Update on Elliot

thankfully, due to the compassion of the basalt, colorado emergency animal clinic, i was able to get Elliot looked at.  they did a treatment to help reduce the swelling, and then also dewormed him in case it was worms or a parasite that caused the problem to begin with.  Dr. Bisque Jackson, she was wonderful!, attended to him and recommended not doing surgery at this time but to wait and see how it progressed.  the instructions were to apply water to Elliot’s little bum and to keep an eye on it to make sure it stays moist, which i have been doing.  he’s not thrilled with the water treatments tho.  so far, it doesn’t look any better or worse and what i can’t get over, is the fact that he still doesn’t seem to have had a bowel movement.  grrr!

elliot at the vet and not happy about it


so after speaking with Dr. Jackson today, if Elliot hasn’t had a bowel movement by tomorrow, he’s going to need an enema, which means another trip to a vet about 60 miles away, and on top of all this, the foster who has the trash can kittens we rescued, can no longer foster, so i am picking those up today along with another litter of kittens.  i guess when it rains kittens, it really POURS!

currently, little elliot’s bill is at $172 for seeing her yesterday.  I have left it open incase we have to go back tomorrow.  Please continue to make donations!!!!  especially now that I have seven more kittens coming too!  yesterday i was so occupied with dealing with Elliot, I had run out of toilet paper and haven’t been able to run to the store to get more.  ACK!

on the upside, at least we had two crates donated!  🙂


6 thoughts on “Update on Elliot

    • TY tamar!! yes i now have NINE Kittens in the house. NINE!! lol and the new group that i picked up today has at the very least eye infections if not conjunctivitis! …big sigh!

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