THANK YOU ALL!!! who showed concern, support, donated crossposted and shared Teddy’s need online!!!  he is now in the clear and we all are sooo happy here at PK!!!  I can’t thank you enuff what your support means to me!!  he’s sure cute and such a little trooper altho he didn’t like getting his first shot at the vet!  (that cry was hearbreaking to here!)

taking it easy

the sweet little guy is home taking it easy now.  going to the vet was enuff adventure for one day!!


teddy is under the weather for sure. feeling lethargic and not his usual crazy playful self. please help and donate!

at first it was just a call to help in a chipin to get Teddy a routine check by a vet but today he’s acting lethargic and not his usual energetic self at all!!!  please please help with the chipin!  as many of you know, i’m unemployed at the minute and am very limited what i can do financially for this guy!  HE NEEDS YOUR HELP!!  if everyone who’s a fan of Planet Kitty donated one dollar, that of course would be more than enuff to help  way more!! all we need is $100 to get him into the vet!! PLEASE HELP HIM!!!  😦


IT’S A GIRL!!! aaa…ummm…Not Quite!

little her turned out to be a little him!
little teddy is a boy and not a girl!  (it can be hard to tell with the floofier babes, and plus him being so young) and unfortunately, because of the change in sex, our potential adopter has changed their mind because they like to let their cats out, and a neighborhood cat is a big bossy male and they think if they adopt a male, there’ll be problems.  whatever!  don’t let your cat out and u don’t have these problems. 
but i bit my lip and accepted the news.  meanwhile. the potential adopter, who is also a family member of mine, was going to foot the bill to have little Teddy all checked out but not since that’s changed, we need to get this kitten to a vet for a checkup as soon as possible!!  we don’t know if he’s positive for feline luekemia or anything else and until we do, he can’t be adopted.    PLUS, our current foster, is under a limited frame of time to keep him for us, so the sooner we can move on this the better.
so this is a CALL FOR HELP!  little Teddy needs to get to a vet for routine testing and a check up and we need your help!  if you can’t donate please share and crosspost as  well.  thanks everyone!  🙂

Lookie Lookie!!

how she got her name. she rises on her back legs alot to play and observe things

look at that face!
meet TEDDY!!

i was leaving the parking lot of the local family dollar store early evening the other day, when i saw something in the front of the liquor store- that sits next to the dollar store (i guess so all us poor folk who can only afford the dollar store hit up the liquor store to drown our sorrows-however i don’t drink)- that looked like a baby possum.  now i wasn’t right up close so that’s why my thoughts as to what the creature was, were off.  so i pulled up closer and got out to take a closer look as i’d never seen a baby possum close up and was curious.  course, the little thing crept around the edge of the building and curious me followed.  i found it hovered next to some liquor boxes, and upon closer scrutiny realized i was looking at a tiny little kitten that was frozen with fear!  i reached down and picked the kit up and took along the liquor box and placed it inside.  i’m kinda surprised she didn’t have a stronger reaction and try to take my hand off, but i guess fear won out over being tuff.

i got the little critter home and gave what later turned out to be a her, a bath.  just a little warm water and soap.  nothing fancy as it was obvious to me that this little girl is pretty young. she had a lotta crud in her fur tho, and i didn’t want to just leave her that way.   due to her age tho and where i found her, i’m having to keep her seperate from the other kitties until i’m absolutely positive she is flea/creepy crawler/parasite free because the last two kittens i took in and didn’t keep well seperated from the others, i wound up with an outbreak of “something” that bites and me and my vet have never been able to determine just what it was, and all the kitties had to be treated to get rid of whatever was biting us.  no fun!  so i tend to play it extra cautious especially with pulling a little critter in off the streets.

she’s a little on the skinny side, but looks ok so far.  i will be getting her to the vet soon for a check up!  but ain’t she just ohhhhh sooo adorable??

she’s been pretty shy, and has hisssed at me a bit, but what do u expect from a little tiny kitty out in the middle of a huge parking lot that wound up there god only knows how, plus i’m pretty sure she’s not even 8 weeks yet.  she does love to play tho, and when i do pick her up and start petting her, her motor gets going.  and what a motor she has!!  can’t think of a way to describe it yet, it’s very interesting and cute!

she’s a very good little girl tho!  she doesn’t make a huge fuss and i think is just glad to be able to play without worries and to have a warm bed, nice food and to be safe!  poor little thing! i can’t imagine if i hadn’t come across her…if she’d wondered out into the parking lot, or had been out thru out the darn night!

so glad i found her!!  now it’s time to get her fit and healthy!!

Completely Misunderstood

A few years ago my beloved niece Raquel relocated to Hawaii to be with a boyfriend.  While the relationship with the boyfriend didn’t work out, her relationship with the dog they rescued from the local shelter most certainly did.  Soon Raquel found her way home, and brought her beloved dog Kekoa with her via the airlines all the way back home to Colorado from Hawaii.

For pretty much all of her life, Raquel had been a cat person so I couldn’t possibly understand the sudden change from cat to dog.  I had been raised with cats myself  and when I became an adult chose to add dogs to my life but have always been “naturally” a cat person.  My niece’s sudden change left me befuddled (and I’ll admit a little disappointed because I was concerned that she no longer was a fan of cats).  She said that she hadn’t quit being a cat lover, but just that her experiences with her pup had only broadened her passion for both species.

Silly me wondered if she had completely abandoned her love for her not only her cat Monty back home but for the species in general, eventually tho I “got” what she was saying much to her chagrin at not “getting it” prior to when I did.  :S  Oh well.

kekoa "hitchin" a ride with Raquel while 4-wheeling

I must admit that part of my concern over Raquel’s new found doggy love was because Kekoa was a Pit Bull Terrier mix.  My limited experience with the breed had made me biased with respect to them, and so I was not only concerned with her safety in owning this dog, but in the general safety of all those that would come around him.  Interestingly enough though, Kekoa never acted like the alleged images that are portrayed by the media.  He was always funny, playful, and to the frustration of the people he lived with, a bit gassy, but never threatening, biting, or hostile whatsoever.  However, the other dog of the household, Raquel’s parents dog Chinook, has already done her fair share of being aggressive, unpredictable, and guilty of biting/snapping at one or 2 people.  Chinook, is a giant size of a dog that is a Malamute mix.  (Can you see the irony of the situation?)

A couple of years later, I was busy “bussing” my pets back and forth between my house and the local shelter for a low cost vaccination clinic.  While waiting, a lady was there who’s family members included 4 or 5 Schnauzers, one Pit Bull Terrier named Petie, and cats of which the number I can’t remember.  The lady had initially taken in Petie as a foster and to help out the local shelter, however, Petie turned out to be such a joy that she decided to keep him.  This stout little fella (ok little for a Pit Bull)  made the rounds between all of us waiting in line with our pets: friendly, tail wagging, and a bully smile on his face, greeting humans, various dogs, and any cats that would allow him to approach.  His owner claimed that he was not only better behaved than her Schnauzers, but that he was almost “maternal” when it came  to the cats and very sweet to any kittens she fosterd as well.  Once again I was completely blown away by the friendly nature of this guy:  what about all those pictures of snarling viscious unpredictable Pittys you always see?

Summer of last year, was a huge education for me as I came to not only learn more about the severe neglect and abuse this breed is constantly dealt, but at the time, began dating a guy with a tremendous love and appreciation for the breed.

The first time I met Sarah, I was still fearful and cautious because despite the fact that my experiences with the breed up until now had been positive, the image of this breed within our society was still affecting me.  The first time meeting Sarah there was a kennel fence between me and her, and when my the guy I was dating at the tim wasn’t there to supervise, she did bark at me, but never once showed her teeth.  If he went inside, she would again bark at me, but other than barking, never showed her teeth.  Now I have had a few dogs of my own, and know that sometimes it’s important to take an alpha role when it comes to certain dogs. (I insert here that it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT I’M NOT A DOG TRAINER AND I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TRYING WHAT I USED HERE!!)  I decided it was time to quit being scared and take this step with Sarah.  I shrugged off the fear and took on a different “personna” and then approached.  I also looked her in the eyes to let her know that I wasn’t afraid and was alpha at this point.  As I did this, it finally dawned on me just exactly what was going on: Sarah was obviously not being aggressive or threatening in her behavior, but was just as scared of me as I was of her!!  This revolation really surprised me.  I was really shocked to discover that such a powerful breed could actually be scared of me, when she was so capable of doing harm with the strength her breed is made up of!!

As time progressed me and the dogs all got to know each other.  I did alot of observing of Sarah and found not only was she an amazing dog, but she’s just like alot of other dogs I have known.  I also have came to really love her as well, and took it as a compliment when a few weeks later after initial introductions she crawled up next to me on the couch to snuggle, and be petted.  (ok actually I felt really honored!!) 🙂 lol    I have also discovered that she’s really just like any other dog, and Sarah has managed to make good friends not only with all 3 of my dogs, but the king cat of my household, Eli, walked up to her when she came in the front door of my house, exchanged sniffs, and both went on about their business.

I would also like to insert here that up until entering rescue, Sarah had only known one home and one owner, and I truly believe that when any animal goes into rescue, it creates alot of issues for them.  Not issues that they necessarily can’t overcome, but I think it does add “baggage” to their life just as humans collect “baggage” as we go through our lives as well.  With the epiphany that Sarah was just as scared of me as I was her, I was also determined to take a gentle path and go slowly in allowing her to get to know me as well as allowing me to get to know her.  I could appreciate her caution in the situation especially after having gone through being relenquished to a shelter-she was not turned over for any behavioral reasons, but simply because her previous owner could not afford to keep her which is happening to alot of pets these days thanks to the economy-and loosing everything she knew and the person she loved the most.  How traumatizing!!

Sarah sleeping

While the relationship with the guy didn’t last, the education I had received concerning pitbulls left a permament understanding.  I soon became much more aware of the plight of the breed, and even became the owner of one myself.  Kelly Jo was rescue’d from a kill shelter in Utah, and nowadays, especially with the passing of my greyhound Greta, I could not imagine my life without her.

Kelly Joe sharing the bed with the kitties

The current plight of the American Pitbull is absolutely heartbreaking!!  In my own estimation, and not based on any offical research but just paying closer attention to the crosspostings of rescues I see on facebook, I truly believe that of all the dog breeds out there, the American Pit Bull has become not only one of the most overbred dogs, but is also the top breed, from what I see, to suffer terrible neglect and abuse at the hands of humans.  I am constantly seeing dogs that are beaten, malnourished-literally walking skeletons- tortured, neglected, and abandoned 24/7 , 365 days a year.  IT IS TRULY HEARTBREAKING!!!

For example, I give the most recent case of Patrick.  The pitbull pup that was shoved down a trashshoot aftering being thoroughly starved to death on the part of sheer selfishness and lazyness by a human being.  The fact that despite this dog’s ill treatment, he is still desiring to interact with and have contact with humans is a true testiment to the breed the American Pitbull.

Today, Greta’s Kingdom and I were able to partake in a rescue of an 8 month old pitbull male dog, called Dozer, that had been left abandoned in a 4×4 living space.  The dog has been living in it’s own feces for at least 2 months, and had been left without water and food for at least 10 days.  An anonymous angel, as I say, who says they don’t even really care for dogs, discovered the plight of Dozer, and began checking on him and making sure he had water and food.  They managed make contact with us, and today in conjunction with Grand Junction Pitbull Rescue, a volunteer for Greta’s Kingdom pulled the dog from his living conditions and got him to a vet as quickly as possible.

Dozer in his 4ftx4ft cell :S

Amazingly, the dog had suffered no major health issues-in part i’m sure due to the kindness of the anonymous party.  Tests, vaccinations, and other requirements came to a total of $178.  Greta’s Kingdom has started a chipin that can be found at this link, to help with costs, if you are please donate. ( The chipin, last checked read $500 goal, but since finding out the total of Dozer’s bill, we have adjusted it to $178 even tho the chipin still isn’t reflecting that.  Hopefully the changes will catch up and it’ll reflect that shortly).  The parties responsible for Dozer’s abuse/neglect will be pursued legally.  Updates on the situation will be given as we know them.

link to Dozer’s chipin:  http://dozerfundraiser414.chipin.com/dozer-abused-and-neglicted-8-month-old-pitbull-puppy

The volunteer that rescued Dozer stated:



It’s amazing the capacity this animal has for once again putting his trust in a human, after what he has suffered at the hands of a human.

During the progression of this rescue today, I have given my own dogs inumerable hugs, and I’m sure they are probably wondering what is going on.  I just can’t help but to wonder what if it had been one of them in this situation, or even more pointedly, what if it had been my own bully mix, Kelly Jo.  Altho stubborn, she has such a big heart and a gentleness about her that you don’t hear about ENOUGH when it comes to this breed.

Kelly Jo cuddling with the eldest of my kitties, Eli

Last but not least, I leave you with the video of Hector, one of the Michael Vick dogs that is now a therapy dog.  It appears to me that these dogs always manage to do right by us when given a fair chance.  My question is, when we will do right by them?


It Started with Two Black Cats

…crossing my path.  not at the same time, but within less than 24 hours of each other.  the first was when i was on my way back from the parents place on the other side of the mountains from me, en route to grand junction.  i was traveling in a big circle after heading their way for a job interview earlier this week, and came back thru the big city to drop off more stuff at the trailer.  it was a long day of driving, interviewing and visiting with family, and i was literally on the outskirts of gj on a major highway no less, when a black cat bolted across the highway in front of me.  i was shocked to see a kitty way out in such an arid area where there wasn’t much for water and concerned, i pulled over to see if i could help the poor creature. ai sheriff’s car followed behind me with lights flashing, but once seeing i was alright and on some kind of mission, moved along.  i could see the kitty sitting next to a tree below the highway shoulder and i looked away for a sec, only to look back and no longer see him.  i walked down and called but no creature was to be found.  after a fairly extensive search, i gave up and went back to my car. 

that's one good lookin' black kitty!

the next morning, i was headed out early to grand junction for another interview.  as i pulled onto the highway, another black cat bolted across the highway in front of me.  a small farm and also a feral cat colony resides at the rest area close by, so this was not quite as surprising, but to have 2 cats cross my path in less then 24 hours was unusual i thought. 

on my way to grand junction, i checked my balance with my bank, and gathered myself to hear the bad news of the small balance i had.  this was not the case, however, and miraculously, my balance had increased and not decreased!  things were getting not only tight but downright scary on the moneyfront for  us, and so to hear my balance had grown and not shrunk, was music to my ears!!! 

hmmmm…such good news after 2 black kitties crossing my pasth??  i was exstatic!!  you see i don’t believe the old wives tale that a black cat crossing ur path is bad voo-doo, and the actual truth about this myth is that the belief originally began that black cats were good luck, but the whole “witchcraft” thing, created a backlash against single women and black cats centuries ago mainly because bored people had nothing better to do.  (if you don’t believe me, google it and find out for yourself).

i wondered…. would i be so lucky as to have double the luck with not one but TWO black kitties crossing my path?

well my answer came today, i believe.  out of curiousity, i decided to check the pending forclosure lists with the county.  I had been once again, running around like a chicken in preparation trying to get ready for us to relocate to where we weren’t really sure this time, but i got curious and wanted to see that date of april 13 just one more time. 

i scrolled thru the lists, looking for my name.  it takes forever especially since my town has the highest forclosure rate of any of the towns in the county.  what really amazed me while looking at this list, was the number of old family names i have known since i was kid growning up in the town in glenwood springs just up the road, that were on that list.  so many of us, were in the same boat.  how sad.  and for me, even sadder to see their names than mine because so many of those old valley names made up a huge part of the history of the county that i grew up in.  while contemplating their predictament as well as mine, i came upon my address, and low and behold….the forclosure sale of my property had been put off for another month.  will wonders never cease??

so despite his chagrin, i have been hugging my black kitty Aslan, alot today.  (being a kind of autistic kitty/special needs, “touchy/feely” really ain’t his thing).  and i can’t help but keep thinking “bless those black kitties!! BLESS “EM!!”  🙂

my black kitty Aslan. don't ya just wanna "smoosh" him? lol

Dazed and Confused

i’m exhausted, and yet my head is spinning.  i’m tired, and yet there’s another resume to be done and sent out.  answers.  yes i have some answers, but not the answers i wanted.  packing.  there’s more packing and hauling to be done, and yet all i want to do right now is go to bed.  pull the covers over my head, and hide from the world.  i don’t want to deal with this.  not yet.  i’m not ready.

the furcrew have been pushed to their limits too.  i can feel it.  happiness and hope have been sucked from our bones.  we have been pushed beyond what most call “being tested”.  that’s the name of the game these days tho.  it’s everywhere. 

a few weekends ago, me and friend were up the road in g-town.  we stopped into a second hand store that was going out of business.  with us, there were a total of about 5-6 women hanging around the counter.  all of our whoas were the same.  all of us but one, were in a home that was in forclosure.  another didn’t know how she wasn’t, and yet despite having a home, there were some days the fridge was empty and it stayed that way for awhile.  to look at us all, you would of thought we were all just fine, but these days, that isn’t the name of the game.  we  all had our own furcrews.  another commonality.  they were lucky enuff that their pending forclosures hadn’t pushed them to wonder how they were going to provide for their furbabies.  fortunate?  or what it just a matter of time? 

these times seem to be testing so many.  have a massive education like me?  good luck.  most likely employers look at it and run.  hire me?  not a chance ’cause when things get better, they know i’m gonna look for better.  who wouldn’t?  but sometimes i wonder.  will it ever get better?

answers.  yes i have some, but not the ones that i wanted.  so close to a job, i can almost taste it, and yet my mortgage company won’t work with me.  they said no to a one week delay on the forclosure sale, and demanded that i fax to them tonight income varification.  a letter from the employer varifiying my job  and salary weren’t going to be enough, and they weren’t willing to postpone the sale by one week just to give me a little more time.  it had to be tonight or nothing at all. 

today i also received a letter from the homeowner’s insurance company saying that my policy would be compromised if the place wasn’t cleaned up.  this because everything had been moved into the front room due to me packing, and to get it out of the way of the flooded room when the pipes broke in the spare bedroom; that is what the adjuster saw when he came into the home to assess the damage. 

are they kidding me??  ask me if i give a f***k??!!! 

a little over one more week and i won’t be here. we won’t be here.   it’ll b there problem.  in that respect at least I’ll have that off my back.  maybe that weight will make things a little lighter on the furcrew as well.  i hope so.  we all need our burden lightened. 

tomorrow another interivew and the following day another.  both jobs hold very strong potential for me.  one’s in the same town as family, and the other is up the road in g-town where i wanna be.  where i planned to make a new start.  hopefully i will have an asnwer from them by the end of this week.  i am hopeful, but right now all i wanna do is crawl under the covers with my dogs around me and my cats crawled on top of me.  and so… that is what i do.