Back from the vet, and…

ok guys. i just got back from the vet, and they have decided to do surgery on Elliot. the vet, a dr. smith-really nice guy-felt that to let it go on any longer would be a slippery slope that could lead to worse problems later rather than it getting better. poor little elliot! dr. smith cleaned up his bottom and it was obvious that it was a very “sensitive” area to say the least!

dr. smiths’ prognosis is good, but Elliot won’t be back until monday at the soonest. they estimate that they gave me for the bill is $165. amazing when compared with the ER bill and how this is a surgical proceedure and at the ER it wasn’t. ;( anyways. we are starting another chipin for Elliot. here is the link:
dr. smith has a sneaking suspicion that Elliot’s prolapse has been going on alot longer than the lady who surrendered him to said it had, and he just wants to get it all cleared up and the healed before it becomes worse! i can’t even begin to imagine the discomfort of walking around with your collin protruding out your backside! with feces sticking to it and it drying out, not much less having hte applications of water i’ve been putting on it over the last few days! *i’m wincing here* eesh! glad dr. smith has stepped into help!

the thing that really gets me about the lady who surrendered him to me, is how “unfriendly” she described him. this little guy, altho obviously nervous and scared, was still purring when i scratched his chin, and petted him gently. i just don’t think he was ever really given much of a chance. well now he’s got one…as many as he needs really!

3 thoughts on “Back from the vet, and…

    • well gosh ty! i don’t think i can take all the credit. sooooo many people have helped with the chipin and i sure couldn’t haven’t done iti without them! so thank you everyone!! and ty tamar!

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