The Older Crowd

they spend alot of time sleeping….

ashley and eli (l to r) sleeping

i mean…ALOT!

stillll sleeping

and they didn’t seem to really appreciate the camera in their face! lol

they are giving me the evil eye!

eli's evil evil eye lol

i didn’t even edit the red out of eli’s eyes in this one ’cause i thought it was a true portrayal of how he felt! lol

eventually tho they had no problems ignorring me and falling back to sleep

did i mention it was my bedtime?

practically swaddled in the pillows and blankets, they are

and that they were on my bed?  (yes i know they think it’s there’s)

ashley with sleep in here eyes. tolerating a closeup

and on my blankets?

and MY pillows?

so u know what i did?  well, i’ll let u figure that out….

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