Teddy’s Rocky Road

what teddy spends most of his time doing these days: sleeping

these day’s Teddy spends most of his time sleeping.  he’s been walking a rocky road lately, and it’s been exhausting for him.  over last weekend he started exhibitting alot fo very watery running diarrhea.  come monday morning, i got him into the vet and he was diagnosed with giardia.  he’s been on the meds since monday, and altho some improvment has been made, it’s definitely not back to normal.

another testing of his stool showed the bacteria still present and so his medication was changed, another added, and on the advisement of the vet, another test was done to double check Teddy for FeLV, FiV, and whatever else it tests for.  this time the test came back positive.  😦  ugh….i mean… UGH!  i really wasn’t expecting this, and have never dealt with anything like this before.  granted, i am new to rescuing and so it was only a matter of time before i too would have a cat or kitten come along with this.  it was also kinda blown away because the first test came back negative.

i have heard that there have been false positives, and also problems with the test, and so the vet suggested we wait a few more weeks, by then Teddy should be around somewhere between 3-4 months, and we would retest to see what it says.

Teddy eats and drinks, and mostly sleeps.  his fever hasn’t returned, and even tho the diarrhea looks better, it still seems to leave him drained.  he’s not his little macho self, doesn’t play a whole lot, and doesn’t understand at all why he’s in isolation from everyone and every thing.  previously it was for both my dogs and cats sake, and now that the dogs aren’t at any rescue it’s not as broad an isolation, but the dogs aren’t much for being playmates for a little kitten.  i try to get in the room to spend as much time as possible, and have even considered moving the computer into there, but then i would be taking the dogs in with me, and i think that would only stress Teddy more for so now, things will stay like they are.  he’s comfortable, clean, has plenty of food and water, and with as mellow as he is right now, i think it’ll be fine.  hopefully the diarrhea will ease up, and in a few weeks, he will re-test negative.  until then, we will take things one day at a time.

1 thought on “Teddy’s Rocky Road

  1. Poor little guy.. he is so young and hopefully is something he just has to deal with for a little while and maybe in a couple weeks.. he will be healthy..

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