The Burns Clan

initially we were gonna call em the Great Scotts, but i prefer Burns.  these little tykes are claimed to be a mix of scottish fold.  the folks that handed them over, also had another girl in the litter but someone lay claim to her. just hope she got a really good home.  the one missing, allegedly has the folded ears.  regardless, the three that came in are pretty cute!  i posted a teaser last night, and while i meant to take more pics, i’ve been a bit under the weather today.  when they first got here, they was stinky of poop and pee so they got a bath.




despite initial hissing, i remained unscathed thru the entire process of bathing the three.  it is apparent that they haven’t been handled alot, and are a touch feral.  Jett exhibits this the most.  so far, Alban has warmed up the quickes to me, and Brigid is still a bit cool, but getting warmer.  Brigid has managed to rush the door when it opens twice now and has sent me on a wild goose chase.  not easy to do when u have at least 3 curious dogs and one dog in the way of you trying to pursue.  none of the critters would ever hurt her tho, and both times i eventually managed to nab her during a course of hissing.

Alban and Brigid have obiously been eating.  i’m not as certain about Jett.  he seems to have spent most of the day hiding in a small drawer in the vanity cubbard of the bathroom.  tonight i went in and got him, swaddled him in a warm blanket, and brought him out for awhile.  (that’s one of the suggestions made when reading up on socializing feral kitties).  at least this time the poor little man wasn’t shaking, and even tho he didn’t purr, he did start to fall asleep during my scratching of his neck, whiskers and head.

Jett earlier tonight

he still looks a bit stressed, but not nearly as wired as he was last night.  last night…if looks could kill! lol  still cracks me up looking at that picture.  well we shall continue to work on socializing this little man, and hopefully in a few more days i’ll have him purring.  that’s my goal!  and thank goodness, they smell ALOT better!!


Teddy these days….

is quite often curled up with his new “adopted” mom, my dog Shyler! lol  i have no idea how this relationship developed. all i know is that now Teddy is most often curled up with her, beside her, snuggled with her, making biscuits on her, and altho he often attempts to nurse on her, he’s not successful.

and despite attempts to find Teddy a home, none have panned out, and this bond continued to grow.

so i have a feeling, Teddy is Planet Kitty’s newest resident.  not that we mind all that much! lol  and how does Shyler feel about it?

all we got was no comment out of her.  afterall, a big giant breed mix having feelings about a little kitten?  indeed!  miss Shyler has a reputation to protect!


i guess life is all about taking happiness where u can find it!  🙂


it’s a word that makes me smile and i am smiling right now.  I just got back from delivering two of the Golden Girls to their new home!  little Sophia, the runt of the litter, and Blanche the biggest of the four, are now Velma and Daphne.  the five year old son of the family renamed Blanche Daphne and that set off the ScoobyDo theme for names



I had been out running a few errands earlier, and came home to a message at Greta’s Kingdom Facebook page from the manager of where I bank.  at first I didn’t recognize the name, and then once we got chatting, i realized who it was.  definitely a cat person, and someone i know fairly well, I felt really good about the adopting and that’s how these two wound up in a new home tonight!

what i found amazing, is that the hubby of the family, a self proclaimed dog person, had Blanche curled up in his arm, and was completely sold! LOL  don’t you just love how they do that?  hubby has been around cats, and even rescued one where he works,  apparently they have quite the feral cat problem down at the office.  it became very apparent to me that even tho he described himself as a dog person, hubby also  has a very big heart.  🙂

the misses of the house, was sold on little Sophia.  Sophia in her arms cried for petting and if you quit, she would start crying again.  ironically, in the beginning, little Sophia was very shy and took long to warm up but has most certainly come out of her shell since being here at Planet Kitty.    i am sooo utterly happy to have them go to this new home!!!!  it fills good when it’s someone you know and know that u can trust!

the only bummer news to report today, is that little Aidan is limping.  he’s the one that got his foot all ensnarled in the wire pet cage, and i have to see that this is the first time i’ve noticed any limping since the incident.  it also felt like to me that he just didn’t overall feel very good today either, and it has me concerned, so i  will be keeping a close eye on him, and if we must, will make a trip this week to the vet to have him checked out if necessary.

little man Aidan

returning home from the vet yesterday, seemed to have really stressed Elliot out, but he’s alot calmer and more outgoing today.  course, having to apply cream to his bum 3 times a day i’m sure he just relishes that experience.  NOT! lol  he also seems so dang skinny but he’s “very siamese” and i think that has alot to do with it.  he was mr. popularity at the vet’s office.  the vet tech even wanted to take him and probably would of if it weren’t for the hubby at home that “don’t want another”.    we will continue with the cream application tho, and keep and eye on the little man.  and of course, Aidan’s foot as well.

They Should Come With Kitten Warning Labels

i was sitting at my computer when i started hearing kitten cries coming from the kitten nursery.  as i made my way to the room, the cries turned more into kitten screams, and inside i found Aidan with his foot stuck.  somehow, it had literally gotten twisted among the wiring of the cage, sort of an over and under twist type of thing.  i started to work on trying to get his foot loose, but little Aidan was in soooo much pain, that he actually bit me.  this guy was REALLY hurting!  I had to grab him by the scruff of the neck to keep him from biting me more, and finally managed to get his little foot untangled.  his claw got caught on a framing mechanism and in trying to get it out, it had gotten tangled even more.

poor little guy was pretty shooken up.  he limped about for a bit, but at a later check his foot was doing fine!  i on the other hand, am keeping a close watch on the bite.

at the time of the injury, little Aidan was on top of the crate and as alot of kittens do, he loves to climb.  after this experience, i highly recommend no one use these for kittens.  tooo easy for them to get something caught and pinched, and it’s highly likely that once the pinching begins, they are going to try and get free which could make the whole situation worse, i.e. little Aidan’s trauma and my bite!

i’m just glad i was here to get him untangled.  i can’t imagine if no one was there to supervise and a kitten got caught.  what if it were their head or something??  so my recommendation  is to stick to crates like this:

especially for kittens.  much less likely to get injured, me thinks!

The Auction Benefitting Greta’s Kingdom

if you haven’t noticed all the posting going on over at Facebook lately on the Planet Kitty page, my page and Greta’s Kingdom page, then either there’s something very traumatic going on in your world right now, or you have selective vision! lol  we…ok yeah it’s perty much just me at this point, has been burning the midnight oil making sure everyone who wants it, has access to the auction, and lemme tell ya, we have some FANTASTIC items up over there for the bidding and the taking.  Some of those items are:

a Rescue Ink tshirt that will actually be signed by alot of the famous guys that roll with that rescue tribe.  now how awesome is that?  and yet, no one still has bid on it. 😦

nezt, is a fabulous print by soon to be world famous photographer, Mark Ross, out of New York City!!  Mark has a book of his work coming out in September of 2011, and has generously donated this print of Bubba, another item that still doesn’t have any bids.  what’s up with that??!!

Added to this, is one …ok let me put on a guy personna here…one sweet calendar of hot pin up chicks and some fine lookin’ dogs!  what more could a guy use?  ok yes the year is half over, BUT these shots are some mighty fine wall art that will be worth their purchase for years to come!  come on girls!! get it for your man!  hey it’s better than playboy and it’s going to a VERY good cause!  (half of the proceeds from the calendar will be donated to Grand Junction Pitbull Rescue of Grand Junction, Co, and they do some awesome rescue work!)

what else is there?  ohhh just an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of the book Homer’s Odyssey, by Gwen Cooper.  ok u call yourself a catperson and yet you’ve never heard of it?  dunno what planet you’ve been on babe, but it wasn’t Planet Kitty!!  lol  if that don’t get you intersested, there’s also a print of THE famous grey tuxedo kitty Petie of I Have Cat fame, AND Luna the very fashionable fashion kitty, we just LOVE HER, has generously donated some mugs of her own line for bidding as well.  (I really wanted one but a certain NYC gal outbid me 😦 lol)

and of all the most important stuff over there, i am really busted up and heartbroken that no one has placed any bids on the fabulous prints we have up of little Elliot!  he’s such a beautiful boy who’s been thru soooo much and has such big blue eyes….i was really hoping someone would go just WILD for his photos and throw a bid out there for them…ahh…c’est la vie…poor little guy, and such a beautiful kitty!  but alas…don’t do it for me.  do it for him, and all the other beautiful little faces we have at Planet Kitty!  won’t you?

Finally Finally!!

some good news on Elliot’s case!!  Yeah!

it started with compilcations.  the surgery didn’t work as planned.  the intent of the surgery was to place a “purse string” stitch in his little bum to kind of hold everything together and help it go back to normal.  unfortunately the stitch only managed to irritate, and little Elliot was straining too much against it to go poop, so dr. smith removed the stitch and then began treating Elliot with steroids to try and get the swelling down and Elliot’s bum to return to normal.  this is the slippery slope dr. smith was talking about when prolapsed rectums go on for too long.

that was friday.  TODAY, however, he is responding to the treatment really well!  dr. smith also threw in some antibiotics incase there was any kind of infection going on too, and i just got off the phone with the dr, and he said that Elliot is feeling better!  that he’s alot more animated, eating well, playful, and the dr. thinks we’re finally gaining ground with the whole prolapse.  YEAH!!  i needed this news!  i’m sure you did too!  the dr. is doing everything he can to watch costs, and is donating alot of his time.  Elliot will be staying with dr. smith until thursday/friday.  He’s not charging us for theadditional procedure or boarding, just the anesthesia,  antibiotics and steroids.  that puts the final balance for Elliot at just shy of $300.  the only thing that would change is if Elliot’s situation for some reason drastically changed and he needed major life saving surgery but dr. smith doesn’t see that happening with as well as he’s doing!  YEAH!!

i will change the balance of the chipin later for donations.  right now, i just want to bask in this good news.  yeah!!