Sweet and Funny!

with all the packing going on, i told Merry to get some rest….

she took the recommendation very seriously.

..and that pink foot sticking up really got me! lol

and that pink nose!  me movin’ about snappin’ pictures didn’t disturb her much either.

stretched that pink little foot just the tiniest bit….

snuggle in a little closer…

and catch a Z or two.  is this little girl picturesque or what?  but then all kittens are probably picturesque!

meanwhile Pannda appointed himself guardian of the toilet paper.

Pannda takes toilet paper very seriously (i don’t know why)

it was his job, to keep all questionable characters a safe distance from the charmin! lol

he quickly made it very apparent he didn’t appreciate me making light of his duties, or taking his picture either! lol

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