Lookie Lookie!!

how she got her name. she rises on her back legs alot to play and observe things

look at that face!
meet TEDDY!!

i was leaving the parking lot of the local family dollar store early evening the other day, when i saw something in the front of the liquor store- that sits next to the dollar store (i guess so all us poor folk who can only afford the dollar store hit up the liquor store to drown our sorrows-however i don’t drink)- that looked like a baby possum.  now i wasn’t right up close so that’s why my thoughts as to what the creature was, were off.  so i pulled up closer and got out to take a closer look as i’d never seen a baby possum close up and was curious.  course, the little thing crept around the edge of the building and curious me followed.  i found it hovered next to some liquor boxes, and upon closer scrutiny realized i was looking at a tiny little kitten that was frozen with fear!  i reached down and picked the kit up and took along the liquor box and placed it inside.  i’m kinda surprised she didn’t have a stronger reaction and try to take my hand off, but i guess fear won out over being tuff.

i got the little critter home and gave what later turned out to be a her, a bath.  just a little warm water and soap.  nothing fancy as it was obvious to me that this little girl is pretty young. she had a lotta crud in her fur tho, and i didn’t want to just leave her that way.   due to her age tho and where i found her, i’m having to keep her seperate from the other kitties until i’m absolutely positive she is flea/creepy crawler/parasite free because the last two kittens i took in and didn’t keep well seperated from the others, i wound up with an outbreak of “something” that bites and me and my vet have never been able to determine just what it was, and all the kitties had to be treated to get rid of whatever was biting us.  no fun!  so i tend to play it extra cautious especially with pulling a little critter in off the streets.

she’s a little on the skinny side, but looks ok so far.  i will be getting her to the vet soon for a check up!  but ain’t she just ohhhhh sooo adorable??

she’s been pretty shy, and has hisssed at me a bit, but what do u expect from a little tiny kitty out in the middle of a huge parking lot that wound up there god only knows how, plus i’m pretty sure she’s not even 8 weeks yet.  she does love to play tho, and when i do pick her up and start petting her, her motor gets going.  and what a motor she has!!  can’t think of a way to describe it yet, it’s very interesting and cute!

she’s a very good little girl tho!  she doesn’t make a huge fuss and i think is just glad to be able to play without worries and to have a warm bed, nice food and to be safe!  poor little thing! i can’t imagine if i hadn’t come across her…if she’d wondered out into the parking lot, or had been out thru out the darn night!

so glad i found her!!  now it’s time to get her fit and healthy!!

2 thoughts on “Lookie Lookie!!

  1. OH SO CUTE! She looks about 6-7 weeks…you should go check out the alley where you found her, I bet there’s some more kittens there somewhere! She’s a beauty!

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