It Started with Two Black Cats

…crossing my path.  not at the same time, but within less than 24 hours of each other.  the first was when i was on my way back from the parents place on the other side of the mountains from me, en route to grand junction.  i was traveling in a big circle after heading their way for a job interview earlier this week, and came back thru the big city to drop off more stuff at the trailer.  it was a long day of driving, interviewing and visiting with family, and i was literally on the outskirts of gj on a major highway no less, when a black cat bolted across the highway in front of me.  i was shocked to see a kitty way out in such an arid area where there wasn’t much for water and concerned, i pulled over to see if i could help the poor creature. ai sheriff’s car followed behind me with lights flashing, but once seeing i was alright and on some kind of mission, moved along.  i could see the kitty sitting next to a tree below the highway shoulder and i looked away for a sec, only to look back and no longer see him.  i walked down and called but no creature was to be found.  after a fairly extensive search, i gave up and went back to my car. 

that's one good lookin' black kitty!

the next morning, i was headed out early to grand junction for another interview.  as i pulled onto the highway, another black cat bolted across the highway in front of me.  a small farm and also a feral cat colony resides at the rest area close by, so this was not quite as surprising, but to have 2 cats cross my path in less then 24 hours was unusual i thought. 

on my way to grand junction, i checked my balance with my bank, and gathered myself to hear the bad news of the small balance i had.  this was not the case, however, and miraculously, my balance had increased and not decreased!  things were getting not only tight but downright scary on the moneyfront for  us, and so to hear my balance had grown and not shrunk, was music to my ears!!! 

hmmmm…such good news after 2 black kitties crossing my pasth??  i was exstatic!!  you see i don’t believe the old wives tale that a black cat crossing ur path is bad voo-doo, and the actual truth about this myth is that the belief originally began that black cats were good luck, but the whole “witchcraft” thing, created a backlash against single women and black cats centuries ago mainly because bored people had nothing better to do.  (if you don’t believe me, google it and find out for yourself).

i wondered…. would i be so lucky as to have double the luck with not one but TWO black kitties crossing my path?

well my answer came today, i believe.  out of curiousity, i decided to check the pending forclosure lists with the county.  I had been once again, running around like a chicken in preparation trying to get ready for us to relocate to where we weren’t really sure this time, but i got curious and wanted to see that date of april 13 just one more time. 

i scrolled thru the lists, looking for my name.  it takes forever especially since my town has the highest forclosure rate of any of the towns in the county.  what really amazed me while looking at this list, was the number of old family names i have known since i was kid growning up in the town in glenwood springs just up the road, that were on that list.  so many of us, were in the same boat.  how sad.  and for me, even sadder to see their names than mine because so many of those old valley names made up a huge part of the history of the county that i grew up in.  while contemplating their predictament as well as mine, i came upon my address, and low and behold….the forclosure sale of my property had been put off for another month.  will wonders never cease??

so despite his chagrin, i have been hugging my black kitty Aslan, alot today.  (being a kind of autistic kitty/special needs, “touchy/feely” really ain’t his thing).  and i can’t help but keep thinking “bless those black kitties!! BLESS “EM!!”  🙂

my black kitty Aslan. don't ya just wanna "smoosh" him? lol

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