to return, it was completely devastating!  i would pass by the local shelters to see if she’d been turned in as a stray; or scan the local ads of found kitties to see if it was her.  it still gets to me this day, and the not knowing of what really happend to her at times literally drove me crazy.

it was a very hard lesson to learn.  no matter the kitty, just say no!  don’t let them out!  if kitty starts bouncing off the walls, help them find other ways to channel their energy.  play with them!  help wear them out!!  or if all else fails, use a harness collar and put them on a long line so they can explore outdoors in your yard.  keep a close eye on them tho, as the leed could lead to problems as well.

if your excuse is that kitty will find a way to get out, or go nutz if they aren’t let out, sorry…i don’t buy it.  use a squirt bottle of water to keep kitty at bay from the front door so that dashing out soon becomes an undesireable action on their part.  trust me it works!!  eventually, kitty will accept the new rules of being inside only, and will settle in with acceptance.  if only i had done this with Febe and not given into her demands to go out.  if only i had trouble shooted the situation with my other kitty, and figured out a better solution than LETTING FEBE OUT!!  she would still be with me.

and so i wish that the person who had inquired about a kitten recently who’s 10 year old kitty was recently ran over, wouldn’t it be so much better to still have that kitty living inside with a longer lifespan than to have to deal with her final moments of pain and suffering?  that is IF you had even been there when the accident occurred?

it’s quite simple.  DON’T let ur kitty out!!  DON’T let ur dog run astray!!  STOP!  before it’s too late!