it never seems to amaze me the amount of people who will post pets on craigslist.  now i can understand a rescue posting available adoptables because there’s a screening process to go thru in order to adopt, but the number of FREE cats and dogs, puppies and kittens on there just blows my mind.  people who have had their animals for even like 6 years!  and i realize that it’s free and has far reaching abilities that don’t cost like a paper, but i would still think that calling local rescues would be alot better than this!  I give you for example, this picture, which i found on craigslist.

at first you see these cute lttle kittens, but look closer :S

upon first inspection, all you might see is 4 cute little kittens that someone is giving away for free.  and that is all the posting says, free kittens.  however, if you look closer, aside from the fact that these guys don’t look even 8 weeks old, this picture of them was TAKEN WITH THEM IN A TRASH CAN!!!

yep! that's a trash can people...A TRASH CAN!!!

a bazillion questions are going thru my mind like…”what kind of people put litle kittens in a trash can?”  ok i could see it if they were just using it as a means of “rounding them up” for the foto, but if u look again, you will see a blanket in that can.  and yes the can is clean, but did they clean it up for hte picture?  where’s the mom?  how much value do these folks put in these kittens lives?  if they are free, does that mean that anyone could take them?  meaning that they could be used as bate for dog fight training?  snake food?  god only knows what else??  i responded to the email address given, to see if we-as in us at Greta’s Kingdom- can get these little guys out of the hands of these folks, and into rescue ASAP!!!

these little guys are in a rural area, where the value of critters, are not given nearly the consideration that is current with the trends and knowledge concerning animals that continues to grow presently in many of our cities and towns.  little value could be attached to them, as say any other animal on a farm in very rural american.  hopefully, i will get an answer and we can get these guys into rescue and help them find good, loving homes where they will have long happy lives.

I promise to keep you all posted!

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