The Auction Benefitting Greta’s Kingdom

if you haven’t noticed all the posting going on over at Facebook lately on the Planet Kitty page, my page and Greta’s Kingdom page, then either there’s something very traumatic going on in your world right now, or you have selective vision! lol  we…ok yeah it’s perty much just me at this point, has been burning the midnight oil making sure everyone who wants it, has access to the auction, and lemme tell ya, we have some FANTASTIC items up over there for the bidding and the taking.  Some of those items are:

a Rescue Ink tshirt that will actually be signed by alot of the famous guys that roll with that rescue tribe.  now how awesome is that?  and yet, no one still has bid on it. 😦

nezt, is a fabulous print by soon to be world famous photographer, Mark Ross, out of New York City!!  Mark has a book of his work coming out in September of 2011, and has generously donated this print of Bubba, another item that still doesn’t have any bids.  what’s up with that??!!

Added to this, is one …ok let me put on a guy personna here…one sweet calendar of hot pin up chicks and some fine lookin’ dogs!  what more could a guy use?  ok yes the year is half over, BUT these shots are some mighty fine wall art that will be worth their purchase for years to come!  come on girls!! get it for your man!  hey it’s better than playboy and it’s going to a VERY good cause!  (half of the proceeds from the calendar will be donated to Grand Junction Pitbull Rescue of Grand Junction, Co, and they do some awesome rescue work!)

what else is there?  ohhh just an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of the book Homer’s Odyssey, by Gwen Cooper.  ok u call yourself a catperson and yet you’ve never heard of it?  dunno what planet you’ve been on babe, but it wasn’t Planet Kitty!!  lol  if that don’t get you intersested, there’s also a print of THE famous grey tuxedo kitty Petie of I Have Cat fame, AND Luna the very fashionable fashion kitty, we just LOVE HER, has generously donated some mugs of her own line for bidding as well.  (I really wanted one but a certain NYC gal outbid me 😦 lol)

and of all the most important stuff over there, i am really busted up and heartbroken that no one has placed any bids on the fabulous prints we have up of little Elliot!  he’s such a beautiful boy who’s been thru soooo much and has such big blue eyes….i was really hoping someone would go just WILD for his photos and throw a bid out there for them…ahh…c’est la vie…poor little guy, and such a beautiful kitty!  but alas…don’t do it for me.  do it for him, and all the other beautiful little faces we have at Planet Kitty!  won’t you?

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