They Should Come With Kitten Warning Labels

i was sitting at my computer when i started hearing kitten cries coming from the kitten nursery.  as i made my way to the room, the cries turned more into kitten screams, and inside i found Aidan with his foot stuck.  somehow, it had literally gotten twisted among the wiring of the cage, sort of an over and under twist type of thing.  i started to work on trying to get his foot loose, but little Aidan was in soooo much pain, that he actually bit me.  this guy was REALLY hurting!  I had to grab him by the scruff of the neck to keep him from biting me more, and finally managed to get his little foot untangled.  his claw got caught on a framing mechanism and in trying to get it out, it had gotten tangled even more.

poor little guy was pretty shooken up.  he limped about for a bit, but at a later check his foot was doing fine!  i on the other hand, am keeping a close watch on the bite.

at the time of the injury, little Aidan was on top of the crate and as alot of kittens do, he loves to climb.  after this experience, i highly recommend no one use these for kittens.  tooo easy for them to get something caught and pinched, and it’s highly likely that once the pinching begins, they are going to try and get free which could make the whole situation worse, i.e. little Aidan’s trauma and my bite!

i’m just glad i was here to get him untangled.  i can’t imagine if no one was there to supervise and a kitten got caught.  what if it were their head or something??  so my recommendation  is to stick to crates like this:

especially for kittens.  much less likely to get injured, me thinks!

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