meet little Elliot

a few days ago i responded to an ad for a little siamese mix boy kitten. initially the person who was giving him away for free, was responding to me, and then all of a sudden stopped. i have a sneaking suspicion that they figured out that i was with a rescue. however, today, they contacted me again saying that they had been out of town and asking if i still wanted him. i said yes.
i met the lady in town, expecting her to have the kitten with her to do a trade with me, instead, i wound up having to follow her out into the country to her place to pick him up. she said she had to go out of town for a few days due to an emergency and when she got back, he was “like this”.
“like this” was what appeared to be a partially ellapsed rectum. there didn’t appear to be any internal tissue exposed at this point, and she said that he had been active, eating well, and eliminating just fine.
i have a sneaking suspicion that she had figured out i was with a rescue and that was the reason for all of a sudden discontinuing contact with me. and then when this little problem turned up, no one else wanted him and so i was her last resort.
i packed him into the carrier and went on my way, kind of “disgusted” with her. she said she had found the mom on the highway and had gotten her back to good health and she’d had the kittens and all of them she had sold for $25 or $50 rehoming fees in attempts to get them into good homes, but this little guy wasn’t the most social and no one took an interest, and then when she got back into town, she found his “new problem”. while i was glad she had kept the mom and gotten her healthy, spayed and was giving her a home, i had mixed emotions about the condition of the little one i was there to take in.

upon first meeting up with her at the rendezvou point, she referred to him as a “little pain in the ass” and then quickly stated she “was kidding” and after seeing him, i wondered if she just didn’t care for him and his personality or what.  she had a total of 5 other cats that she was home too, but you just never know with people. 

he’s very beautiful, but needs some socializing, i believe.  however, the most important thing and of deep concern to me right now, is his partially prollapsed rectum, and of all things, to be handed this little guy on the friday eve of a three day weekend in a small town where everything closes down for the long holiday weekend.

when we got home, i attempted to take some pictures of his issue to send to another volunteer and foster mama who’s had many years experience working as a vet tech.  we will be having to watch his situation thru the weekend very closely.  and it may become necessary to run him into the ER which is at least 60 miles away if not further.

elliot's little bum.

unfortunately the pic i took of his little bum was with a cellphone and it was not only hard to focus, but poor little Elliot was very apparently uncomfortable not to mention scared, and was not appreciative of someone poking around his backside which was obviously tender as well.  he is STILL huddling inside the crate and won’t come out.  poor little guy!

a so beautiful and so scared!

we have set up an chipin link for Elliot here:


i know the donation meter is set high, but the ER vet always charges so incredibly much more.  my cat Pannda had to be rushed there a cppl of years ago with a UTI blockage and just to have them catheter him and observe him overnight was over $900.  Please help!! Crosspost, donate and whatever u can do.  it’s all greatly appreciated.  TY!


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