miss Mena working the camera

 earlier today i got to play what i call “kitty claws” in delivering both kitties to the arms of their new families!  as with any transition with kittens, they were a bit scared but i know that both Mena and Millie would adjust quickly!  and the truly big treat was the fact that Mena’s new owner thinks she’ll be keeping the name!  both families have my contact number should they need anything, but i expect everything to go smoothly.  little Millie will be hitting the road with her new mom and dad, Amy and Jordan, to return to their homestate of Michigan for the holidays.  the couple thought about having me petsit her until they came back, but decided they wanted to take her along.  little Millie is most durable and i know she’ll make the trip fine!

 kinda quiet around here tho.  😦 lol  somehow just the pups doing the only ruff-housing ain’t enuff-used to be both pups and little kits going crazy! lol  MeMe is right now in the nursery eating, but even she’s been quiet tonight, sleeping up here on the computer desk rather than gettin’ crazy.  maybe it’s harder to get worked up without her siblings, but i know she’ll b fine too! 

miss Millie taking her turn at the camera

the one thing about these girls is that they loved the camera!  or maybe, it was that they were very interested in it and what on earth it did whenever i was shooting them.  they most certainly made for some beautiful pics!  i know that i’m going to miss them! 

mena helping my cat sherlock "straigten" things up

what??? (posing innocent for the camera lol)

it seems like there were here for sooo long and that it was sooo long ago that my dog found them in the backyard.  sometime in early november i’m thinking……

and of course, we can’t forget little milo!  (didn’t have my new camera to capture him darnit!)

milo and millie keepin' an eye on a toy


handsome milo (look how tiny when i first found them!)

Milo actually sitting still for 2.5 seconds lol

Millie peeking under the door to see what's making all the noise (dogs)

little Mena who was the smallest of the 3-until MeMe-and the most feral

sooo tiny!  and scared to death!  but how quickly they warmed up to me-well Mena took a few days longer but it wasn’t long before she went from growling and hissing at me to purring!  oh what treasures!  i’m so going to miss them!

fortunately, i have the pictures to treasure-even the bad ones lol, and i also will have their sister as a permanent member of my own little furry family.  MeMe.  who once again proved tonight that now that her sisters are all gone, her vocal chords are still quite capable of letting me know she will have nothing to do with having to stay in the nursery all by herself!

little miss MeMe giving me a look...she is now firmly planted-on her very own blanket no less-smack dab in front of the computer moniter here with me

do you mind?

that light is too bright for my sensitve eyes!!

due to not knowing at this point what’s going to happen with my house, we won’t be having anymore fosters here at Planet Kitty until we know for certain our fate. so the mackerels may be the last, but there may be some good news brewing with regards to the ol’ homestead,,,but that must keep for another post!

 and so we close here and say good-bye to the mackerels.  all but one that is!  live long and prosper little kittens!  you will always and forever remain in a corner of our hearts! 🙂

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