IT’S A GIRL!!! aaa…ummm…Not Quite!

little her turned out to be a little him!
little teddy is a boy and not a girl!  (it can be hard to tell with the floofier babes, and plus him being so young) and unfortunately, because of the change in sex, our potential adopter has changed their mind because they like to let their cats out, and a neighborhood cat is a big bossy male and they think if they adopt a male, there’ll be problems.  whatever!  don’t let your cat out and u don’t have these problems. 
but i bit my lip and accepted the news.  meanwhile. the potential adopter, who is also a family member of mine, was going to foot the bill to have little Teddy all checked out but not since that’s changed, we need to get this kitten to a vet for a checkup as soon as possible!!  we don’t know if he’s positive for feline luekemia or anything else and until we do, he can’t be adopted.    PLUS, our current foster, is under a limited frame of time to keep him for us, so the sooner we can move on this the better.
so this is a CALL FOR HELP!  little Teddy needs to get to a vet for routine testing and a check up and we need your help!  if you can’t donate please share and crosspost as  well.  thanks everyone!  🙂

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