How Do You Spell Success??

i spell it finding a home for Murphy and saving a poor little sick kitty from an awful fate in the city pound in NYC!!  (yeah…again!)  if u couldn’t tell, this really made my sunday!

meet Keith.

sorry.  i know that pic comes out really small and unfortunately, it’s the only one i have.  anyways, Keith was placed at the NYC ACC on 1/24.  By 1/28 he looked like this and had been placed on the euthanazia list for today. 

i was absolutely MORTIFIED by this picture!! how could a cat deteriorate so quickly in a matter of just a few days?  I mean, his nose looks like it’s almost completely gone!  i was sure that some sort of abuse had gone on here, as there’s been tremendous allegations and even news stories about the terrible conditions at the various NY ACCs, but this was such a quick and drastic change in just a few days!!

reliable sources informed me that it wasn’t from abuse, but from a very aggressive infection related to URIs.  they called this infection “hot” and that that was why he had deteriorated so quickly. 

needless to say i was pissed and determined to save this cat!  with the help of the FACEBOOK Page PETS ON DEATH ROW (!/pages/Pets-on-Death-Row/155925874419253), a bunch of us rallied to get this boy out of there.  A chipin was started so that whoever fostered/adopted him could get him to a vet to get him the help he needed pronto!  i am soooooooooo happy to say i woke up this morning to find out that Keith has been rescued!!! A lady by the name of Tara put him on hold and her organization will be transporting him tomorrow to their vet!  I”M SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!  not only was he rescued, but a total of $450 has been raised to get this kitty well and ON HIS FEET!!!  (if u would like to chipin for Keith, the link for that is here )  what amazing team work and so many compassionate people coming together to help this guy!!  HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!

so what could be better than help rescuing this kitty from immenant death?  well…i had been speaking with someone about trying things out with Murphy.  the person is a friend of also a fan of Planet Kitty, and I think what got them was how well Murphy photographs.  you HAVE to admit that she takes some rather awesome fotos!!  and she has such a darling endearing face as well!  well i got word today that they have decided to go ahead and ADOPT her!!!

these folks are true animal lovers in every sense of the word, and i think once they have her in their home, they will fall in love and once all the “newness” wears off, she will settle in with all them and it will be happy days for Murphy!  because of their other pets, things will be taken slowly so that everyone can get used to one another, but with as resilient as Murphy is and with all the other animals she’s been around, I have no worries.  so now, not am i only happy, but i am deleriously happy!!

i know now that me relocating and starting Greta’s Kingdom, is what i am meant to do!!  interesting how life has a way of just falling all together like that, ain’t it?

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