well let’s first introduce the new foster arrivals at Planet Kitty.  i’ve been dropping little teasers about them and here they finally are and boy  howdy are they precious!!  Introducing, the Golden Girls!

i picked these gals up earlier today, and when they were handed to me, not only was it apparent that they have some sort of upper respiratory going on, but that they weren’t eight weeks yet either.  (often times when i meet these peeps, i want to give them a lecture about spaying/neutering their cats so that this doesn’t continue to happen, but that only tends to irritate them, and i haven’t figured out yet how to get the info across.  not to mention the fact that they kept the male of the litter as well :S)

these little lovelies came from Grand Junction where there’s still a “country folk” mentality when it comes to cats and dogs.  “country folk” is the only way i know how to put it.  very frustrating.

anways, back to the beauties…i know i can just hear you all grumbling, “where’s the pictures?” lol  ok ok!

little blanche, the most outgoing and flirt of the bunch. she likes to play!

sophia and dorothy. these two stick together like....mother and daughter, however they obviously aren't mother and


rose who was plum tuckered!

while down in GJ picking up the browns, i also picked up some Lysine and am giving it to these four to see if it won’t help with their little colds, URIs.  they are skinny, scared, and probably stressed too as they didn’t have much of an appetite tonight.  Blanche, seemed the healthiest of them all, and wasn’t sneezing or had watering eyes.  she also was very playful and definitely had more meat on her bones than the other two.  they are all tucked in now, with tons of pillows, soft places, and food and water.  i will just let them chill for tonight and check on them first thing in the morning.

altho silly, dorothy was actually yawning. there was alot of that going on. these guys have had a big day!

btw i wanna say a big THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED TO ELLIOT’S CHIP IN!!  the good news is he doesn’t have to have an enema tomorrow and is ok until we follow up with our regular vet on tuesday to see what she thinks about it all.  and if there’s anything else that should be done.  meanwhile, i keep applying water to the poor guy’s little bum.

and as i mentioned, i think somewhere earlier.  a foster backed out on me on their commitment to the Brown’s and so now i have them as well!  one of them was adopted, but i have the 3 of them that were left.  oh and btw, abby is not a girl but a boy!  and so i name HIM Aidan.  i feel it’s the least of what i should be able to do since i now am fostering a total of NINE kittens.  yeesh!  here are a few pics of the browns.

little dresden the only girl left



Aidan in the middle!


and remember this little guy?  Teddy?  well he’s been in isolation here, and will be retested end of this week to see if he still comes up positive for FeLV.  i don’t think he will.  the little booger has been puttin’ in weight and looks good!  i could be wrong tho.  i have news on him end of the week.  PROMISE!


i’m so tired, and my own critters, specially the dogs, are feeling the neglect of the last few days….they’re paying back for it right now by  ruffhousing…get it?  RUFFHOUSING?  ok yeah i know…corny.  time for me to go to bed.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

Update on Elliot

thankfully, due to the compassion of the basalt, colorado emergency animal clinic, i was able to get Elliot looked at.  they did a treatment to help reduce the swelling, and then also dewormed him in case it was worms or a parasite that caused the problem to begin with.  Dr. Bisque Jackson, she was wonderful!, attended to him and recommended not doing surgery at this time but to wait and see how it progressed.  the instructions were to apply water to Elliot’s little bum and to keep an eye on it to make sure it stays moist, which i have been doing.  he’s not thrilled with the water treatments tho.  so far, it doesn’t look any better or worse and what i can’t get over, is the fact that he still doesn’t seem to have had a bowel movement.  grrr!

elliot at the vet and not happy about it


so after speaking with Dr. Jackson today, if Elliot hasn’t had a bowel movement by tomorrow, he’s going to need an enema, which means another trip to a vet about 60 miles away, and on top of all this, the foster who has the trash can kittens we rescued, can no longer foster, so i am picking those up today along with another litter of kittens.  i guess when it rains kittens, it really POURS!

currently, little elliot’s bill is at $172 for seeing her yesterday.  I have left it open incase we have to go back tomorrow.  Please continue to make donations!!!!  especially now that I have seven more kittens coming too!  yesterday i was so occupied with dealing with Elliot, I had run out of toilet paper and haven’t been able to run to the store to get more.  ACK!

on the upside, at least we had two crates donated!  🙂



meet little Elliot

a few days ago i responded to an ad for a little siamese mix boy kitten. initially the person who was giving him away for free, was responding to me, and then all of a sudden stopped. i have a sneaking suspicion that they figured out that i was with a rescue. however, today, they contacted me again saying that they had been out of town and asking if i still wanted him. i said yes.
i met the lady in town, expecting her to have the kitten with her to do a trade with me, instead, i wound up having to follow her out into the country to her place to pick him up. she said she had to go out of town for a few days due to an emergency and when she got back, he was “like this”.
“like this” was what appeared to be a partially ellapsed rectum. there didn’t appear to be any internal tissue exposed at this point, and she said that he had been active, eating well, and eliminating just fine.
i have a sneaking suspicion that she had figured out i was with a rescue and that was the reason for all of a sudden discontinuing contact with me. and then when this little problem turned up, no one else wanted him and so i was her last resort.
i packed him into the carrier and went on my way, kind of “disgusted” with her. she said she had found the mom on the highway and had gotten her back to good health and she’d had the kittens and all of them she had sold for $25 or $50 rehoming fees in attempts to get them into good homes, but this little guy wasn’t the most social and no one took an interest, and then when she got back into town, she found his “new problem”. while i was glad she had kept the mom and gotten her healthy, spayed and was giving her a home, i had mixed emotions about the condition of the little one i was there to take in.

upon first meeting up with her at the rendezvou point, she referred to him as a “little pain in the ass” and then quickly stated she “was kidding” and after seeing him, i wondered if she just didn’t care for him and his personality or what.  she had a total of 5 other cats that she was home too, but you just never know with people. 

he’s very beautiful, but needs some socializing, i believe.  however, the most important thing and of deep concern to me right now, is his partially prollapsed rectum, and of all things, to be handed this little guy on the friday eve of a three day weekend in a small town where everything closes down for the long holiday weekend.

when we got home, i attempted to take some pictures of his issue to send to another volunteer and foster mama who’s had many years experience working as a vet tech.  we will be having to watch his situation thru the weekend very closely.  and it may become necessary to run him into the ER which is at least 60 miles away if not further.

elliot's little bum.

unfortunately the pic i took of his little bum was with a cellphone and it was not only hard to focus, but poor little Elliot was very apparently uncomfortable not to mention scared, and was not appreciative of someone poking around his backside which was obviously tender as well.  he is STILL huddling inside the crate and won’t come out.  poor little guy!

a so beautiful and so scared!

we have set up an chipin link for Elliot here:

i know the donation meter is set high, but the ER vet always charges so incredibly much more.  my cat Pannda had to be rushed there a cppl of years ago with a UTI blockage and just to have them catheter him and observe him overnight was over $900.  Please help!! Crosspost, donate and whatever u can do.  it’s all greatly appreciated.  TY!


Eternal Puppydom!

up for adoption, the little girl in black with white sox!

we gave her the name Roxi, and this little aussie mix has been thru heck!  she came from a rescue that was anything BUT a rescue.  majorly underweight and with a severe case of kennel cough, this little girl took a good 6 months to get well!  we fell in love with her instantly!

oh that sun is bright!!

a little girl's very best friend!

100% family dog!

isn’t she adorable??  i even took her into my bank to see how she’d do with the folks in there, after picking her up from the previous good samaritan that took her in and got her back to good health, and she ran around, greeting everyone then plopped down and went to sleep!  this dog just LOVES people!!  amazing after all then neglect she survived at the hands of humans!  she also LOVES to give kisses!!  ok i’m gonn have to quit looking at her pictures or I’M going to adopt her!! lol

Gotsa Love Those Little Faces!

other than a minor kink with having to change foster homes, the browns are doing fabulous with their new foster mom charly and crew!  one has even already left the building! (adopted)  here are some much better pics of them!

we have, or i should say charly has, figured out the sex of each and there are 3 girls and one boy.

Lola (adopted)

there's a great big world out there huh Lola?

ohhhh the scratchi' feels soooo good!


little escape artist

busted darnit!


on the day i met them, Phoenix was very mellow and let  his sisters have the limelight.  course, i think his good looks speak for themselves!

Phoenix with Lola

abby girl

those ears!

looks that make you go "awwwwww!"

a bushel or a peck of kitties? who knows?

patiently waiting...

apparently being instantly famous and a tv star is hard work...or at least it was for Phoenix!

not to mention alot of patience, at least, as far as Lola was concerned....

can we go yet?

Just one more shot kids!

Meet the Browns!!

formerly known as those kittens that were in the trash can, this little batch of 4 kittens is safely in a foster home tonight!!! YEAH!  it has been quite an ordeal to keep those that had them talking to us and getting it coordinated into our hands!  phew!

in honor of their current foster family, they are being named after them.  we still haven’t determined the sex of each one, and are working on donations to get them into a vet soon! 

their foster mom tells us they look healthy and were just hungry when she got them home wednesday.  phew!  let’s hope that that is our biggest worry with them

right now, they’re pretty scared, and need some socializing.  our family is working on that round the clock!!

their foster mama has already been charmed by one of them.  so could one of them may have a future permanent home with the foster family, but time will tell for sure with that!!

aren’t they cute?!!!  i hope to get down there soon and take more pictures of them and also meet them face to face!  if you want to help out, as donations are needed SEVERELY!!!  you can go to

stay tuned for more rescues over at Greta’s !!

I’m Avé!

that’s short for Avé Maria.  i’m named after an italian, religious song, altho it’s been sung in many other languages since it was written.  i can be really silly, altho dressing me up was mom’s idea, not mine!  this is not how i’m silly.

my sillyness is more like this where i sneak into pics and mom doesn’t even realize i’m there until later when she’s put it on the computer!  being sneaky is one of the things i’m good at.  but when you intentionally take my picture, or i’m given your full attention, i get all shy!

so i’ll look away or yawn.  see?

The Many Moods of Eli

with all the drama and preoccupation/care going on with Teddy lately, Eli felt the need to remind me that he was here and was apparently feeling neglected the other day.

you must admit he is quite striking and handsome.

and he wanted me to tell u that his hobbies are sleeping, eating, chewing on my computer wires to get my attention, and the endless search for the perfect pillow to get his freak on with.

in reference to that last subject, being neutered apparently had no effect.  for  “he has needs” that is, if u ask him….

oh and sunshine.  we musn’t forget lying in sunshine!

…and um, stretching and grooming.  can’t forget those!  …just sayin’!

that is all.

Teddy’s Rocky Road

what teddy spends most of his time doing these days: sleeping

these day’s Teddy spends most of his time sleeping.  he’s been walking a rocky road lately, and it’s been exhausting for him.  over last weekend he started exhibitting alot fo very watery running diarrhea.  come monday morning, i got him into the vet and he was diagnosed with giardia.  he’s been on the meds since monday, and altho some improvment has been made, it’s definitely not back to normal.

another testing of his stool showed the bacteria still present and so his medication was changed, another added, and on the advisement of the vet, another test was done to double check Teddy for FeLV, FiV, and whatever else it tests for.  this time the test came back positive.  😦  ugh….i mean… UGH!  i really wasn’t expecting this, and have never dealt with anything like this before.  granted, i am new to rescuing and so it was only a matter of time before i too would have a cat or kitten come along with this.  it was also kinda blown away because the first test came back negative.

i have heard that there have been false positives, and also problems with the test, and so the vet suggested we wait a few more weeks, by then Teddy should be around somewhere between 3-4 months, and we would retest to see what it says.

Teddy eats and drinks, and mostly sleeps.  his fever hasn’t returned, and even tho the diarrhea looks better, it still seems to leave him drained.  he’s not his little macho self, doesn’t play a whole lot, and doesn’t understand at all why he’s in isolation from everyone and every thing.  previously it was for both my dogs and cats sake, and now that the dogs aren’t at any rescue it’s not as broad an isolation, but the dogs aren’t much for being playmates for a little kitten.  i try to get in the room to spend as much time as possible, and have even considered moving the computer into there, but then i would be taking the dogs in with me, and i think that would only stress Teddy more for so now, things will stay like they are.  he’s comfortable, clean, has plenty of food and water, and with as mellow as he is right now, i think it’ll be fine.  hopefully the diarrhea will ease up, and in a few weeks, he will re-test negative.  until then, we will take things one day at a time.